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  1. Bought one - thank you! <3
  2. Buying one for 4 mk - pm me here or in game. Thanks 🙂
  3. Awww, Tyzii - I'm so sorry you're leaving - you were always one of the best people to get feedback from regarding suggestions for improvement when you were on the Integrity Council - I always valued your feedback highly! I learned so much from you - I had no clue that kangaroos pulled Santa's sleigh in Australia until you told me :o You and net were both a wealth of knowledge about living life in the downunder! You and your positivity will be missed on the server, and I'll pm you my Facebook info so you can add moi. Wishing you all the best in your studies and in the future! Love ya! anjulica <3 P.S. Remember to keep those baby kangaroos away from your internet wires - they tend to gnaw on them when they're teething.
  4. Glad you've decided to keep playing! If either you or Roch need an eni to run a dungeon for the achievement mats, let me know.
  5. It's true - he was a great member in general (zen-___ , then changed ign to phoenix-___), always helping people and running them through dungeons, leeched me through count when he was level 170 - no wonder he could do F3 at 160 and count at 170. Doing those dungeons successfully on the first or second try - well, I personally was convinced that he was a genius at math and spatial reasoning, and I posted his accomplishments in the imps gallery, I was so impressed. I was also concerned that he would burn himself out from helping so many people. I have to admit that I didn't recognize his voice on Discord to be Emil - but then again it's been a couple years since I last heard him speak (since I blocked Emil from my skype). But his behavior did become a bit erratic over the last bit, and he seemed out of character. It's too bad - he had made a lot of friends, and was thought of highly when he was in our guild. This situation reminds me of someone else who did the same thing several months ago - ran people through dungeons, etc. and was very helpful to gain trust, and then retrieved the gear off of accounts he'd sold/given - demanding 500 mk to give them use of the char back, etc. Saw that one coming, but didn't see this one coming.
  6. Gratz! :D Give me a pm in game so I can give you your prize ;) I should be on in a few hours from now, I think.
  7. Hi Everyone! Our Headhunter Event has come to a close. Thanks so much for participating! I was able to get more screenshots of some of the exciting battles that took place this month, so added the points in today. We ended up with over 20 people on the "Rushu's Most Wanted" list, and 38 people on the leaderboard. Here are the top 5 places: Vexatious (8) - 2.5 mk anjulica (8) - pass Khaji (6) - 1.5 mk Thefook (5) - 1mk Tyzii (5) - 1mk First place was a tie, so the kamas were split, and half of that was re-donated for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. Please pm me in game if you are a winner! Here are the final totals: Thanks for playing! anj <3
  8. "Rushu's Most Wanted" are cordially invited to attend as our special guests at the INT Alliance Hallowe'en Event! Join us on Hallowe'en for a final showdown on the Goult maps, near the spooky Lair of the Queen of the Arachnees herself! Please let me know if you'd like to join us, and I'll add you to the Headhunter List. The tentative time the matches start is at 8 pm DUT. Challenges will be acceptable during the event, since there will be referees for the matches. A reminder that -3 points will be awarded for any trashtalking. Other activities for INT members will be participating in that evening: Hallowe'en Costume Contest and Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt Disclaimer: INT is not responsible for travelers who are eaten by zombies, or who are called names by meanies like "five-o-eight". Some matches may be streamed for quality assurance and training purposes. Also, a reminder to everyone who has been participating, to please send me your screenshots of your fights so far.
  9. Alrighty - we're half-way there! 15 people are on the "Rushu's Most Wanted" list - let's bump it up to 30! Please let me know if you'd like to be added to the list. anj
  10. Hey guys, I wasn't able to stay on top of the promotion of the contest due to rl issues, so will be extending the deadline to October 31st. Last time we had over 30 participants and over 100 competitors on the leaderboard, so aiming for the same again! Let me know if you'd like to be added, and I'll add you to the list. Please remember to post your screenshots below or pm them to me (no need for /time this round, since the new interface has a distinct look, so it's obvious if someone posts a screenie from a year ago :P) Thanks!
  11. He had NO exos or maged gear, used ap/mp gelanos, and limbo wands. His hp was 2500 - 3000 on each char.
  12. Heya, if you're talking about Zen and his accomplishment with completing the F3 and Count dungeons with his level 16x/17x chars with no exos or expensive gear, he doesn't have any lvl 200 chars or any other team. There was a time when a lot of us used to play when there was no such thing as "leeching". It took people 6 months to make it from lvl 199 to lvl 200 if they worked hard at it. There were no challenges, no idols, no youtube videos, no guides. This is why I respect what Zen has done - he did it himself, without being leeched through the dungeons. He hasn't been leeched up to lvl 200 - but instead he's been mastering his chars at whichever levels they are at. We need more players like him on Rushu! People who aren't afraid to try new things, and don't put off challenges until they are lvl 200. Anyway - just my thoughts.
  13. Hey guys, I did Count with him last night - myself and 3 of his chars - his chars have about 3k hp each. He's using ap/mp gelanos and limbo wands. In 3 of the F3 dungeons he used lvl 151 gear - his iop had 2500 hp for those 3. The thing is, this guy is a quick and flexible thinker, and since it was my first time completing count, at the beginning of the fight he was showing me where to stand, hit, etc. He knows what he's doing, and I think more people could do these dungeons if they researched a bit on youtube, read up on the strategies, and didn't expect to be leeched through.
  14. Hey Everyone! The following Thanatos member has just finished all F3 dungeons + Count on his lvl 16x/17x characters -- all in 7 to 15 turns. What this shows us, is that you don't have to be 190+ to attempt these dungeons and win. It also shows us that there is no need to be leeched through these dungeons, and that guilds can take their own members through. Let's see more people from our alliance and others attempting these dungeons in the future! :D anjulica <3
  15. thx! leaderboard is updated.