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  1. Mtv cribs Dofus Edition
  2. this is fine
  3. slow bruh, if you havent logged onto dofus within the last 2 years, i suggest it, otherwise you will lose ur sadi forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. everyone and their mother is too busy running trophy setups with 11/6 to care about dofus builds
  5. I think im in shock.... ankama is actually doing things right for a change...
  6. [-35,-39] Xelorium
  7. [-76,-45]Ecaflipus
  8. Nonsense you helped me with quest mobs last summer.
  9. A relatively short journey compared to the epoch that was cloudy. Very many thanks to Mystic-Water, Jodx, Jericho, Monology, Casino-Royal, Beehiveone, Yeonie and Lorn. I highly appreciate everything that you all have helped me with. :b
  10. Maybe, are ppl playing on eratz or henual?
  11. The last portion of dmg missing is the 10% final dmg given from the turq passive bonus. I actually attempt to use the turq passive bonus to negate the -10% from cloudy so I don't lose too much dmg on the even turns. This is with max buffs ofc including crit weap skill, depends highly on if i crit everything, Az tops out at roughly 1.9k, well atleast for me in that setup. As much as I agree with you Oxisius it's fine, just wanted to show people whats currently on my eca, as this is a "Post your Guts." thread.
  12. What you see is what you get, so they arent mimis, call me a bit old fashioned, I've always been that way. Az isn't half bad as i still hit roughly 1.9k with it.
  13. Been a long time coming and it's still a work in progress :b. There are catseye pieces behind the livis.
  14. that moment, when uve been 12/6 for the longest time and gettin laughed at because you wouldnt change to 11/6 with trophies... :^)