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  1. You were hidden so well! Took us quite a while to find you - so glad they brought back the camouflage potions - they made it really fun :D So glad you enjoyed it - we'll have to do it again sometime!
  2. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurado up to an hour earlier (will need to do the portal hunt from Voyager Tower) to get to your hideout, get on Discord, assign your captain and thief/guard, and plan your team's strategy if you haven't already.
  3. Hi Everyone! Just a quick heads-up that Integrity Alliance will be running another Brak v. Bonta Capture the Flag - but this time we'll be opening it up to the entire server to play! :D If everything goes well, people are friendly, and there is no trash-talking, etc. - we'll consider opening up future INT events to the entire server. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurado up to an hour earlier (will need to do the portal hunt from Voyager Tower) to get to your hideout, get on Discord, assign your captain and thief/guard, and plan your team's strategy if you haven't already. Communication on your team will be both in text chat and voice chat on our INT server - please pm me on Discord to assign you as either Brak or Bonta before the event, so I can put you in the right group, so you can plan your strategy and recruit more braks/bontas to your team ahead of time. https://discord.gg/uMNwNJv Rikiki wands, scrolling (using tied scrolls), and any type of camoflage are allowed by any player in the game (including guard/thief). Here is the basic info and role-play: Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you on the 27th! :D anjulica
  4. Enjoy your unicorn milk, Santa! Disclaimer: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this pic (female unicorn was milked, no males were castrated - note the lack of pinenuts lying around)
  5. It is possible that the other alliance wasn't using recyclers and there were no nuggets to be generated.
  6. Warning: Protoplasm is leaking from the walls in the Tower of Gisghoul! It manifested in ghostly form and at first I was afraid. But then I realized if was just a baby ghost that was trying to follow me home! So I took him home to his coffin, he flew in, and was restored to his true ghastly, ghoulish form!
  7. hawantika (Invalid) Heaven-Sent was scammed out of 12 years of items (1 bk worth, including 155 mk kamas) by hawantika (Invalid), who stripped her account after hacking her shield in order to use an IP address she did not authorize via her email. After looking at the unauthorized IP that went through Heaven's shield, Ankama's response was: “your email must have been compromised” - saying that they aren't responsible if Invalid hacked her email. Within a few hours, this was discovered on Invalid's char page (on left) – compare the stats to Heaven-Sent's items on the right. These are two of many, many screenshots – I personally received 46 full screenshots from Heaven-Sent detailing the items (and she has many more screenshots, including of IP's, etc., and other proof that can't be posted here). After denying that he had any of her items (note that the belt has Heaven's signature on it), Heaven-Sent sent Invalid the above screenshots. As soon as Heaven-Sent sent him the proof, Invalid hid his char page on dofus.com, and blocked her on dofus and on Facebook. Heaven-Sent is willing to have this post removed from the Scammers' Registry if it was all a “mistake” and Invalid returns her items and kamas to her.
  8. During the last week or so, we usually face off on the Goult maps. This means that Bonta can fight Bonta and Brak can fight Brak if they'd like to. Fights count as long as you have a referee and a screenshot of the final fight screen. You're welcome to post times you're available to fight here, so other players know when you can meet them for a match.
  9. Hi Everyone, I've updated the Leaderboard! :D Right now there are 15 "Headhunters" (on Leaderboard) and 15 "Most Wanted" (in above post). In order for the 10 mk to be granted as a prize, we need at least 20 "Headhunters" and 20 "Most Wanted" on the list. It's not too late to be added to the list of tributes above - post here or pm me if you'd like to be added. Also, please remember to keep sending me screenshots of the final fight screen with /time on them, so I can add your points to the leaderboard. The game will run for 20 more days, so there is plenty of time to join and compete! Thanks!
  10. Okies - added both of you - let me know if you want your descriptions changed. Uthman, your description is the same as last time.
