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  1. Your guild reaches level 150.
  2. [21:40] Your guild reaches level 138. :)
  3. Buying 90 spell point scrolls, 135kk each. /w Gasp if interested
  4. Wait, so beating vortex in trio now gives duo achievement ? o.o Congrats btw
  5. Your guild reaches level 137. :)
  6. Quick question about Catzino, what is the purpose of fighting him? I've done all the quests in Ecaflipus (just missing the final Catseye dungeon run quest to finish it all) and I know the bounty from the 200 area is Sham (or Atcham) which is the only poster i found in the whole dimension for bounty quests. So what's with Catzino? I didn't see him featured in any quest for the dimension achievements. Is he an extra bounty? Or what?
  7. [12:14] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-57,23]. Srambad 128 uses
  8. Ecaflipus dimension is also apparently another exception.
  9. Finished the Kull NPC fight (The conqueror quest), thanks Ala for the inputs, it was a bit intense. I suppose I'll also be trying the bounty sometime soon as that and the 200 dungeon are the only things left to do in that dimension now. The fights in this area are a bit tough, specially big mobs in small maps, getting used to the mobs goes a long way. By the way, you can also fight the Queen of Fate outside of the dungeon, in the fight alonside Kull for the conqueror quest. It drops mats also.
  10. So there's some information available on some french websites about the monsters in Ecaflipus 200 area but, I couldn't find anything in english and translations are usually not that clarifying. Can anyone provide some information about these monsters and how to best deal with them? I'm particularly concerned about how to disable these monsters, so as to minimize their offenses. Things like who should I range rape, if there's triggered effects on the monsters spells etc... For content of this level, there's usually special tricks to deal with the monsters, so I'm just guessing that it might be true for these as well. For example, I figured out that when your char is placed in the pacifist state, apparently healing that char will clear the state. I don't know if there's also a way to clear the unhealable state that these enemies can also apply. I'm currently attempting "The Conqueror" quest fight, defending NPC Kull from 8 monsters from the level 200 area of Ecaflipus. I figured out that NPC protection is a tricky thing because the dumbass NPC, as usual, has aggressive AI and rushes in to the monsters, often getting surrounded and usually placed in unhealable state so once the monsters start focusing on him, he dies within a turn. For this particular fight, it's specially annoying, because on top of having to worry about the NPC, you have another obvious "priority" which is to get some distance between you and the monsters to avoid getting crushed in the first or second turns. I couldn't find any information in english about these monsters, so any helpful info would be greatly appreciated. =================================== = Jammy Jack = = King Playa = = Lucky Knight = = Queen of Fate = = Soldier of Fortune =
  11. You got to put him on the glyph *at least* every 2 turns otherwise he will lose the infection state which will reset the 10 turn progress. You can do it every turn also, but every 2 turns works just as good.
  12. [22:02] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-56,12]. Ecaflipus 128 uses
  13. [20:02] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-75,-37]. Ecaflipus 117 uses
  14. [15:28] (Alliance) Gasp: [15:27] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-17,-5]. Ecaflipus 128 uses