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  1. 400mk. Message me here caus you aint gonna find me in game.
  2. Selling Vulbis Dofus

    Sold for 340mk
  3. Selling Vulbis Dofus

    How do I phrase this in terms you'll understand? Let me try: I don't give a fuck
  4. Selling Vulbis Dofus

    b its also merched on taktic somewhere in village incase anyone wants to buy without waiting for me to reply
  5. DOFUS 3.0 !??

    Thanks u 2
  6. Looking for a friends

    go away
  7. (Postponed - see first post) Battle Royale Tournament

  8. helo

    unliked and unsubscribed ur bad
  9. Cancering on -1,0

    make sure you post all the important information please like that we are #1
  10. Dofus 2.43 Changelog

    Will put up the english one when it's up Ivory Dofus Quests The witch Mériana waits for experienced adventurers (characters of minimum level 180) to talk to them about Dofus Ivoire. The new quest to get the Dofus will require completing other quests to complete. Endless Barracks of the Day A new area for the 190-200 level is accessible on the island of Frigost, from the wall of the castle of Count Harebourg. These are the former summer apartments of Count Harebourg annexed by the endless guard of the day. A new dungeon for characters of level 190 - 200 is accessible in this area: the Belvedere of Ilyzaelle. New equipment can be made with the resources from this dungeon. Alignment Quests New alignment quests from level 91 to 100 are added and close the series. They are for characters of level 190 and above. They are accompanied by new quests allowing to reach the highest rank of the Orders of the cities. New rewards can be exchanged for Alitons. New alignment-related equipment can be manufactured. Ten new search notices are available for aligned characters. Fights In some cases, in combat with a Companion, lines of sight could be abnormally blocked; This problem is corrected. A Rogue Pushed or attracted during the effect of the Rogue Spell moves correctly from its actual position (instead of moving from its position when the Rogue spell is cast). The Damage Preview correctly takes damage multipliers into account on the Monsters Liners. The damage preview works correctly for the Punch spell when no weapon is equipped. Thrust damage bonuses given by the Scuba spell are properly managed by the damage preview. The damage prediction of the Fate of Destiny spell correctly evaluates the damage based on the eroded PV. The damage preview works correctly on targets that have received the natural Don spell. The damage preview is calculated correctly on the caster of the Masquerade spell when it is equipped with a shield that increases the final damage. On a map with relief, traps, bomb walls and gates are displayed correctly at the correct position when the tactical mode is activated. The spell casting area updates correctly for a Raulebaque spell cast character. The damage preview correctly takes into account the reductions in damage on invocations. The damage preview of the Word of Recovery spell takes into account the critical damage to eroded life points. In some cases, Pandawa characters who wore another character remained abnormally displayed with 0 HP after their death; This problem is corrected. The preview of the Osamodas Sacrificial Fire skill is working properly. The Spell damage preview works correctly. In the preparation phase, the blocking and help request buttons have different tooltips depending on their activation state. The effects triggering the launch of a spell on a specific cell are correctly displayed when they fly over their icon. Monsters Nelween: characters who are uninvolved correctly get a penalty that minimizes the values of random effects. Objects and equipment All fireworks now have a resale price at NPC of 1 kama. An invisible shield can be made, it allows to equip a shield without displaying a shield (as for the invisible cloak and the cap). This shield is part of the Invisible panoply whose effects are modified (wisdom bonus replaced by a power bonus). The Hyperscampe Diving Suit can now be used with a Mimibiote. The Shadow Helmet can now be used with a Mimibiote. The linking time to the Zadioc state object account is no longer reset each time the objects are disassociated. The indescribable cape is displayed correctly when the character is mounted on a mount or Montilier. The different elements of the Black Raven costume now appear correctly when the character moves. The appearance of the level 13 Obvijevan cape is corrected (it displayed abnormally that of level 12). The appearances of the Stuff of Boowolf and Eye of Champmane are corrected. An object dissociated from a ceremonial object no longer appears as bound in the inventory if it was not previously. The price of the books "Fragments retrouvés IX" and "Fragments retrouvés X" sold by the NPC Jean-Sol Patre is increased. Dofus Dofus levels are modified to facilitate their balancing (some effects may be abnormally powerful at low levels while being balanced at the level of Dofus achievement) and reduce cases of extreme use in PvP with Low-level characters: Cawwot Dofus: Level 60 Grofus: level 80 Dokoko: level 80 Vulbis Dofus: Level 100 Dolmanax: level 100 Watchers Dofus: level 100 Kaliptus Dofus: Level 100 Dotrich: level 110 Emerald Dofus: Level 120 Crimson Dofus: Level 140 Ochre Dofus: level 160 Turquoise Dofus: level 160 Ice Dofus: level 180 Cloudy Dofus: Level 80 Abyssal Dofus level 180 The icons (visible in the inventories) of the Dofus are improved. Kolossium The delay between combat search cycles (matchmaking system) is increased. This change does not result in a noticeable increase in wait time for players, but limits attempts to circumvent Matchmaking when players attempt to meet selected opponents (registering them at the same time to try to group them In the same fight). In theory, this modification also improves the quality of the proposed battles (the matchmaking system will have a greater number of character choices that can compete against each other). Using fast equipment in preparation phase no longer displays error messages for no reason. It is no longer possible to leave a fight in progress to join a fight of Kolizéum for the servers Heroic and Epic. Crafting The level of Minor and Major Croquette Potions is increased (10-> 100). The level of some improvement