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  1. Granted. All shapes are now spheres and all important constants are integer multiples of 10. There is a length of time the universe continues to exist before the changed forces of nature rip it apart into nothingness. Suddenly a void, all of reality is now much simpler, as there is no longer anything left to be complicated. I wish that editing my statement of purpose didn't feel like ripping off my flesh.
  2. Your hard now works perfectly - in any computer not owned by you. I wish that I could teleport. Driving is getting old.
  3. Granted, Ogrines are as cheap as they were when they first came out. Unfortunately, this has been achieved by a rollback to that point in time. Everyone quits in disgust. I wish that I had perfect skin.
  4. Granted. You are now tickled pink by anything even slightly positive, to the point that seeing somebody smile floods your brain with enough dopamine that you have no ability to function normally. This is now your life. You are always pleased and never conscious. I wish that I crit 100% of the time.
  5. (shit my wish actually came true that's how i work for real) Granted. You now can remember perfectly what happened in the last 15 minutes. Everything before that? Not so much. I wish that I could still have the set I had on the tourney server. :'(
  6. You are installing your audio drivers for the umpteenth time when an electrical shock courses through your computer system and electrocutes the shit out of you. After you regain consciousness, you check your audio drivers - they are working perfectly! Unfortunately, the electrical shock has rendered you permanently deaf. I wish for once I could overcome my laziness and actually be productive.
  7. You find the perfect fix for your problem, but a side effect of your solution results in your computer needing a full factory reset every 10 days or it will melt. I wish that writing grad school applications was easier and didn't make me want to hurt myself.
  8. I've been good this year Santa! :D
  9. Dinged my whole team to 200! :D
  10. where's that youbutsu hotel california meme when you need it
  11. Turns out taking a semester off from Dofus actually helps your grades! Who'd have guessed? Back from school and ready to Dofus once more! :) back to being an unproductive piece of shit for a month >:D
  12. bored

    I REALLY FUCKING HATE BARKRITTERS I JUST REALLY GODDAMN DO i spent the levels 140 - 190 fucking solo leveling in the dark jungle because i was an int xelor and had some range and aoe and just HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT barkritters were a nightmare for me - i could take a mob of 8 treecklers and pikokos but literally 1 fucking barkritter and it became a toss up; int res and poison just fucked me right up my hatred for their archmonster, however, transcends what i can describe in mere words - suffice to say i killed it to ding to 200 and guess what??? it took me multiple fucking tries to solo it. i hate them so much. i hate barkricrac the unsteady SO fucking much fuck barkritters
  13. I haven't seen a single goddamn post about this new boss on these forums. Does anyone know ANYTHING about her??? Please do post!!! xD
  14. Granted. Windows no longer updates or changes in any discernible way. I wish that I could get accepted into UC San Diego's math graduate program on a full ride.