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  1. The area in which monsters attack has been gradually reduced over the years (and is now down to a single cell around each monster), but the monster attack mechanic has not changed since the game first came out. Update 2.45 will introduce a new system for managing monster aggression which we hope will be less frustrating and easier to understand. Our primary goal: Making exploration exciting Monster attacks in DOFUS are generally seen as a useless constraint. While there may be valid criticisms of the way in which it is currently applied, we still believe that a good monster aggression system is an interesting gameplay mechanic. DOFUS presents an open world in which characters can move about freely without strict constraints (e.g. there are very few level restrictions on character access to various areas). However, it is difficult to make exploration exciting when characters can move through any area right from the beginning of the game. We like the idea that certain areas may be dangerous for beginning characters, that venturing into those areas represents a significant risk, and that by leveling up, characters can gradually become powerful enough to explore ever more dangerous areas. Having areas that are dangerous for low- to mid-level characters is a good way to make discovering the different areas of the game a more gradual process. It also allows us to ensure that not just any character (unless they are willing to accept a higher level of difficulty) can have access to quests or resources that are primarily intended for higher-level characters. Whenever possible, we want to avoid imposing strict constraints on access to different areas based on character level; we prefer to make virtually all areas accessible to all characters, as long as they are willing to face the associated risks. How the new system works We wanted to make the attack system more dynamic. From now on, standing still will put characters in danger, and running will be the best way to avoid aggressive monsters. Here's how monster attacks will work in the new system: Detection: Monsters have a field of vision (between 2 and 4 cells; these parameters may continue to change). When a character enters this field of vision, an attack may occur. Evaluation: By default, virtually all monsters in the game will be able to attack characters if the difference between the monster's level and the character's level is sufficiently large. If this difference is greater than 50 levels, the monster will attempt to attack the character (e.g. a monster at level 140 will attempt to attack a character at level 80). The number of levels that triggers an attack may change based on the results of our tests and your feedback. Attempted attack: If the target evaluation condition is met, and if the character is within the monster's field of vision (i.e. within a few cells of it) for more than 3 seconds, then a battle will start. As soon as a monster detects a potential target that it might choose to attack, a small symbol will appear above it to warn players that it's time to get out of there! The field of vision for attack purposes is determined by the leader of a group of monsters. A character who keeps moving should therefore be able to easily avoid monster attacks. We intend to take full advantage of this more flexible new system to make certain areas of the game dangerous for characters who aren't attentive enough, or who aren't supposed to be there in the first place (too big a difference between the monsters' level and that of the characters). This system resolves the problems that players sometimes encountered in tunnels and narrow areas: it will no longer be necessary to wait for monsters to move, as long as you don't stay in one place on the map for too long if the monsters there are inclined to attack your character. When a group of monsters is potentially about to attack your character, a specific symbol will appear when moving the cursor over that group of monsters. Highly aggressive monsters Certain monsters will always be aggressive (such as Wabbits or Bworks), regardless of the character's level. This mode will be used in areas where we want exploration to be more difficult and dangerous. Most monsters will only be aggressive towards characters whose level is far too low for the given area. This approach lets us discourage exploration (without banning it outright) in areas that are not appropriate for the character's strength and abilities. With the current parameters (with the rule that triggers attacks when there is a 50-level difference between monster and character), characters at level 150 or