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Everything posted by Scour

  1. 400mk is way too high, someone could easily buy a Vulbis from anyone else willing to sell one for 300mk max. Friends of mine have purchased them for as low as 250mk. Ankama's basically confirmed they're going questable this year so your price is, to put it lightly, whack.
  2. it's kwiiiiiiiiismas !!!!!!! merry christmas and happy holidays to all :D and thanks to @Owyn for plopping his panda down in front of each minotoball for me, and to Dr-Splosion for doing Whupper 300 with me, and most of Fedaykin for opening the kwismas spirit room
  3. Hey all! I'd like to open the Kwismas Spirit room on Kwismas Island and it needs 26 people to do so! I have 6 accounts that I can log, and ideally I'd like to get this done as fast as possible, so I am posting a spreadsheet here to help facilitate the process as much as possible. In said spreadsheet is a description of what needs to be done and what requirements need to be met to open the room. :) (Also please don't vandalize the spreadsheet.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14BEL_Gp38hCOP2Wy8tFHfdVJlRn74oGgSfsttUg3Sho/edit?usp=sharing I appreciate the help in advance! :)
  4. You can get Dofus achievs multiple times per account. It only applies to Event/Dungeon/Monster achievs, not Quest achievs.
  5. One of my better mages for sure. xD If only Tread Belts were this nice to work with.
  6. My first ever exo! :D I'm quite happy with it, though my standards are lower than most.
  7. Goddamn, one hit is death here. How'd you do it?
  8. nah the reason people pick seemyools is because they outclass DTs in almost every way. they give guaranteed MP, they give way better stats (crit damage, crits, power, lock/dodge, %res compared to vit summons range ini? clear choice.), and you can use them in every area in the game. if ankama really wanted to incentivize DT use they'd either buff the stats DTs gave or make seemyools only usable underwater.
  9. Had just played a game of Fire Emblem 7 and it had an intro movie involving "The Scouring". Thought that sounded cool and involved dragons, so Scour it is. xD
  10. Congratulations and enjoy (real) married life! :D
  11. WAHAHAHAHA finally i have received the golden whale ornament >:DDDDD big thanks to @Owyn for helping me get those last 6 ice kamas
  12. Can confirm. :(
  13. I thought you already made one of these already? :0
  14. Sure, I also think that "Heal 4% max HP per enemy in AoE" and "Buff by 150% Power per enemy in AoE" are bad as well. xD
  15. It's 2017, let Enus have a pushing spell that isn't Release. P L E A S E
  16. Very generous of you! :0 I can't believe Ankama gave you your items back tbh. xD
  17. I'd love love love to see more Xelor variants and any Panda variants. :) Thanks so much Grave! :)
  18. Finally hit 10k! Very happy/proud. :D
  19. Not at all, they're all still variants, just each of the 21 class spells (Every one but Dopple) has a variant now.
  20. Ooh, looks like a Dark Ray that either hits all telefragged enemies or splashes to nearby telefragged. I LoVE IT
  21. They mentioned this in Gamakna, it's a "teaser" for the new update that has to do with apparently Externam overflowing with dead and spilling out into the world and the gods suffering backlash/possibly being dethroned. In non-lore terms, to get you to notice that they're adding 3 new level 200 areas to the game and to try to keep you around long enough to play in them.
  22. God, now I'm really curious what the maximum scores for 7-9 idols would be ... there's probably a way to calculate that but brute forcing would take quite some time. xD
  23. Man, if Xelors got back old Flight as a spell variant I'd fucking die of happiness.
  24. Yo, I've seen the effort you've been putting into making these guides (Izmar reblogs almost everything you post). Amazing job and sincere thanks! :D
  25. The general trend in this thread seems to be "this isn't necessary". It's not necessary. I'd still like it anyway. Something doesn't need to be necessary to make gameplay more accessible/fun. Teleporting to dungeons wasn't necessary but it was a smash hit.