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Everything posted by ЯeveЯt

  1. It said that for me too... you've got to use it and it shows up as a shield. here edit: unless I already had one in my code list... weird.
  2. Post reported for wallhaxz. GET BANNED SIR.
  3. It's nice to know you were going to be rewarded for being so committed.
  4. 2.xx is a far better game. Most of the people that think 1.29 is better have rose tinted glasses. I liked 1.x wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I do the current Dofus though, but that doesn't mean 1.29 is better than 2.xx it just means my perception of Dofus was better back then. It's hard to continue loving a game playing for all these years on and off.
  5. The accounts had to have never subscribed too.
  6. In the future list the "several things" you did otherwise it's hard to help you. Most likely deleting the Dofus AppData will solve your issue.
  7. The 'discovery' of America taught in American schools triggers me. Most Americans believe Columbus discovered America first. His merits are connecting western Europeans to the Americas. The Vikings were in the Americas 500 years before.
  8. You shouldn't use Bittorrent. The company that created BT packed a silent cryptocurrency miner in their other client uTorrent. I recommend qBittorrent.
  9. Those links are from a popular IP/useragent grabbing website with custom redirection. They're not created by the actor. It's often used for script kiddie phishing campaigns or to get the victims IP to DDoS them. Any decent AV will detect those links though (Kaspersky MBAM would be my recommendation) and unfortunately, they don't have a Pornhub link.
  10. Replace the Fugitive ring for Hairsh Bracelet, 2 range on a Sram is too low and you get 4 more crits.
  11. Ankama Shield has had several bypasses in the past and currently has two working right now that I know about. He also knows at least one of them seeing as he chooses to phish people instead of getting them to download malicious software. Be careful.
  12. I don't think those methods would be applicable in this situation because the guy has already chosen his targets (everyone around the magus WS got the same PM, including me) and getting reported is a non-factor for these people, setting up another stealth account takes 2 minutes. Most of these types of scams are done by French people who come over here because their methods no longer work well on French servers thus their English is mostly bad. Methods similar the above are generally used in scams that require more human interaction. I'll give a prime example that almost everyone can understand: Why do you think the whole "I am a Nigerian prince"/whatever scam is still around? Because nearly all people who are aware of scams on the internet are aware of the Nigerian prince meme, so the story filters out the people who wouldn't be very likely to fall for it because the process is quite long and they milk these people over and over. Plenty of intelligent people fall for email scams although not at this basic level. A few years ago a security company which I forget the name of held a contest to see if anyone could hack them, someone sent the CEO an email with a hyperlink saying "I won the contest: here's proof" that link contained a local admin exploit: boom hacked. Most of the greatest hacks in history have required some form of social engineering.
  13. Haha, some of these are hilarious and clearly satire. What the hell is an assgoblin? And why would CLINTON be filtered for mounts only? '1556' => "fux0r" '16' => "martini" '36' => "muthafuck" '40' => "rumpleforeskin" '45' => "assmunch" '46' => "plss" '60' => "phonesex" '84' => "champagne" '114' => "MICROSOFT" '113' => "assgoblin" '133' => "muthafukk" '241' => "CLINTON" '749' => "Fu+(c*k+|x+)" '770' => "wakfu" '1005' => "pecker" '1042' => "goolies" '1109' => "MACINTOSH"
  14. I wish Imps would censor your post, Solar Flare me so I can't see it. Impsvillage filters some non-offensive words/sayings too, most are old insider jokes.
  15. Osas have always been comfortably mid tier, and there's been quite a few patches where they've been top tier, they've never been bottom tier.
  16. If you needed to be a creative game developer to give criticism, games would be a lot less creative.
  17. That's okay. You look like an older model in your signature.
  18. Remember to use something like this if you're afraid of Ankama not liking what you're doing in AHK. Random, SleepFor, 100, 300 Sleep, %SleepFor%
  19. Hey! There's not many old Shika players at all. Shika probably has 3% or less of its old population. Most of the players moved to Rushu. I don't play anymore. I keep coming back a couple times a year for a little while then quitting again. Lots of awesome new and a lot more tactical than Frigost 2 content to explore if you're considering playing again though.
  20. No. That's not true.