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  1. I recommend Fire/Water combo on Xelor. Has the ranged DD you're looking for and could add underhand for that manipulation.
  2. First run luck?
  3. Hellur. I'm Zaikron on the Nox server. I've been playing for quite some time now. RL keeps me busy but whenever i have time I hop on and have some fun. I occasionally 6 box. Hit me up yo!
  4. Hallo there elks people!
  5. Hey there Imps! I've been gone for almost a year now. I decided that I'm gonna give Dofus a chance again. -_- So hey again and hope to see some old faces and even meet some new ones. See you in-game! :) -Alex
  6. Welcome to IV and Dofus! Hope you enjoy the game. :)
  7. Whoa that's nice! Grats! Finished Iop also: Next is Masq! :)
  8. It's been a while since i've played.. been lazy.. but here's a latest achievement c:
  9. Client gets stuck at 63% before the login screen. Can't do anything.. anyone have any ideas?
  10. I know i may be a little late but Welcome to Rosal! I've seen many of you around already. Good luck with your guild and hope you enjoy Rosal. :)
  11. Hey! Welcome to IV. :)
  12. Welcome back! <3 I updated first page and guildopedia page! :) Where are you hiding Bjorn?!
  13. Hey man! I've been seeing lots of old players again! Sup?
  14. Heyo! Welcome back!
  15. Hey You! If you are coming back thats great! I'm a bit busy with real life atm so i can't log much these days but try and catch me in game, I may be able to help. Welcome back! :)