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  1. Unfortunately I have no plans at the moment to add any tools for 1.29 players; I simply don't have the time, and I just started a new job so I'm extra busy these days. I also apologize if you have noticed erratic/inconsistent performance lately because I just switched servers again and have been testing stuff in production lol
  2. I will add that to the todo list! Yes, oops! That is a bug. I'm pushing a fix now.
  3. Fixed. Sorry about that. I had pushed an update to fix the site not working for older versions of Chrome, but unwittingly introduced a new bug.
  4. Unfortunately, this isn't currently an available feature. It's something I have planned down the line but I also haven't figured out an efficient way to let people search sets.
  5. I just pushed an update for this because why not. It should now only disable tooltips on iOS and Android devices. Can you see if it's fixed?
  6. function isTouchScreen() { return ("ontouchstart" in window) || window.DocumentTouch && document instanceof DocumentTouch; } idk i found it on stackoverflow
  7. At the moment, no. I promise I'll look into this in more detail this weekend and find a solution, but I won't be able to do it until the weekend as I'm extraordinarily busy IRL this week. I have a few solutions in mind (detecting OS directly, for example)
  8. Do you use a touch screen device by any chance? Tooltips are disabled on touch screens, mainly because tooltips are annoying on mobile devices. However, I do realize that an increasing number of people are using hybrid tablet/laptop devices now, like the Surface, and I haven't yet found a good way to distinguish between phones/tablets and touchscreen computers. This is something I will work on. However, tooltips are always visible when viewing a set (as opposed to editing a set).
  9. Not sure how to depict the difference between them well, but I will consider that. You need to be logged in to like or share a set. I do agree that it's unclear, though, so I made them redirect you to the login page if you're not logged in. That's the "Copy" button. Re: the Shaker bug: that turned out to be an oversight in how I tabulated stats (it didn't tabulate set bonus). I just fixed it and I'm pushing the change to beta. Thanks!
  10. I have just finished a complete overhaul of the set editing interface. It has been re-engineered from scratch, although it should look largely the same as before so you won't need to re-learn how to use it. Thus, there aren't many new features, but hopefully you find that using the site will become a much smoother experience. Here are some important highlights: Client-side computation The main important new feature is that almost everything is done directly on your browser now; your set is no longer saved after every action. This means that your experience will be much faster. You have the option now of saving your set when you want, but note that your set will still automatically save periodically. Additionally, if you leave the page with unsaved changes, that will trigger a final save that will execute even as you leave the page, so you never have to worry about losing data. This also means that you'll no longer encounter the bug where a set's stats have been miscalculated by some weird server accident. Stats are calculated directly on your browser each time you load the page. Also, one of the worst parts of the old editing interface was the base/scrolled stat section, which auto-saved once you stopped typing for x seconds. Since you now have control over when to save, you'll never be annoyingly interrupted again. And although the new interface still does commit auto-saves, they don't block the workflow in any way. Keyboard shortcuts You now have the ability to use certain keyboard shortcuts during your editing experience. CMD/CTRL+S to save your set CMD/CTRL+Z to undo an action CMD+SHIFT+Z/CTRL+Y to redo an action ESC to close the item or buff picking interface New icons I recently noticed that Dofus brought out a whole new in-game UI. It's really ugly, IMO, so I decided to just give up on trying to keep the Dofus Planner icons consistent with the canonical ones. Copy URL directly to keyboard When you click on the clipboard icon next to your set's short URL, it will copy it directly to your clipboard, saving you an extra keystroke. Note that this only works on some browsers (it works on Chrome, which is what the vast majority of Dofus Planner users use; Safari does not support this feature). The new Dofus Planner editor will be released in a few days, but I'm giving Imps Village access now! You can try it out at http://beta.dofusplanner.com/ right now. I've tested it somewhat extensively myself, but I have yet to try the website at all on a Windows machine, even though according to Google Analytics, 92% of my desktop sessions are from a Windows device. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please report any bugs to me here! Have fun.
  11. Belated apology for the image fail last week; our SSL certificate expired, and I renewed it days before it expired, but I forgot to upload the renewed certificate to the media.dofusplanner.com server (which hosts all of the images, and is on a separate server), so none of the images were loading for a bit. In other news, I'm currently (slowly) working on revamping the editing interface. It'll look largely the same, but will be much faster, because it will no longer save after every action. I'm trying to incorporate some more modern technology (like React, if anyone is a JavaScript programmer) to make the site more maintainable and less hack-y. Also hoping to implement a new feed back-end that will make feeds load a lot faster. However, I am back at school for the fall, so these won't be fully realized for months, probably. I am still working on the site, though!
  12. I just added all the new items. Please let me know if you find any errors! Edit: Also, if you want to help keep our database of items up to date, let me know -- I'm looking for new minions helpers.
  13. A couple of new features in the past few days! The goal of these new features is to make Dofus Planner more social by helping you discover new people to follow and their set ideas. Sharing sets You can now share other people's sets, which will appear on your followers' timelines. If you find a a particularly interesting set that you want to bring attention to, this is the way to do it! Trending sets You'll notice on the sidebar that there are now trending sets. This is based on a set's number of likes, comments, influence, favorites, and shares. It's updated roughly every 30 minutes.