above will no longer be attacked by the majority of the classic monsters. Monster movement Monsters' behavior outside of combat will also be modified: monsters will persistently (but slowly) try to approach characters walking through their part of the map. It will therefore be important not to stop in one place for too long on a map that has monsters that might attack your character. The frequency of monsters' movement outside of combat has not changed. Future changes The parameters described in this article may change in the course of the tests you'll be running in the beta phase for Update 2.45. We welcome your feedback on your experience with the new system. Questions Can harvests be interrupted? Harvests can be interrupted by monster attacks. You will have to be careful when sending a low-level character to gather resources in significantly higher-level areas. However, the delay between detection by a monster and the start of an attack should be long enough for attentive harvesters to avoid most attacks. We allow aggressive monsters to interrupt harvests in order to prevent characters (using the action queue) from harvesting freely on maps that have monsters which are supposed to attack them. Why aren't there any consumables or Achievements to make characters immune to monster attacks? We believe that attacks by aggressive monsters can be a useful mechanic for making exploration more exciting. We don't want certain characters to be able to bypass this mechanic completely in areas where we want it to apply consistently. We do not rule out the possibility of eventually letting characters use Achievements or consumables to protect themselves from attacks, but we do not want to use these as generic mechanisms. How do monsters decide which characters to attack? A monster may detect multiple characters to attack in its field of vision. The first character it attacks will then be the first one it noticed; in case of a tie, it will attack the lowest-level character. Let's face it… these monsters are just not nice :]
  2. The Forgotten Towers The war against the army of the brotherhood is declared! Your hero is a seasoned veteran? In this case, you will have a chance to survive the legions of Trépamorts... To penetrate the territories of the undead soldiers, you will need effective protection. Go to the master of your temple to enter the Domain of the Gods, where you will learn what is expected of you. Two new zones and dungeons (for characters of level 190 and above) are accessible, they shelter the undead monsters of the Forgotten Brotherhood. 4 sets and 12 items can be made from resources from these new areas. Spell variants 378 new spells are added for all classes (21 new spells per class). These spells are obtained between levels 101 and 200. From level 101 players can choose between a spell and its variant. This choice can be changed at any time outside the fighting. Spells obtained between levels 1 and 100 now have only 3 levels and these evolve automatically without the need to invest spell points. Spell points learned via scrolls are automatically converted to Kolossokens (placed in the character inventory). Each class now has access to all 4 elements. Character characteristics will be reset when the 2.45 update is released. We have evolved the spell system to simplify it, make it more accessible (removal of the spell points to invest) and to increase the possibilities offered to the players to allow them via a mechanism of choice, to increase in a situational way their versatility. Omega Levels These levels are infinite and can earn cosmetic bonuses (Ornaments and Auras) and utilities (Pods, Market and Merchant slots). The Omega level of the characters is visible on their ornament (an option allows to disable this display) and in the majority of interfaces that showed Experience accumulated after level 200 will be retroactively transferred to the new experience level for Omega levels. Monster Aggression System Monsters now have a 3-cell zone of vision, if a character stays more than 3 seconds in this zone of vision and the monster is aggressive, a fight will be launched. An icon is displayed above the monsters to indicate that they will soon start a fight if the character remains in their area of vision. Aggressive monsters are gradually getting closer to the characters on the map. Aggressive monsters in version 2.44 are aggressive towards all characters. Non-aggressive monsters in version 2.44 are now aggressive towards characters whose level is at least 50 levels lower than monsters. The characters who interact with the NPCs are immune to the attacks of the monsters. Movement of characters is now more reactive