potions and pet hormones is increased: Improvement Potion and Platypus Hormone (1 -> 100) Improvement Potion and Tofu Ventru Hormone (1 -> 60) Improvement Potion and Chacha's Charming Hormone (1 -> 120) Improvement Potion and Tofu Hormone Sticky (1 -> 90) Improvement Potion and Chacha Brâkmarien Hormone (1 -> 160) Improvement Potion and Tofu Brakarian Hormone (1 -> 70) Improvement Potion and Tofu Bontarian Hormone (1 -> 50) Improvement Potion and Chacha Hormone Measured (1 -> 40) Chacha Ventru Improvement Potion and Hormone (1 -> 110) Improvement Potion and Chacha Hormone Poisseous (1 -> 130) Improvement Potion and Chacha Bontarian Hormone (1 -> 100) Potion of Improvement and hormone of Boune Brâkmarien (1 -> 160) Improvement Potion and Bouquin Ventru Hormone (1 -> 80) Improvement Potion and Bouin's Charming Hormone (1 -> 160) Improvement Potion and Measured Buck Hormone (1 -> 50) Improvement Potion and Bouquintic Hormone (1 -> 130) Improvement Potion and Tofu Hormone Measured (1 -> 110) Improvement Potion and Tofu Hormone Charming (1 -> 50) Improvement Potion and Boumont Bontarian Hormone (1 -> 40) Improvement Potion and Kramkram Hormone (1 -> 160) Improvement Potion and Kougnard Alabaster Hormone (1 -> 180) Improvement Potion and Chacharge Hormone (1 -> 190) Improvement Potion and Bounax Hormone (1 -> 140) Improvement Potion and Trimmer Hormone (1 -> 170) The trade "Façomage" is now selectable in the list of craftsmen of the hotels of the trades. The co-operative craft system is no longer linked to the skills activated in the craft skills book. Cooperative crafts are now always active by default and filtered according to the workshops available on the current map. The Craft Skills Book is now only available in the trade directory. Maging In the object breaking interface, percentage resistances and fixed resistors are correctly separated in the choice of focus. In the object breaking interface, the estimated value fields of objects and runes are resized so that they do not leave the interface anymore. Breeding The resources you can buy against Deep Pearls from the NPC Pinke Tada can be recycled against nuggets. In some cases, non-mountable mounts could be abnormally displayed as mountable; This problem is corrected. If a member of a guild has not logged in for more than 3 months and the guild dissolves (and therefore releases its enclosures), or if it simply sells an enclosure in which the character has mounts and / or The game server now tries to find (if it still exists) the character in question in order to reassign his mounts and his objects of breeding. The passive bonuses of the public enclosures are calculated in the same way as those of the guild enclosures. Pets It is no longer possible to feed an obese pet. Bestiary The Dandelion Dandelion Monster is no longer displayed in the Bestiary as being able to appear in the Field of Ingalsse. Guild and alliances The character no longer receives a message indicating that he no longer has access to the "Alliance Standing" attitude if he leaves a guild that was not part of an alliance. The character no longer receives each duplicate message when it leaves an alliance or guild belonging to an alliance. Tooltips for members of the guild leaving the alliance are correctly updated (removal of the coat of arms). The notification that reports a Perceptor attack is now displayed correctly. Markers that indicate the position of the Perceptors on the world map are now deleted when they are collected. In the skill interface available in a guild house, only those that can be used are displayed (for example, the skill "indicate exit" is not displayed). The prism module management interface automatically closes when the guild of the open character leaves the alliance. Quests Quest The Forest Dragon: The landmark indicated by the green root to be planted in the Deacted Lands is corrected. Quest King Estitch: Access to the map to the south of the Deleted Wind Labyrinth is now possible even if the quest is not in progress. Search Quests Simbadas, Carlita de l'Aguerfelde, Shushu Debruk'Sayl and Predagob: In order to combat prison overcrowding, the detainees were transferred to a new cell in Amakna prison. Elemental Dragon Quests: Characters who have completed the corresponding quests can return to the Aguabrial, Aerafal, Ignemikhal and Terrakourial dragons after completing the quests. The lens state display is corrected when the quest and quest tracking interfaces are open simultaneously. Idols Obtaining rates are calculated correctly in the bestiary when an Idol bonus is active. In the Idols interface, the scores with synergies are calculated correctly (in some cases the interface made higher roundings instead of lower roundings). The search criteria work correctly in the Idols interface when they are used successively. The interface displaying Active Idols no longer appears empty after being reduced. The interface displaying Active Idols can no longer be placed outside the maximum game area in 16/9. Interface When adding an account to the Friends list, the last login date of the added account is now available only if this friendship is reciprocal. The low quality password warning message is no longer sent when changing characters on the same account and server. The low quality warning message for password is no longer sent systematically. Resistances to melee, range, weapon and spell damage are no longer reversed in the character card. The interfaces of spells, trades, Kolizéum, rewards, quests, titles & ornaments, messaging Ankabox, bestiary, associated recipes, companions and alignment are now movable, (like features interfaces and inventory). The text of the trick that appears when passing a character to level 3 is now up to date. The options interface is no longer blocking (it is possible to interact with other interfaces when it is open). The options interface can be closed with its shortcut and from the options button. The cursor will no longer change to a hand icon on areas where a single click has no effect. The scrolling in the options and in the quest tracking interface is faster to facilitate navigation. The display of the price of homes and enclosures for sale is no longer abnormally truncated when it is very high. The spell interface can now be closed with its shortcut and "Esc" after interacting with the type of spell displayed. The