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  1. What would a new update/feature thread be without Winged bitching...
  2. The problem is mods don't get paid anything for doing it, so I don't think they'd be able to control when mods are active on a regular basis. The majority of mods seem to be players who either end up quitting thus lose interest in modding overtime or would rather be playing the game than moderating it in their free time. Would be cool if they actually paid a couple of them to do a proper job. If it were up to me I'd try to hire @Gravestorm for general modding because of his massive contribution to the Dofus wiki.
  3. They're getting better, perhaps in 20 years they'll be advanced enough to conjure up a decent phishing campaign. What's always worried me is that if people do these types of bottom-feeding phishing scams it means people actually fall for it on a regular basis. Imagine if someone who knew what they were doing did it? ...they wouldn't be typing in-game though. It's also not like you need to be a wizard to setup an advanced phishing campaign either.
  4. Why would I fuck myself when having a pop at you offers more enjoyment? You're right though - I'll stop. <3
  5. I agree that the current methods are inadequate - preventing almost all of multi-accounting is doable with some extra methods, most multi-accounters are just cheating players with no network experience, not some Fancy Bear hacking death squad. I don't think Ankama will employ the counter measures for them yet so I wont mention what they are + one server admin checking connection logs every maint (everyday would be nice.) Ankama devs will definitely already be aware of what they can do to prevent it and I would assume they have plans to upgrade in the future they just won't talk about it until it's happened or after because that's their style. With that being said the mono account server along with all the other changes is still a huge leap forward... Point is: you can stop most multi-accounting and nearly all of it if you add the manual checking element in the future. There are ways to bypass everything but it becomes much more expensive/less obvious. I actually agree with you, but I still think the mono servers are a huge leap forward. If some loser wants to run 5+ VMs I personally don't care too much because if they're endgame eventually they'll get banned and Ankama should upgrade their infrastructure in the future.
  6. ... "some reason"
  7. Not gonna bother arguing with a blind person, although you do type pretty good... for a blind guy.
  8. Watch your mouth ребёночек. Drago is an old Shikan meme known for only killing rats 24/7 even after Frigost 1/2 came out. Makes sense that he'd be annoyed about indirect damage... it used to be easy because he only used to cast PW, EQ and Sylvan vs rats.
  9. I personally think Ankama as well as Dofus has improved astronomically over the years, while I may not agree with some of their choices (they were a bad company back in the day imo and still aren't perfect today) you'd have to be blind to not realize that overall Dofus has been moving in the right direction for many years now. The core game had lots of flaws and Ankama has been relinquishing them like a rolling snowball since 2012 or 2013 while adding decent new content and features. Before we waited a couple years for a single endgame content update!
  10. You came off as having an elitist attitude and even if you didn't, as Quadro said, this post is a PSA to the community to avoid further scams, nothing in the post comes close to "come on here crying when it all went wrong." so you'd still be an asshat for pointing it out regardless of if you got scammed recently or not, I just thought it was too bittersweet to not point out. As far as account sharing/account sales go you'd have to try REALLY hard to get banned for those - it's only in the TOS so Ankama can avoid it being their problem. I'd have thought an old school player would be more mature... maybe you spent too much time in the Bonta sewers. :P
  11. I'd expect that someone who recently fell to a dumb phishing scam would have been less forthcoming...
  12. Revert because I always return to this game no matter how long I stay away from it. My first character was called Donk because I thought it sounded cool and it rolled over from my character on an older Korean MMO called Knight Online. It's refreshing to see you guys have good taste in games.
  13. The chances of the previous merits of a guild being detrimental to the success of a sister guild on the single account server are extremely low. How high do you think the chances are guilds just randomly say "oh, lets all move to the single account server" one day? Still I suppose anything can happen - Donald Trump is your president. I personally think arbitrarily saying "these guilds could come over and beat your guild" is nothing but slander.