on maps with aggressive monsters. We have modified the monster aggression system to significantly facilitate movement in areas with aggressive monsters and to enhance the exploration mechanics of the game by making certain areas dangerous when the level of monsters is considerably higher than that of the characters. Tactical mode The graphical appearance of the tactical mode is improved. The colors and set elements used now adapt to the appearance of the area. An option allows you to use only the default tactical mode (whose appearance is also improved). Self-Powered Mount A new monetized feature (available soon in the shop) allows to assign a self-control ability to a mount (Dragoturkey and Seemyool). This ability makes it possible to define from the world map or the minimap a destination for the mount to travel to. The mount will then automatically go through each map. This feature is not available in areas where navigation is intentionally complex (in labyrinths for example). Quests The series of quests of the Brotherhood comes to an end... The adventurers can come back to talk to Jalcas in the Ouginak Temple and be entrusted with a new mission that will take them to the city of Srambad. The prerequisite for the last quests is slightly increased compared to the rest of the series. The characters having completed the quests Happiness is in the spray and It is time to die may have met again Rainikrone and Hyrkul using the Orbalantyr of Mériana. Quest Shipwreck Island: Captain Kradoc now requests a Nodkoko Slice rather than a Kokoko Nut to validate the quest's fourth objective. Quests Do not let your sons trail: the compasses on the quest for the location of Cabotine's grave are corrected to indicate the right place. Quest A Breach to Bonta: Requisitioned Pickaxe is now linked to the character. The adventurers who do the quest in progress and who are washed from the pickaxe can be recovered in the Bonta miners' workshop. Quest Must Shine: The first objective of the quest is changed, it is already validated when the wax of glige is made in slavery of the patinated still, and no more by returning to Kerubim. The making of wax becomes indispensable for the progress of the quest. Quest Distribution of zizanesque pains: the recovery of celestial pain is not possible if the first objective is in progress. Talking to NPC Edgar Davou, the characters can get rid of Dark Breads useless tickets. Quest Flight ... Age? : the demonic rose scissors donated by the florist Seria are now indestructible and unrepeatable. Cut demon roses can no longer be needed for the quest. Seria gets scissors and cut roses (without giving kamas in return). Last Contact quests, The voice of the dead and Burin's Bane: The rewards in kamas obtained at the end of these quests depending on the level of the character. Quest Lack of Skins: The amount of goblin seed requested by Bworkepik is decreased. It is now necessary to report 3 skins to the NPC to validate the objective of the quest. Lack of Mold Quest: The quantity of goblins and a bone of Trooll requested by Bworknroll are diminuted (they pass through 10 to 5). Quest A Trooll Family Future: The main goal now is to defeat a Tamed Trooll. The level of the quest is decreased (from 100 to 80). Rewards earned are linked accordingly. Quest Do not Shoot the Messenger: Quest monsters Gerard Barbak and Lolito are less resilient and cause less battle damage; Gerard invokes his Bouledogre less often. Quest The Beautiful Hermit: The amount of Wild Sunflower Oil and the number of small White Chachas requested by Monabella are decreased. The quest level is now 120. Pandavignon Quest: To be consistent with the bestiary of the area, the NPC Moktwa asks the adventurers to defeat larvae rather than wild plants. The level of the quest is increased, it is now 20. Quest Who's booting Booty Butts? : the prerequisite for making the soles of wind is now to have a level of 50 in a trade less (instead of 100). Quest The Gobs Fair: The Goblin Goblin monster is less resilient and causes less damage in combat. Ivory Dofus Quest Series: It is now possible to speak to the Dardondakal Dragon once the quest line is over. The name of the Searchable Needle Finder monster appears precisely in the fight against Nebgib. The name of Xelor's monster dial appears precisely in the fight against agent Nick Couteau. The quest Search Kros is disabled (the interactions between DOFUS and Krosmaster games are no longer maintained). Bunch of Keys Resetting of the Bunch of Keys now takes place on a fixed date (and not 7 days after having made a dungeon), every Tuesday at 07:00 DUT. Mounts and breeding Seemyool Vitality bonus is removed. We made