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  1. I'm poor and interested! But you gotta give more details than that. What achievements do you want to do? What quests? Over what time period? Etc.
  3. Clearly you don't pick a single digit or double digit number. Those are all already taken by someone who thinks they're clever enough to be the only one to do it. Also as clear is to not pick 1 million or a sextuple digit number. Then you're left with triple digit to quintuple digit numbers, and that's where it gets a bit chancier. You can do some rough calculations based on total playerbase and percentage of it that you think will play in order to estimation distribution of number choices - I think it's easy to see that the number choices from 100-99999 will be weighted towards the lower numbers, so as you want to avoid repeats, you try and pick a number that's reasonably high, but not pushing the extremes (say not above 50000 but not below 8000 - different bounds can be made based on different assumptions of distribution, which depends on the data you can get). It does require luck, bob, but there's more strategy than you think.
  4. ive followed your guide for every primordial dofus i own. i would die for you, snark. welcome back.
  5. Granted. A block of permafrost unfreezes under you on a trip to the Artic and you "win" a free "giveaway" of revitalized anthrax. I wish that I had the time to learn mathematics and play Dofus at once.
  6. Granted. All the hair on the rest of your body migrates to your chest, leaving every other part of you barren and smooth. I wish that I will do well in graduate school. :)
  7. to be honest even if i had 300 seconds instead of 30 seconds i'd still fuck it up
  8. You can get dungeon achievements in the arena? o.0
  9. I never knew you but I agree with everything you've said. Sad to see someone who believes in helping out their fellow person go. I hope you have a good break. :)
  10. [06:17] Achievement unlocked: [Count Harebourg (Duo)] FUCK YEAH BABY COUNT DUO (i'm a real boy now) Count was dead by turn 4 the other 6 were me kiting the nocturnowl and waiting to wrath the bubo so i didn't die and waste it god this was so stressful
  11. Boble and Hulhu are both group idols are require that the players and the enemies both have at least 4 members in their group. Kralove is a singular entity so neither idol would activate while fighting him.
  13. Two things: 1.) This is absolutely awesome. No doubt about it. xD Almost perfect stats and also a 3% res exomage? Yeah, that deserves to be in this thread. 2.) You can press F2 to screenshot ingame and it will save it to a folder in your Pictures file for you (at least, on Windows). No need to take a photo of your screen. :)
  14. Merkator Last and Mystique and all done on the first ever run through first try. fuck yeah.
  15. is that the fucking whip ankama stop
  16. Beating any dungeon you're proud of beating is huge. Congratulations on the successes, Mike. :)
  17. turq get - that's 3/6 primordials down (and i got it on all 6 of my team, too. what a long fucking questline this was)
  18. I'm excited for these changes - personally I think the dungeon nerfs are welcome. Dungeons that seemed undoable to me now finally seem possible. But honestly, these are gonna roll out like any Ankama update. They implement it, get massive player complaints, tweak it in whatever way is fastest so the whining is a little less, and then as time goes on people get used to it and start to see the positives. People have been threatening to quit this game over "update 2.x" since there was a 2.x and they're still around. These changes will get put in the game, parts will suck, and then Ankama will fix about 25%-35% of the sucky parts. Life goes on.
  19. Granted. You are now phenomenal at convincing people to adopt wiener dogs and race them. Eventually, this trend spreads and becomes a worldwide phenomenon, spiraling quickly out of your control. It's not long before the feds are knocking at your door with claims of money laundering and animal abuse - unbeknownst to you, the first people you convinced to race their sausage-esque pups had been "donating" their winnings from the illegal betting rings they had been running on the races to an account in your name to dodge taxes. You take the fall, and they get away unscathed. I wish I wasn't constantly paranoid.
  20. I have been constantly experiencing these same problems, and so have many others in my alliance and guild. It gets worse the more characters you log simultaneously, I think. My ping is better than yours, but I think that's just because I live in the U.S - but I am noticing that for those of us outside of the EU, our lag situation became much worse after this server merge. I hope they can fix it soon.
  21. Sure, but you better free up the rest of your summer. xD
  22. Congratulations! I don't think I've ever seen anyone use a Teleb Idol before. xD
  23. Nah, only took like 35 tries before I figured out how best to abuse the Sinistrofu, and from there it was 5-6 more tries before I got it down. 40 tries doesn't seem bad for a final boss imo. xD
  24. MOVE OVER HAREBOURG, LET SCOUR TAKE OVER bonus ice dofus get
  25. that's one of the nicest mages i've ever seen. xD it should damn well have some value. xD