display of the nested criteria (using several criteria) to equip the objects is improved. In the object recipe viewing interface, the display speed of tooltips for objects now matches the speed set in the interface options. The icons used for the external chat interface (delete, save, and channel list) are modified to make them more understandable. The gauge separations are no longer duplicated with certain screen resolutions. The prevention message when clicking on a hyperlink in the chat interface now takes into account the correct URL when it is incomplete. It is no longer possible to edit its password after validating it with the "Enter" key during customer identification. Explanatory tooltips are added on the team pictograms in the interface that lists the fights on the current map. An option is added to the right-click on the mini-map to manage the display of the grid. The option to pin a tooltip is removed for shortcuts of sets of idols and quicksets in the shortcut bar (this option was not useful and was not functional). The button that closes the illustrations displayed via interactive elements now uses the right button appearance. The interface of emoticons and attitudes can be resized from all sides of the interface. It is now possible to delete a customized landmark on the world map located at the same coordinates as other points of interest. The option to display the mini map works correctly after a reconnection in game. On the map of the world, the search for the Silver resource correctly displays the areas that contain it. In the interface of community challenges, the content of the drop-down menus no longer poses a problem of overlaying with the contents of the interface. The option to increase the size of the interface menu icons works correctly. In the tooltips of the Barricade and Bastion spells, the line that states that the effects will be removed is correctly formulated in English. The alert options can be restored to their default values. The text in the chat interface is displayed in the correct color when the text optimization option for small screens is enabled and the game cache has been emptied beforehand. It is no longer possible to insert from the inventory an erroneous link to a frame in the chat interface. The house indications are correctly updated on the mini-map when a house is sold or purchased. In the tooltip of objects, the name of the craftsman is now always displayed at the end of the list of effects. In the shop, the cursor of the mouse no longer indicates to the overview of the objects of a panoply that they are interactive. In the tutorial interface, the reward tooltips are always displayed correctly (they do not move abnormally to the overview of the rewards). The validation buttons are displayed in the correct position when the p interfaces are opened for the first time Movable Interfaces and Client Resizing When the client is resized, the Ankabox button appears correctly. The movable interfaces are displayed and magnetized correctly at the edge of the game screen. On the interfaces that can be resized, the area for resizing them is enlarged. The list interface interface interface is correctly returned to the output of a combat in which its position has been changed. The additional shortcut bars can not exit the game screen in 16/9. In combat, the lower interface block containing the hit points and the shortcut bar magnetizes correctly between the chat interface and the interface button block. The Group, Challenges, In-Game, and Timeline interfaces remain correctly magnetized on the edges of the client when the client's size changes after their position has been reset. The "full screen" interfaces (Timeline, group, in-game notifications, Challenges) correctly follow the client's right and left edges when the client is resized. The magnetism of the interfaces of Challenges and Idols in combat is improved. When the client is resized, the interface of the lower panel displaying the interface buttons no longer blinks. The position of the chat interface is correctly saved every time the interface is moved and reloaded when the game is launched. When the chat interface is magnetized at the client's left or right edges, reducing the width of the client always causes the discussion interface to move so that it remains glued to the edges. The widening of the client also causes the discussion interface to move to follow the edge to which it is attached until the chat interface reaches its starting position again. When the client is expanded, if the chat interface has been moved by the client's shrink, it correctly resumes the last position set by the player instead of staying at the position he had at the launch of the game. When an interface is moved from its default position and pasted against an edge of the client and the client size is reduced in width, then the interface moves correctly to remain magnetized at the edge without going underneath and hidden. When the client size decreases to black bands at the top and bottom, the chat interface keeps displaying the last messages, or down to the bottom if it is not there. The movement of the interface buttons interface takes place correctly even when only one button is displayed. In the lower pane, the bottom of the zone listing the interface buttons is always larger than the buttons it contains, even when the option to activate enlarged buttons is active. Hotels for sale In the Soul Stones selling hotel interface, the search field of Dungeon Soul Stones no longer loses focus after each character entered. In hotels selling, the first search is accelerated (it could in some cases be abnormally long). Maps and areas The appearance of the base of the statue of the god Xelor is slightly modified to accommodate the infinite symbol. A new map is added in the prison of Amakna Castle. A minor visual problem on Astrub (the character passed over some houses) is corrected. A minor visual problem on the Island of Moon at the time of a map change is corrected. Cells are no longer abnormally blocked in 4; -13 in the Underground of the Castle of Amakna. The appearance of the house of Sufokia (14; 27) is modified; The house is now two stories high. A minor visual problem on the Brakmar Tower at -26.34 is corrected. The display 16/9 on the island of Otomaï in -55,15 is corrected. The display 16/9 on the