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  1. If you needed to be a creative game developer to give criticism, games would be a lot less creative.
  2. That's okay. You look like an older model in your signature.
  3. Remember to use something like this if you're afraid of Ankama not liking what you're doing in AHK. Random, SleepFor, 100, 300 Sleep, %SleepFor%
  4. Hey! There's not many old Shika players at all. Shika probably has 3% or less of its old population. Most of the players moved to Rushu. I don't play anymore. I keep coming back a couple times a year for a little while then quitting again. Lots of awesome new and a lot more tactical than Frigost 2 content to explore if you're considering playing again though.
  5. No. That's not true.
  6. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/588219-call-sacrier
  7. There's no shame in admitting you're not able to create a dynamic sink calculator without hooking the client. I think you guys are confused. OSBuddy does inject into RuneScape exactly like a bot would do and such a program would never be allowed by Ankama. Most of the lead developers used to code bots. Although I've never really played RuneScape properly I did play it for about a month and checkout OSBuddy so I'm not in the loop but I'd assume they allow the client to run because it's far better to play softball with people who know the ins and outs of your games inner workings in this context.
  8. Yes. I'm sure you leaving Shika was the deciding factor in everyone else leaving.
  9. What happened to your account? lolxD
  10. I used to like Digimon when I was a kid and I still enjoy playing the RPGs on ps1/ps2... they're decent. Oh and I can still jam to this this too.
  11. This is a common issue with the recent windows update it isn't specific to your computer so when you roll back the update you should be fine. Also, you don't need to be a nerd to know how to uninstall a Windows update. When things like this happen in future just Google it. Computer problems are rarely ever unique so you'll generally find a fix to most things within the top three results. :D Forgot to add if you don't want this to happen again and care about your privacy you should download this tool. It removes Windows spying updates amongst other things and disables the ability for Microsoft to push silent updates.
  12. Hello? 15-16/17 (I don't know Hupper class spell) class spells are utility based and effect no specific element directly.
  13. Of course Treadfast Belt is the best option for a PVM character. It only has heals sink therefore you can get more out of the other items with higher sink for PVM stats. Stop being an egoistic swine.