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  1. How about this ?
  2. Things are going to change but this shouldn't increase the exo prices. Read this for more information: focus system to generate smithmagic runes especially read following two parts : Focus System, Removal of the Rune Conversion Penalty
  3. bump
  4. it is actually .20 ppu now. So a regular rune has 1 power, a pa has 3 power and a ra has 10 power.
  5. bump price lowered to 20mk
  6. [25,-33] Srambad 89 use left
  7. +How can we make pets useful? - By forbidding other options. +Sounds legit.
  8. I want 21 20 mk for this mask. pm me in game /w sir-awesome or here.
  9. Thanks :D
  10. Bought 1&4 air for 950kk, 2nd water , 1&2&4 earth, fire 3rd for 1.35 mk each. Looking for the last part: 2nd Fire.
  11. [-9,-58] ecaflipus 127 uses left
  12. [-2,-45] enurado 126 use left
  13. [-36,-54]. srambad 128 use
  14. thanks i'm glad it helped :D i have died ~15 times in arachnee fight :D it really depends on their starting position. you shouldn't try to fight them off, your objective is to reach that blue glyph on the other side of the map. The ones with 3 mp are the worst (in my opinion). There are 2 ways to reach the blue glyph: left and right. I advice you to pick the right one even though it seems longer, because first option is too wide and your enemies surround you quickly. But in second option there is only room for 1 arachnee. You have 3 spells. In first turn i used summoning spell and moved towards second way, other aracnhees will most likely try to reach it. In second turn i used the spell that gives you mp boost and kept running. once you pass the 1 square passage in second option you will most likely finish the fight. I don't have a ss of the map unfortunately, i hope this helps ^_^
  15. I will try to finish bonta alignment quests #81-90 and update this post. I will not include obvious steps (like direct positions etc.) Bonta #81 *Inspect Miliscuster and its surroundings. *[ -1, 5] Talk to Casper van Brushing. *[0, 5] Talk to Eowine Fiole *[2, 5] Talk to Bolzano Vieilletrasse *[2, 6] Talk to Lara Soft *Search the abondoned railway line *[2 ,8] Talk to Surviving Bontarian Soldier Bonta #82 objectives are pretty clear, no need for extra explanation. Bonta #83 required items:14 millet, 14 tench and 2 spoiled meat * Find the Bottemless Swamps area go to bottemless swamps area * Look for Musa in the Bottomless Swamps. [-7, 4] * Look for Lars Tord in Gigsoul [-15, 19] Talk to Ramoga next you will have to fight 8 cybworks. Others can join ( i highly recommend to bring more chars, it took me 40 minutes to solo the mob with my eliotrope) Bonta #84 *Look for Lao in Srambad [5, 2] *Find the map : Entrance to the Royal Crypt [-8, -58] Key Recipe: 15 mandrake, 1 bluebells, 1 aquamarine, 1 pyrute. 184 level handyman can create the recipe. I couldn't figure out how to beat "grave" yet. I somehow manage to pass it. Here is what i did: started my turn next to a stele (do this for all steles) so they cast "open grave" , finished my turn on a purple glypth (i'm not sure if this has any effects) and then started my turn next to the grave. And fight finished. Second fight with arachnee transformation seems impossible. in 2nd and 3rd fights you are an arachnee with 2 mp 13 hp and 3 spells that gives you mp, neutral damage steal hp, summon. you have to finish your turn in the blue glypth to finish the fight. Use your summoning spell to distract enemies, your mp boost spell to run away from them.