this change to improve the balance between Dragoturkey and Seemyool bonuses. Pen icons are properly removed from the world map when the character leaves their guild. The interfaces related to the mount are closed if it is released. In the shed interface, mounts are no longer removed from the list and no longer become invisible in pens if the character tries to convert them into certificates when there are no more pods available in his inventory. Previously it was necessary to close and open the interface to refresh the list and leave the map to reappear the entity. Crafting Harvests and actions in action are kept after an interruption by a fight (aggression by a monster or by a Resource Protector for example). In the Profession interface, the experience of collecting fish is displayed correctly. In some cases, when collecting resources, the character may not be able to move to the resource and receive an error message indicating an impossible action. This problem is fixed. In the tooltips of objects, the names of craftsmen and mages are correctly placed at the end of the list of effects. The experience gained from the crafting of the Hunting Knife is increased. Maging New Pa type runes are added for Heal and Fixed Resistances (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Neutral). Object transfer via drag-and-drop in the maging interface works properly. Combat The preview of group and idol experience gains is working well (the potential earnings displayed were sometimes unusually high). Spell effect area preview is enhanced for spells that require specific targets. For example, for the Sadidas Tremor spell, the area of damage caused around trees will now be displayed. The damage preview works correctly when a target sacrifices allies and is targeted (on the Blérom monster for example). When a Summon dies at the beginning of its turn while under the control of its summoner, the summoner recovers its spells correctly when its turn comes. When a trap is triggered, a specific animation is now played. It is visible to all fighters. When using a Resurrection spell (for example, Spiritual Leash of the Osamodas), Characters are now prioritized over Sidekicks. The order of priority during resurrections becomes: Characters -> Sidekicks -> Summons. In the combat list interface, the combat type pictogram now displays correctly. The AP gain display in the combat log when casting the Ecaflip's Roulette spell contains the correct value (2 AP). Damage sharing effects applied to a single target no longer negate the effects of interception of damage. Cra Destructive Arrow: Damage penalty is increased: 50 → 60 (at maximum grade) Absorbing Arrow: The number of rolls per turn goes to 3 at all levels of the spell. (previously 2 to grades 1 to 5) The number of rolls per target increases to 2 at all levels of the spell. (previously 1 to grades 1 to 5) Magic Arrow: The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 The attack element of the spell becomes Air. The damage of the spell is reduced. The maximum cumulation of effects is modified: 1 at grades 1 and 2; 2 to grade 3. Slowing Arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. Explosive arrow: The number of shots per target is 1 The number of rolls per turn is 2 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (you need an entity on the target cell) The global recovery interval is removed. Ecaflip The Lucky State is deleted. Spells that were changed through this state are changed. Clover : The operation of the spell is changed: Applies a bonus of 30, 40 and 50% Critical hits grades 1, 2 and 3. PA: 2 Range: 0 Duration: 2 laps Restart interval: 3 turns Feline Spirit The reduction in duration of effects applied by the spell Feline Spirit works correctly: it is applied as many times as the spell Spirit Feline was launched the previous turn. (it was applied only once in all cases) Chance of Ecaflip: The operation of the spell is changed. It reduces by 50% the damage suffered during 1 turn It increases the damage on the next turn by 50%. Bluff: Causes damage Air. Causes damage Water in a critical hit. The critical hit rate is increased: 5 → 25% The number of launches per turn goes to 3. (previously unrestricted) Pile or Face: The operation of the spell is changed. Causes Earth damage and increases target damage for 1 turn if it is an enemy. The number of rolls per target is reduced: 3 → 2 The number of rolls per turn increases to 3 (previously unrestricted) Perception : The operation of the spell is changed. The target is healed for 4% of its life by nearby enemy and detects invisible entities in the area of effect. The maximum range is increased: 0 → 4 The spell now