island of Vulkania in -48.47 is corrected. Card transitions in the Sacrier's Tear area are improved; The card transition arrow in -33; 45 is now visible only by the holders of the quest associated with that card. The interaction in the Depths of Sufokia in 22; 33 is made more visible. An incorrect transition in the Brakmar Tower is corrected. The light effect on the map -16; 31 in the Deacted Lands is changed. The unnecessary map change pictogram on the 1: 32 map in the Porcine Underground Territory is deleted. The map change to the south in -18; 26 in the Deacted Lands is correctly available. The Desert Wind Labyrinth subfield is now correctly displayed on the World of Twelve map. Sounds and music Changing the global volume will no longer reactivate the deactivated sounds. The music does not intersect more abnormally after a loop of reading (when all the music of a zone were read). In audio options, tooltips for cutting and activating different types of sounds are enhanced. Customer Streaming Accounts connected from the Streaming version can no longer participate in AvA (prisms and KOTH), and Perceptors (defense and attack) fights. We made this change because the Streaming version is increasingly diverted to bypass restrictions on multi-client accounts. We currently have no other effective solutions than to ban these PvP features to users of the Streaming version (which we have set up to make it easier for new players to access the game). Performance and optimization The most populous game servers (including servers that merge other servers) occasionally encounter performance concerns that disrupt game conditions. We have identified several possible causes and worked on optimizations: The processing of requests made for the management of connections, gifts, and Success on Steam is improved. This change should improve the conditions of connection and distribution of gifts, especially after weekly maintenance. The system of management of the logs and file writings of the game servers is optimized. This change should improve the overall performance of the game servers. The system for managing non-weekly backups is optimized. This change should reduce the duration of non-weekly backups and improve the overall performance of the game servers when these backups are performed. Numerous optimizations are made on cyclical actions performed by game servers (identification of inactive accounts, checks on merchant modes, sales houses, guilds, alliances, etc.). These changes should improve the overall performance of the game servers. Veteran Rewards New rewards are added for Veteran Rewards (up to 14 years of service). Attitudes and animations The Gladiator attitude now works correctly on a mount. The gladiator's attitude now works correctly when the "Disable spell animations" option is enabled. When using certain attitudes, female Sram characters might not be displayed properly (joint joints problematic); This problem is corrected. The Playing Pile or Face attitude now plays correctly on a mount. The spell animations of the class Crâ are corrected (deletion of the red hands that appeared during certain animations). The position of the characters' heads when using the "Sit back" attitude is corrected for the following classes: Men's Zobal, Male Huppermage, Male Steamer, Female Iop, Female Shaw, Female Ecaflip. The static poses as well as the steps and races of the Ouginak are corrected (in some cases a space a space between the 2 parts of the cape was abnormally present). When a character uses the Ecaflip's "Reflexes" or Endofrost "Shovels" spells while he's on a Hurledent and back-up Montilier, the animation plays back correctly and more face up. When a Gobball invoked by an Osamodas launches the attack "Bite of Gobball", the graphic effect is now played in all directions. The familiar no longer disappears when the character plays a dead animation in front view. Steamer's legs no longer stand out when they cast the Back Ambush spell. The animation of the generic fatal stroke is optimized and should no longer cause any performance concerns. When a Huppermage casts the Spell Pass, it no longer teleports behind the target square. The "Boxer" attitude is corrected and no longer causes the display of arms that disarticulate. A back view is added for the following attitudes: Duelist, Lucky, Ethyl, Indestructible, Enraged, Bolgrot's Anger, Animal, Elemental, Ballistic. A back view for the attitude of Wings of alignment on foot and on mount is added. A specific appearance for the Sacrier is added when he uses Robust Punishment. Heroic Server Heroic server characters can now attack members of their own alliance. We have made this change so that we do not offer too much protection to members of big alliances. We want security in this game mode to be based on trust between certain players and not solely based on membership in an alliance. This modification also makes the villages of conquests reserved for certain alliances much more dangerous. It is no longer possible to move when the character is transformed into a grave. Various Following the feedback from some players, various spelling corrections were made in the game texts. We continue to use and follow the following subject: https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1087-ergonomy-performances / 1689736-about-single-fault-french-dofus. Thank you for your many returns. Buying a home now requires that the character be level 50 or above. Object breaking information for forgemagic rune generation is now properly synchronized with non-weekly backups (this change allows for more consistent data breaking data for certain rollbacks that do not exploit backups weekly). When an object is to be removed from a character's inventory (deleted via a quest or NPC, for example), the objects in the character's inventory take precedence over those on the character. As long as an account has not migrated its characters to a merge server, the count of its characters on that server is set to 0 (instead of 1 currently). The customizable colors of the female Ouginak class may properly be white (a gray filter was abnormally applied to clothing). During the process to disable the Shield, the link on which to click if no security code is received is updated.
  11. This was years ago now. You can no longer transfer to other communities.
  12. DOFUS 3.0 !??