  11. Hi Everyone! Since there has been such a huge response to the "Headhunter" game the last few times I've run it, I've decided repeat it -- this is a server-wide event that now includes our new friends on Echo! Purpose To stimulate "even-team" pvp on Echo, bring more challenging fights and competition to our elite PvP'ers, and overall to have fun! Rules for "Headhunters" 1. You can be from any alliance or guild 2. You get one point per "Wanted" char you kill 3. Kills can be done via alignment aggro, KOTH, KOLO, or perc/prism fight (including if you are a defender) -- as long as they are "even" kills -- i.e., 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, etc. will each count as 1 point 4. You can get a max of one point per day for each different "Wanted" char you kill. This is to avoid repeated aggroes by the same chars on the same day, which was an issue that has occurred in the past 5. Post your screenshot below, pm it to me via Imps, or pm it to me on INT Discord - include /time or your kill may be disqualified 6. Any "cheating" (false fights, or splitting prizes) will result in disqualification from this and any of my future events (inc. PvP Tournaments) on Echo 7. Any trashtalking will result in -3 points off your total score, per incident -- wins are to be done by skill/strategy, build/set, alone -- not by unsettling your opponent via trashtalk. Violation of Ankama's ToS is also -3 points. 8. Kikn will be removing any posts on this thread containing trashtalk, he will mute the offender for 24 hours per offense, and he will notify me of players who warrant the -3 points. If there is any question regarding whether something is trashtalk or not, then Kikn's word is final Volunteers for the "Wanted List" 1. You can be from any alliance or guild 2. Post your IGN below with class and/or anything interesting I should know, in order to create your "Wanted Description" (or you can write your own description) - or pm me on the INT Discord 3. If you wish to be removed from the "Wanted List" for any reason, please post below, pm me via INT Discord, or pm me in game 4. Volunteers for the "Wanted List" are also permitted to be "Headhunters" -- meaning that they may also participate and hunt down other "Wanted" chars for points Rushu's Most Wanted Wanted - Dead or Alive! LIST OF TRIBUTES IS BELOW Rushu - "Grande Eni, slayer of thousands of pvp'ers has come out of retirement to teach Echo this important lesson: If you dare defy me, you will face my wrath!" Ichor-kr - This sac will share your pain as he assaults you with his bloody-thirsty madness Kolgard - "Just a Feca out for a good fight" Watz - "one bad-ass eca" Shingun - This smexy sac is Leader of many, in the art of Punishment -- he will drain the life out of you, as he absorbs your soul and sacrifices you to the god of the Shadows Rael-Cleap - "First Blord Warrior and Keeper of Kitten Slayer, the cursed sword." Request a fight and wings will go up (Brak) Meme-god - "I like trains" Vampirism - "Have mercy, please" Uglier - "Come kill me before my depression does" Talentz & Talentz-Faze - "This good-looking Hupper is more talented than all Rushu's talents combined, and is also good-looking in skill and appearance" (see above for the player named Rushu) Request a fight and wings will go up (Alignment???) Bloodyfusion & Bloodyportals - You should be warned that rivers will run red if you should cross this guy's path! Request a fight and wings will go up (Alignment???) Spacefire & Spaceglue - Fire by itself is highly dangerous - add in glue, and it becomes a very sticky situation. Request a fight and wings will go up (Bonta) Harlyquinn & Pianissimo - Bubbly Harly is less known as her soft and quiet "pianissimo" alter ego. However, don't let this bubbly girl deceive you - she is deadly enough to bring down any man and make him beg for mercy. Request a fight and wings will go up (Brak) Rukai - This "dangerous kitten" loves to finely scrub away his opponents, until nothing is left of their existence Ponzu & Pariston - Beware or you'll be paralyzed when facing this duo's wrath! Request a fight and wings will go up (Bonta) Headhunter Leaderboard Prizes & Deadline The event runs from July 1st to 31st. Anyone interested in donating prize money for the game, please post below, pm me via INT Discord, or pm me in-game. We are asking other alliances to match our prize of 10 mk. If there are enough donations, we will give out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes again. In order to win prize money, there must be at least 20 Tributes, and 20 Headhunters on the Leaderboard Prize Money (Donations) INT Alliance - 10 mk Hoping to see some exciting fights in July! anjulica <3
  12. This gorgeous fashion accessory, straight from the deep, can now be yours - for the low price of 80 mk! :o Wondering what to give your wife/mother/grandmother, who is an avid dofus fan, a gift for Mothers' Day today? Surprise her with this aquamarine shell, complete with its own entire ecosystem of limpets, barnacles, and other fascinating klingons. If she isn't an avid dofus fan, that's okay too - you keep the dofus. There is a saying: "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he'll be gone every weekend!" This is her free pass to the spa, coffee, and dessert out with her friends, You buying this dofus for yourself allows her that very luxury!
  13. ****************************************************************************************************** All updates regarding guilds and contact info will be posted/edited here: ******************************************************************************************************
  14. Hi Zargabanth, :) Although we appreciate the offer of merging with the Shika alliance, we have decided instead to continue to accept guilds from other alliances/servers on a case-by-case basis. Our Core Council decided on this action a month ago, after receiving requests for merges from several other alliances. The primary reason for this decision is to maintain alliance stability; secondary reasons include alliance administration, e.g. difficulty getting guild votes submitted in a timely manner -- since we prefer to have our guild leaders vote on as many major alliance issues as practical (including acceptance of incoming guilds). Regarding alliance stability, we are currently able to accept a maximum of 5 more guilds of 100+ members from other servers. After that, we will need to limit further recruitment while we reevaluate the current dynamics of the server. Regarding acceptance of individual players into our alliance, we still have openings for approximately 700 more new members. If any of your guilds are interested in applying to INT, please have them join our alliance Discord server at: https://discord.me/dofus-int and send me a direct message. Thanks!