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  1. One of the seniors at Ankama, there is a npc with his name somewhere in cania.
  2. Never had problems with it myself but if you kill a monster everyone loses 1 ap and mp for a turn, so that could also be a cause I guess. Edit: nvm, you're doing first. I would guess it's due to precip then yeah.
  3. Good you see you're back, and with such great art ^^.
  4. Srambad portal at [-76,-35] (69 uses) Xelorium portal at [-67,-49] (41 uses)
  5. January 9th
  6. Still selling a few more codes, enutroid hat and monarch set slightly cheaper now (thank the movie mystery box) 50 m for a shield30m for a hat20m for a belt8m for the enutroide hat Edit: found another code, so one more for sale and one that's reserved.
  7. wow, I was wondering who the Maxares in the last line of the document was, turns out it's todays meridia (the meridia of the sailors) XD
  8. So I thought the Umphialla Corporation got introduced together with the first chapter of Ohwymi, but apparently they've already been in the game for over 2 years and are responsible for the contamination of Albatrocious Rock O.o .
  9. I've been good this year, Santa!
  10. Huh, platinum failed to register succesfully? that's pretty disappointing.
  11. What quest is that and how do you start it?
  12. Ah, the glyph panda made probably didn't even help in that case.
  13. New and improved sac helped a lot for this! (jk not really, sac stood alone in a corner most of the time) So as you might notice, doing it 6 loot took quite a while but we did it! few interesting things: you can hit through the cursed invulnerability if you hit in close combat, not sure if this is a bug or not But the weirdest thing is that when osa resummoned panda, he passed his first turn, but he also created a glyph of his own and the Jackalnubis didn't respawn for the rest of the fight. (also we only had to use 4 glyphs to vuln the boss) Iop died because the boss apparently also has a 4 range jump spell once vulnerable.