    There is a sizeable team working on dofus 3, next time you'll hear of it is in Gamakna probably.
  13. I sold a Dazzling Belt (please read: not Powerful) for 150m early last year on Rushu. Probably paid about 80 on Hecate for it. It is not worth hundreds of millions.
  14. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    Its ya boi the worlds greatest pvper i will be signing up for goult and retiring from solo kolo now i have my 1 win
  15. Hello. I'm currently attempting to do the emerald questline, however I require the Dragoturkey birth achievement. I'm hoping someone can help me out, I'm looking for 7 pregnant mounts that will pop in the next few days. I'm willing to pay 150kk per mount. I do not wish to keep the DT or any of the babies, simply get the achievement and then hand them all back to you. Thanks in advance.
  16. These forums are far smaller than when I last visited but I figured I'd still stop in, and just say hello to those who I haven't spoken too ingame yet. Hello. I've started a team of noobies and am quite thoroughly enjoying the low level content at the level this content was designed for. If you see "Ya" and a team of low levels running around in the guild Hotdog, feel free to chat
  17. The Ogrines you purchase is no longer available

    To resolve this issue the fastest way to be send a ticket to support. https://support.ankama.com If you contact Izmar or any of the Dofus moderation team, you're simply going to be told to go to support.
  18. Henlo you stinky impsvillage

