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  1. henual

    The best relationships come from 1v1 though ;)
  2. A true Az'tech warrior.
  3. nice achievs nub
  4. My teeth started aching just looking at it.
  5. I sold a couple 13/13 ones for 8m ea not too long ago.
  6. Bye

    Welcome to the list of Rosalt alumni that quit Dofus
  7. The English speaking community sure has a smaller impact on them than the French speaking one but it's still an impact (+ French speaking subscribers are quitting too). Plus covering the costs of servers alone should not be enough, even if Dofus 2 isn't their main goal anymore they should at least aim to go for break-even on it. Otherwise their profit margins will drop since afaik Dofus is still their main franchise. Also like I said, it's an interesting idea combining Mobile and PC-gaming but I don't know if that's the route they should go. I may not be from 'the new generation' (what letter did they give it again?) but shouldn't Ankama aim to get people hooked/addicted? I mean mobile games quite often have a short life(/hype)span because of their 'mobility'. (e.g. Pokemon Go) Imo you'd want people to get so hooked that they don't mind playing for 12+h a day and I don't think the mobile aspect will help for this. Nor will naming it Dofus 3.0 since it'll help to get people interested in it at first (since they play(ed) the game or heard of it) but they'll also directly start comparing it to Dofus 1.0 and Dofus 2.0. Dofus 3.0 could quite possibly become a success but not the way it's marketed right now.
  8. It's interesting to say the least but I also wonder, was this necessary? Does it fit the current demographic that's playing Dofus or is this targeted at a new audience? Imo it'd make more sense if they'd put more resources into stopping the outflow of people and decrease in revenue*. Rather than splitting their resources into 4? different games. *I'm only guessing their revenue is going down at about the same rate as people stop playing/subscribing
  9. bump 100m left (pls buy so I can stop subbing kk)
  10. buy me a 3DS and a copy of the game so I can catch alolan vulpex men
  11. late af martin