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  1. Hellow so yeah, It's been like 7 years since pvping in 1.29 was real. I want to bring back those memories, nostalgie and all that. I'm looking forward to create a solid pvp class there. that can kill almost anything (I loved full retrait Ap xelors) I was thinking in Sacrier, Cra, Or Xelor. But I'm still not sure. I might get alot of kamas there easily in the underworlf of the gambling. What build? What class? thanks in advance. I would advance there just with pvps from 60 till God will know.
  2. Thanks mr Ochre :v
  3. Hellow Folks! I was killed in beta :'( Sadly I lost my lvl 200's on my main but I have heard that if you kill someone you get their xp and their items, So I have a lvl 40 character, What do I need to be able to actually agro other players So Far I know you need +lvl 20 +Guild +Alliance And what else?...
  4. 40% in all resis with 4K vit, > 5500 vitality lacking resis.
  5. Awesome reply !!! thanks man
  6. Hellow Guys, Thanks for all beforehand, I bought my vulbis dofus like 5 years ago in 250 mk (Rosal) It's been a long time and I've been using it alot with treadfast and Q of Thieves for around like 3 years?, 12/6 both sets provide awesome, nice stats. But I have to be honest with myself , With the 11/6 extrem nice stats and alot of combinations that the new trophies provide to their users, I've been seeing how the price of my Vuvu has decreased considerably, I'm afraid that they Implement the Vulbis throught quests THIS YEAR and it seems it's gonna happen SOON, Soon D; I have the possibility to sell it, Some1 is offering a Dofusteuse (Dofustadora) in My hispanic server it worths around 150mk + 170mk in FULL KAMAS. I consider this a fair trade What do you guys recommend?
  8. Sorry but I'm keeping my hax 35% resis to all elements and 4250 Vit with hax stats!
  9. Still better to have % resis on gear
  10. A Random guy of my guild said that there's a huge change in smithmagus... And I was able to put +465 vitality into my inky veil... WTF? I mean What's going on here.. All my stuff is % resistance maged are they increasing just for vitality? or are the exos gonna be useless (the current ones that you have in your stuff) like it's gonna be easier to have +3 or +4% resistance into your set?
  11. Seems awesome! I'm still looking for something sexy with new trophies
  12. I don't want this post Dying, What are you guys using nowadays? What to crush for Hunting runes?
  13. Hellow Guys, I'm currently looking for some new ideas about my Eca's gear I've got a Deluxe amulet with Vulbis Dofus (Oh yeah ) and the typical full Queen of Thieves set (And both Bearbs rings) plus Bearb Sword and the old school Inky and it works awesome 12/6, 5 range (with a exo range) With some % exo resis I'm at 12% Neu, 40% Earth, 30% Fire, 40% chance and 32% Wind ( I believe all resis are fine but I'm not able to increase the neutral % resis Which sucks!! I also Use 12/6 Full Treadfast set with Bear and Inky and this is an awesome set ^^ I'm currently looking for another Setup Ideas that include The Atcham Sword with full resis 11/6 or 12/6 with atleast 4-6 range and 2 summons. So Far, I've got this Idea. https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/411104-slayer-spiritia/2.html I believe is a Solid possibility but I'm not sure If There's something better out there. (I always put resistances with the same number if possible like 32 32 32 32 32, or 25 35 35 35 25 %%% This uses basically the same but with Nidas Shovel https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/411104-slayer-spiritia/1.html And I can use that set with Q of Thieves Daggers, (All end up with basically the same resistances and similar sexy stats.) Here is where I'd like your help.. I'm looking for a set with Deluxe Elly Mental Amulet that has alot of sexy Resistances With armoured DT (I don't use pets) that uses New Trophies, with 11/6 and 12/6, with a similar style in terms of "high" resis and a good weapon. Thanks Guys for this ! (Hopefully don't put so much Ecaflip's dimension items!!!!)
  14. Hellow, I'm looking for a setup like that I'm interested in the Atcham while having 12/6, 6 range, I have access to every item in the game including Vulbis Dofus, Can you please link me the set or show it here? Really thanks, https://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/411104-slayer-spiritia/2.html This set is so far the best I could make but Only 11/6, 5 Range ( Though I haven't put a range exo )
  15. Hellow guys, can some1 explain me about this hamer and why it is useful against srams? I've got a question, can I use that hammer against lvl 200's srams? Can you show me a set anti sram with that hammer? thanks!