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  1. Xelorium portal at [-34,-47] (127 uses)
  2. Srambad portal at [-7,-35] (128 uses)
  3. One of the seniors at Ankama, there is a npc with his name somewhere in cania.
  4. Never had problems with it myself but if you kill a monster everyone loses 1 ap and mp for a turn, so that could also be a cause I guess. Edit: nvm, you're doing first. I would guess it's due to precip then yeah.
  5. Good you see you're back, and with such great art ^^.
  6. Srambad portal at [-76,-35] (69 uses) Xelorium portal at [-67,-49] (41 uses)
  7. January 9th
  8. Still selling a few more codes, enutroid hat and monarch set slightly cheaper now (thank the movie mystery box) 50 m for a shield30m for a hat20m for a belt8m for the enutroide hat Edit: found another code, so one more for sale and one that's reserved.
  9. wow, I was wondering who the Maxares in the last line of the document was, turns out it's todays meridia (the meridia of the sailors) XD
  10. So I thought the Umphialla Corporation got introduced together with the first chapter of Ohwymi, but apparently they've already been in the game for over 2 years and are responsible for the contamination of Albatrocious Rock O.o .
  11. I've been good this year, Santa!
  12. Huh, platinum failed to register succesfully? that's pretty disappointing.
  13. What quest is that and how do you start it?