requires a full box to play its effects (it requires an allied entity on the target cell) Backlash: The operation of the spell is changed. Apply a shield on the target. The value of the shield is greater on the launcher. The duration is reduced: 2 → 1 Summoning Claw: The operation of the kitten is modified He now has fearful behavior. The damage of his Chatataque spell is increased The range of his Chatataque spell is increased: 1 → 4 The number of cast by turn of his spell Chatataque is increased: 1 → 2 The Guigne spell is no longer assigned to him (he can no longer heal the allies) The spell's recovery interval is reduced: 5 → 4 All or nothing : On ally, the order of application of the effects is reversed: Care at launch Damage to the next turn. Roulette: The operation of the spell is changed: Summons a Roulette that gives a random supply to everyone at the start of their turn. The effects applied by the summon are the same as those applied by the Roulette spell before except the Leak penalty that is replaced by a Tacle bonus. Roulette is a static invocation: it does not move and can not tackle There can only be one Roulette per team (the previous one is killed) Restart interval: 4 turns Cost in PA: 2 Range: 3 Wheel of Fortune : The resistance malus is removed. The spell now applies a penalty to critical hits for the duration of the power bonus. Odorat: PM bonuses and penalties go to 2 Player Claw: The spell now steals from life Water in Critical Strike. Ceangal's claw: The operation of the spell is changed: Causes damage Air. Repels the target 2 spaces and then gets closer to her. Cost in PA: 2 Range: 1 Feline The constraint to launch online is removed Eliotrope Affront: The care effect is removed The damage of the spell is increased Applies now a penalty of Tacle if launched through a portal Can affect allies Cumulative Limit: 1 Affliction: The care effect is removed The damage of the spell is increased Therapy The cost in PA is increased: 2 → 3 Now attracts the target if launched through a portal The damage of the spell is increased Ray of Wakfu Care now depends on the intelligence and launcher's healing bonus Now heals the allies included in the area of effect even if they are not in the Portal state. Distribution The damage distribution effect is removed The value of the care effect is increased Fulgurant fist Now repels from 1, 2, and 2 squares to grades 1, 2, and 3 without needing Portal status Regression of 2, 3 and 4 boxes in grades 1, 2 and 3 if launched through a Portal. poking Disarm now the target if launched through a portal The damage of the spell is reduced Parasite If thrown through a portal, the target suffers damage again at the end of its turn. The duration of the effect is reduced: 2 → 1 mockery Now remove PM if launched through a portal. Eniripsa Word Injury: The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 Damage is increased Care is now 100% of the damage. Forbidden Word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Word of Youth: Is now online only. Eclatant word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Turbulent word: No longer allows to heal the allies The cost in PA is increased: 2 → 3 The damage is increased. Disturbing word: The increase and decrease of the power is removed Spinning Word: Care is now 100% of the damage. Shattering Word: No longer allows to heal the allies Word of Flight: The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 Word of Reconstitution: The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed No longer remove the stimulated state Enutrof Animated bag: When the Animated Bag is attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. Excavator: When the Animated Shovel is attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. Clumsiness : The spell is now online only. Shovel of Judgment: The withdrawal of PM increases to 3 Cumulative limit is changed to 1 Damage is increased Corruption : The operation of the spell is changed: On ally: applies the Pacifist state and heals 40% of the vitality of the target. On enemy: apply the Pacifist and Invulnerable state for 1 turn Anime Chest: The operation of the animated Chest is modified: No longer allows you to recover additional loot at the end of combat. No longer earns prospecting Can tackle enemies Detects the invisible and causes 100% of its missing vitality in the zone Its resistances are reviewed: 20% of resistance in all the elements. His PM count is reduced: 5 at all ranks When attacked by an ally, the latter is healed. The invocation range is reduced: 6 → 2 Feca Bubble: The cost in PA is reduced: 3 → 2 Damage is reduced The value of the Scope removal is increased: 2, 2 and 3 → 2,3 and 4 Huppermage Runic Treatment: The value of the treatment is increased: 4% → 5% Crossing : The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 The removal of PM is removed A character carried by a Pandawa can no longer enter an elementary state of Huppermage (including via elemental shield). Iop Destructive Sword: The penalty for Critical Strikes is increased: 3 → 20 Critical Strike duration is reduced: 3 → 2 Cumulative limit is reduced: 4 → 1 Poutch: Renamed to "Massacre" Damage is no longer applied to the target. Damage is increased on entities in contact with the target: 20% → 50% The triggering of the spell is no longer displayed in the combat log. Duel: The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed Now renders the caster and its target Invulnerable to ranged damage. Does not work on allies. The spell's recovery interval goes to 4 at all ranks. (against 3 at grades 6 before) The spell now removes 100 MP instead of 10 Precipitation: The PA bonus goes to 5 at all ranks (as opposed to 6 at grade 6 before) Sword of Destiny: The damage according to the vital vitality of the target are removed The damage bonus of the spell is increased. Brokle: The spell is replaced by "Surf": Causes Water damage and gets closer to the target. The pitcher gains shield points. PA: 3 Scope: 1 to 3 online 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round. Osamodas Canine: No longer increases MPs of allies Damage is increased Dragonic: No longer increases APs of allies Damage is increased Animal Link: The effects of the transformations are modified: Tofu : The penalty of Vitality and Tacle is removed PM bonus now only applies to Osamodas Give 2 PA to all Tofus of Osamodas Gobball: PM and Leak penalty is removed Damage reduction bonus now only applies to Osamodas Gives 2 PAs to all Gobballs of Osamodas Dragon: Damage Damage Damaged is removed The AP bonus only applies to Osamodas Dragons. Fossil : No longer reduces damage to allies and increases their tackle. Damage is increased Whip : The effects of the spell are changed: On enemies: causes damage in the Element of the Launcher Transformation. On Allies: applies an effect depending on the transformation of the launcher: Whelp: Heals the target Toad: +2 PA Gobball: 20% reduction in damage Tofu: +2 PM Envol is now the variant of Tofu Dodu. Sacrificial Fire is now the variant of Gobball Natural Resistance is now the variant of Geyser. Geyser: New spell Obtained at level 62 Causes water damage and increases launcher power PA: 5 Range: 1 to 5 1 throw per turn Black toad: New spell Obtain at level 50 Summons a Black toad that causes water damage. The fewer MPs he has used in the current turn, the higher his damage. PA: 3 Range: 1 to 3 1 throw per turn. Sloth toad: New spell Obtained at level 69 Summons a Bumble Toad that causes damage Water PA: 4 Range: 1 to 3 3 rounds of stimulus The Dragon's Breath icon appears correctly in the spells Resurrected summons can properly cast their shared spell (Dragosoin, Gobball Attraction, Tofu Transposition) Ouginak Bestial form: The Vitality bonus is removed. The final damage bonus is increased: 10 → 20% When a monster in the Prey state dies from the effects of the Limier spell, the Power bonus applies correctly to the Ouginak. Pandawa Picole: Becomes the variant of Bombance Bombance: New spell Allows you to enter the Saoûl state while casting his sober spells. Give a pitcher tackle bonus PA: 2 Duration: 2 laps 3 rounds of stimulus. Hangover: Renamed "Ribote" Is now launched if the Pandawa is not Saoûl Scary: The penalty for critical hits is increased: 7 → 15 Karcham: Now allows to throw the target range. Throwing requires a line of sight and can only be started online. The carried entity can cast spells without a line of sight. The critical hit is removed. The Scope to Scope Target bonus is removed. Bamboo milk is replaced by "Propulsion": Starts the carried entity. Causes damage Fire to enemies and pushes back around the target cell. PA: 3 Range: 3, 4 and 5 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 2 shots per round Fear of heights The operation of the spell is changed: Starts the carried entity and increases its tackle. Attracts entities aligned with the targeted cell. PA: 2 Range: 4, 5 and 6 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 Launch online Stabilization The critical hit is removed. Chamrak is replaced by "Eviction": Causes Earth damage to enemies and teleports the target behind the caster. PA: 2 Range: 1 1 cast per target, 2 cast per turn Ethylo: The PA shrinkage penalty is increased: 12 → 30 Cumulative limit is changed to 1 Drunkenness: The barrel casts its spell "General Tour" when it