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Everything posted by Scour

  1. Congratulations and enjoy (real) married life! :D
  2. WAHAHAHAHA finally i have received the golden whale ornament >:DDDDD big thanks to @Owyn for helping me get those last 6 ice kamas
  3. Can confirm. :(
  4. I thought you already made one of these already? :0
  5. Sure, I also think that "Heal 4% max HP per enemy in AoE" and "Buff by 150% Power per enemy in AoE" are bad as well. xD
  6. It's 2017, let Enus have a pushing spell that isn't Release. P L E A S E
  7. Very generous of you! :0 I can't believe Ankama gave you your items back tbh. xD
  8. I'd love love love to see more Xelor variants and any Panda variants. :) Thanks so much Grave! :)
  9. Finally hit 10k! Very happy/proud. :D
  10. Not at all, they're all still variants, just each of the 21 class spells (Every one but Dopple) has a variant now.
  11. Ooh, looks like a Dark Ray that either hits all telefragged enemies or splashes to nearby telefragged. I LoVE IT
  12. They mentioned this in Gamakna, it's a "teaser" for the new update that has to do with apparently Externam overflowing with dead and spilling out into the world and the gods suffering backlash/possibly being dethroned. In non-lore terms, to get you to notice that they're adding 3 new level 200 areas to the game and to try to keep you around long enough to play in them.
  13. God, now I'm really curious what the maximum scores for 7-9 idols would be ... there's probably a way to calculate that but brute forcing would take quite some time. xD
  14. Man, if Xelors got back old Flight as a spell variant I'd fucking die of happiness.
  15. Yo, I've seen the effort you've been putting into making these guides (Izmar reblogs almost everything you post). Amazing job and sincere thanks! :D
  16. The general trend in this thread seems to be "this isn't necessary". It's not necessary. I'd still like it anyway. Something doesn't need to be necessary to make gameplay more accessible/fun. Teleporting to dungeons wasn't necessary but it was a smash hit.
  17. Hey, I did the same combo for Count Duo! :D Xelor/Iop is great because you end up with a 16 AP Iop.
  18. Final probably useless thought: Get rid of energy entirely. Fuck it. It's totally useless and the only thing it has ever done for me is waste my goddamn time. Keep ghosting for Primitive Cemetery and AvA but otherwise fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck it. Shoulda been abolished years ago.
  19. My two cents: ADD MORE IDOLS. PLEASE. P L E A S E. Put a Phoenix in each Divine Dimension, or at least make the energy loss from dying 2000 instead of 4000. More cosmetics can literally never go wrong. Add an achievement/challenge tracker in fights: e.g. you can set it so that the game will tell you if you fail Statue or Nomad or Barbaric, etc. Can we just ... cool it on the mother-in-law jokes? There are enough of those. xD
  20. I'm poor and interested! But you gotta give more details than that. What achievements do you want to do? What quests? Over what time period? Etc.
  22. Clearly you don't pick a single digit or double digit number. Those are all already taken by someone who thinks they're clever enough to be the only one to do it. Also as clear is to not pick 1 million or a sextuple digit number. Then you're left with triple digit to quintuple digit numbers, and that's where it gets a bit chancier. You can do some rough calculations based on total playerbase and percentage of it that you think will play in order to estimation distribution of number choices - I think it's easy to see that the number choices from 100-99999 will be weighted towards the lower numbers, so as you want to avoid repeats, you try and pick a number that's reasonably high, but not pushing the extremes (say not above 50000 but not below 8000 - different bounds can be made based on different assumptions of distribution, which depends on the data you can get). It does require luck, bob, but there's more strategy than you think.
  23. ive followed your guide for every primordial dofus i own. i would die for you, snark. welcome back.
  24. Granted. A block of permafrost unfreezes under you on a trip to the Artic and you "win" a free "giveaway" of revitalized anthrax. I wish that I had the time to learn mathematics and play Dofus at once.
  25. Granted. All the hair on the rest of your body migrates to your chest, leaving every other part of you barren and smooth. I wish that I will do well in graduate school. :)