    srry only speak to 16k in 2017... maybe come back when u finish all gob dungeon achieves
  19. Henlo you stinky impsvillage

    That seems a little harsh, how about something like a holiday to a siberian gulag?
  20. Echo down? Status: Unknown

    Twitter has nothing, stated over an hour ago it is a problem they're working on, no specifics. Jk as of 4 minutes ago:
  21. Henlo you stinky impsvillage

    I do not endorse any communism, consider yourself reported
  22. Dofus 2.43

    If you're any good at pvp like you seem to think you are, you should be able to beat people without leaning on eggs as a crutch. Either enjoy a lower win rate or face the fact that you truly aren't better than most people at your own level. Money can't buy skill and apparently can't buy you an advantage anymore :)
  23. I know nothing at all

    Hello I am new to this game and know nothing. Jk long time no see. I've been out of the game for quite a while and wish to play again. I've read up a bit on changes to the game, understand that endgame dungeons have been changed to be made a bit easier, how drastic would people say this is? I last played before big changes to the eggs + shield changes, is there any noticeable change to gameplay i should know about? Looking at youtube videos, team compositions seem all over the place with no seeming 'best' combo. If I was to start over with 5-6 characters, what would people advise would be best to traverse all the content from 1-200? Also is the doggo class any good? Thanks in advance for any help.
  24. kill yourself

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      are you still not done? hurry up

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      jokes on you I changed my mind

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