is thrown. Rogue Resquille: PA withdrawal is increased to rank 3: 1 → 2 Espingole: The spell now removes PM. Overload: The cost in AP is increased: 2 → 4 The area of effect is removed (the spell can now only affect one bomb) Load, Discharge and Overload states are applied one turn earlier Rebours becomes the variant of Magnetization The operation of the spell is changed: On Bomb: Explodes automatically at the end of the launcher's next turn and applies zone erosion. On Ally: Increases damage. Sacrier The Punishments are replaced by a system of Suffering: When the Sacrier uses an offensive spell, his Suffering increases: he does more damage but his Vitality is reduced. Starting with 6 positive charges, he gains a better damage bonus and changes his appearance. When he uses a defensive spell, his Suffering decreases: his vitality increases. From 6 negative charges, he gains a damage reduction bonus and changes his appearance. Attraction: Obtain at level 1 Unchanged Fury: Obtain at level 1 Now causes damage based on the number of Suffering charges Applies 1 Suffering load. Absorption: Obtain at level 1 The spell goes into the Earth element. Remove 1 Suffering Charge Stasis: New Sort Obtain at level 3 The spell passes in the element Earth Causes Water damage and removes 2 MPs. Removes 1 Suffering load. PA: 3 Range: 1 to 3 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round. Motivating Pain: Obtain at level 6 No more damage to the thrower. The power bonus is removed The higher the caster's charge of Positive Suffering, the higher the damage of the spell. Applies 1 Suffering load. The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Flying Sword: Obtain level 9 The swift appearance is removed The sword now changes in appearance, characteristics, and attack as the Sacrier changes appearance: Robust: from -6 to -10 Bloodthirsty: from 6 to 10 The Bloodless Sword now needs a target to attack (but still causes damage in the area) Assault: Obtain at level 13 The attacking element passes Earth. Mutilation: New spell Obtain at level 17 Add 2 Suffering charges to the caster PA: 2 Recovery time: 3, 2 and 1 at grades 1, 2 and 3 Transposition: Obtain at level 22 No longer needs the status "Velocity" Fulgurance: Obtain at level 27 The cost in PA is increased: 3 → 4 The stimulus interval is reduced: 3 → 2 The spell now requires a full cell and teleports to the square just ahead. The damage is caused to the target and the trajectory. Nervousness: New spell Obtain at level 32 Causes water damage. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Add 1 Suffering load. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 5 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Sacrifice: Obtain at level 38 Unchanged Projection : Obtain at level 44 The damage is no longer in the air of life. The range is reduced: 5 → 1 Teleports now the launcher behind the target Derobade: Obtain at level 50 The stimulus interval is reduced: 5 → 4 (at the highest grade) The spell now applies melee invulnerability but repels melee damage. The way the spell works remains the same, but it better handles interactions with other triggered effects. Life transfer: Obtain at level 56 The stimulus interval is reduced: 2 → 1 (at the highest rank) Punishment: Obtained at level 62 No longer applies gravity No longer needs the Bloody state. Supplice: New spell Obtained at level 69 Causes damage Air. Reduces melee damage by 15%. Removes 1 Suffering load. PA: 5 Range: 1 1 throw per target, 2 shots per turn Maximum cumulation of effects: 1 Influx: New spell Obtained at level 77 Causes Fire damage around the caster. Attracts targets PA: 4 Range: 0 Area of effect: Cross of size 2. 2 shots per round Convalescence: Obtain at level 80 No longer requires a robust state The percentage of neat life is now fixed (no longer depends on whether the Sacrier is below half of his life or not) The percentage of life treated increases to 10, 13 and 16 in grades 1, 2 and 3 Decimation: Obtained at level 92 Causes damage Earth. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Add 1 Suffering load. