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  1. Waw, sweet
  2. Wut free Atcham Sabres?
  3. Oh damn, I totally misread the part of the retry interval ... Aah well, 1 cra and 3 others chars then :)
  4. + half of the masqs died lol I have a better way, but since I hear they are changing the changes, cra's won't suck anyhow. 4ap, 1/turn to use on every cra and still a bit more damage.
  5. Well, other ways to farm 508 :D
  6. That moment where you already sold spell scrolls for pebbles...
  7. Level 200+: Prestige LevelsWe've been telling you for a while about level 200+, and more recently, about spell variants that would be offered at the same time. But there remained one important point to resolve: that of the experience accumulated by a character once they've reached level 200. Now this question has an answer! No matter how we looked at the problem, all the possible solutions were only advantageous for some, and restrictive for others, and we couldn't decide.So we thought it would be useful to ask your opinion in order to help guide us to the correct decision. Therefore, you have the following choice: A part of the XP that you've acquired since you reached level 200 is transferred to the new system. Everyone starts out on equal footing and only the XP gained since the December update will be taken into account in the new system. Many of you participated in the survey, and we thank you! However, the results obtained didn't really make things any easier; of the 8,257 responses received, it was almost a perfect tie, with only 27 votes separating the two options!This makes it hard to make the best choice and serenely choose one or the other. It simply doesn't seem possible to decide without upsetting a large percentage of our players.So, we've thought about it again, and again, and… WHAT WILL WE DO? We've opted for a third solution!Starting in December, a new progress gauge will appear once a player reaches level 200. You will then have two gauges measuring your progression: The first will represent your character's total accumulated XP. That's the current gauge, which won't change: the experience you've acquired above and beyond level 200 is accounted for and it continues to progress as you gain experience. The second represents your progression in the Prestige* levels. Each Prestige level will unlock a variant of one of your spells (check back later in November for the devblog detailing the spell variant system!). The experience gained will be simultaneously collected in the global progression gauge and in the Prestige level gauge. *Prestige levels: All characters will start with an empty Prestige gauge. However, a x2 experience multiplier will be applied for a certain length of time, depending on the experience accumulated over level 200.For example, if you've accumulated 100 million experience points since level 200, you'll have a x2 multiplier while you accumulate the first 100 million experience points toward your Prestige levels. FAQ: Will experience bonuses for lower-level characters still apply? Yes, the experience bonuses (x2, x3, x4) for characters of a lower level will apply to the Prestige levels. These bonuses stack with the one for experience accumulated over level 200. There's a problem with your system: gaining experience will increase the length of the bonus. It's not a bug, it's a feature. We're aware of the fact that having the classic gauge increase simultaneously with the Prestige gauge will extend the time during which the x2 bonus will apply. And we're ok with that. How many Prestige levels will be available in December? 6 Prestige levels will be available in December (6 variants per class, which makes 102 new variants in the game). Other levels will be progressively added in future updates. What will happen when the maximum Prestige level is reached? When the maximum Prestige level is reached (level 6 in December), the Prestige gauge will no longer progress. Only the classic gauge will continue to note the experience points gained. When new Prestige levels become available, you'll have the right to a x2 experience bonus as explained above.
  8. I'd go for One Plus 3 aswell.
  9. I'm too lazy to make screenshots, so I'll just use a link to dofusbook with a little explanation. So in dofusbook you can select items, either from the full list of, for example, amulets (https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/encyclopedie/liste/amulette.html), or by clicking an item in your set. Then, on the upper right side, there is a green button with a scissor in it. If you click that, you can choose 'voir' which takes you to your list of items and mats you need for it. In that list, you can say you got 5/45 Apple, 1/2 Magic Golden Trump Tooth and 12/33 Obama Should Stay Petition Signatures. Every time you update the amount of resources you get, you need to save it, and then you can see what you got per item and what you need in total. Hope I was a bit clear :)
  10. Service on hold/stopped because I'll quit probably.
  11. Yush, a bit like dofusbook, but in English ...
  12. Hmm, then it probably will be a new area :)
  13. Possible, but aren't there too many monsters in one family then?
  14. Well, lvl doesn't say everything ...
  15. Sold for 18k :)