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  1. The chances of the previous merits of a guild being detrimental to the success of a sister guild on the single account server are extremely low. How high do you think the chances are guilds just randomly say "oh, lets all move to the single account server" one day? Still I suppose anything can happen - Donald Trump is your president. I personally think arbitrarily saying "these guilds could come over and beat your guild" is nothing but slander.
  2. Of course, the French will outnumber the international community easily, however, there will probably be enough English speaking players to go around. Oto Mustam hasn't been popular in the English community for years. Which Reddit poll are you talking about? The only one I could find was this one and it has 332 votes. That's actually shocking high from my POV. Considering it was most likely only on Reddit and was created 3 days ago. The French discussion thread on the mono server has 62 pages atm. edit: I'd also like to point out the French poll is over a month old... so while the French will outnumber us it's an unfair comparison.
  3. Gonna be playing on this server with 4-5 friends and maybe my SO but not as often (working 24/7 ftl) /w Rev or maybe Revert if anyone wants a group to do stuff with when the server opens. I should be online as soon as it opens.
  4. Some go full vit, some go 300-400 main stat rest vit... some even go pure main stat. The majority of decent endgame PvM Sacs go 300-400 stat rest vit though. It all comes down to playstyle. If you're struggling with finding a build for a certain character or want to get a feel of how they're setup use this link for PvM and this link for PvP - you can use the filers to rank by level and class. I recommend ordering by inspired. Edit: You can also check the Dofus ladder just filter by class, click on their names then go to characteristics. The top characters will generally be hardcore PvM players.
  5. Going from Sac to Osa is offensive... Вы русский? Я слышал, что вы из Москвы.
  6. I'm fairly certain that Ankama have been detecting virtual machines for a few months now... perhaps they were testing the methods that will be used on the new server, although I haven't tried to multi-log, nor really play atm. Several people have messaged me on Skype asking how Ankama could detect multi-logging while using a VM so I'm assuming they have been. Detecting if something is running in a VM is fairly simple. You will get banned for doing so if Ankama have implemented the most basic detection methods.
  7. It said that for me too... you've got to use it and it shows up as a shield. here edit: unless I already had one in my code list... weird.
  8. Post reported for wallhaxz. GET BANNED SIR.
  9. It's nice to know you were going to be rewarded for being so committed.
  10. 2.xx is a far better game. Most of the people that think 1.29 is better have rose tinted glasses. I liked 1.x wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than I do the current Dofus though, but that doesn't mean 1.29 is better than 2.xx it just means my perception of Dofus was better back then. It's hard to continue loving a game playing for all these years on and off.
  11. The accounts had to have never subscribed too.
  12. In the future list the "several things" you did otherwise it's hard to help you. Most likely deleting the Dofus AppData will solve your issue.
  13. The 'discovery' of America taught in American schools triggers me. Most Americans believe Columbus discovered America first. His merits are connecting western Europeans to the Americas. The Vikings were in the Americas 500 years before.
  14. You shouldn't use Bittorrent. The company that created BT packed a silent cryptocurrency miner in their other client uTorrent. I recommend qBittorrent.