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 4 Launch online Does not require line of sight Blood bath: Operation reviewed Obtain at level 100 Causes fire damage in the area. Remove 1 Suffering Charge per enemy present in the area. PA: 5 Range: 0 Area of effect: Square size 1 Ritual Bleeding Becomes the Bain of Blood Variation Allows you to steal melee life from the Fire element. Removes 1 Suffering load. No more damage to the launcher Unleash becomes the variant of Nervousness The damage is no longer in flight, the spell does not remove any more leakage. Damage is increased based on the number of Suffering charges. Applies a charge of Suffering. Shared Pain is renamed Punishment and becomes the variant of Mutilation Set the state of gravity in zone. Causes 2% of the launcher's HP in damage per Suffering load. The spell no longer affects the caster. Sadida Doll invocations are now invoked directly without the need to transform a tree but: The invocation range is reduced. The cost in AP is increased. The stimulus time is increased. They do not invoke a tree after their death. The variants of the doll invocations retain the operation used in version 2.44. Paralyzing Poison: The poison now has a fixed value and no longer depends on the PAs used by the target. Poisoned Wind: The operation of the spell is changed. Kill the target doll to turn it into a Leafy Tree. PA: 2 Scope: Infinite 3 rounds of stimulus Tree of Life : Also heal Sadida invocations for the duration of the effect. The stimulus interval is increased: 3 → 4 Sram Double The double is now controllable but only survives 2 laps. At the end of the two turns, he dies while exchanging space with his summoner. The raise time is 6, 5 and 4 at ranks 1, 2 and 3 of the spell. Chakra drive Is renamed to Mire Trap: the spell's behavior is changed. Pose a trap that causes water damage on a cell Allies near the target are healed for 50% of the damage. PA: 3 Scope: 4, 6 and 8 at grades 1, 2 and 3 No line of sight needed 2 shots per round Mass trap The trigger zone of the trap is now on a single cell Damage is caused in Circle Zone size 2. The constraint to launch online is removed Damage is increased Invisibility of Others Is renamed Cruelty: the way the spell works is changed Causes Water damage and increases the launcher's PM. 3 PA Range: 5, 6 and 7 at grades 1, 2, 3 Launch online 2 shots per round Chakra concentration Now works on all Sram traps, even if they do not cause damage. Trap of Silence Is renamed to Perfidious Trap: the way the spell works is changed Put a trap. Once triggered, enemies that end their turn in its area of effect suffer Air damage. The trigger zone of the trap makes a cell but the prohibition zone is a circle of size 2. PA: 3 Scope: 4 editable Does not require line of sight 1 throw per turn Poised: The function of the spell is changed. Causes water damage and reduces the chance of a critical hit. PA: 4 Range: 1 to 4 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Foggernaut Anchorage: No longer applies the Telluric state and no longer remove the Magnetor state. Evolution : When a turret enters the Evolution III state, the other turrets in Evolution III return to Evolution II (instead of going back to Evolution I) Tide: Power penalty and boost damage bonus are removed. The spell now causes Air damage to enemies. Vapor: No longer applies Ardent state Now remove critical hits from targets. Telescope : No longer applies Aquatic or Magnetor status Selpaint: No longer applies the Ardent state. Damage penalty is increased and is now applied directly Duration is reduced: 2 turns → 1 turn The stacking limit is reduced: 3 → 1 Ambush: Now Causes Air Damage Earth, Fire and Water damage is reduced. The cost in AP goes to 5. Xelor Rewinding: Now only works on allies (launcher included). Hourglass of Xelor: The spell now drops 2 APs to the target even if it is not in the Telefrag state. The effects of the spell are now in the zone if the target is in Telefrag state. Flight of time: The PA withdrawal of the spell is removed. Temporal Dust: The area of effect is reduced: the spell only affects one cell If the target is in the Telefrag state, the damage of the spell is caused in a circle of size 2 and the targets are teleported symmetrically. No longer remove Telefrag status The scope becomes editable Dial of Xélor: becomes the variant of Complice Complice: New spell Obtain at level 13 Summons a static Complice that has no spell. He is killed if another accomplice is summoned. Not taken into account in the invocation counter. PA: 2 Summoning range: 3, 4 and 5 at grades 1, 2 and 3 1 throw per turn Masqueraider Mask of the Plover: The Leak Bonus is replaced by a PM bonus The critical hit is removed Mask of the Psychopath: The Power bonus is replaced by a damage bonus in melee The critical hit is removed Class Mask Renamed as "Mask of Intrepid" The critical hit is removed Mask changes no longer affect other allied Zobals. Picada: The spell no longer requires line of sight The throw becomes online only Damage is increased Support: The spell also causes Fire damage The damage is reduced. Furia: Do not bring the thrower closer to his target. The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Fougue: Power bonus is removed The critical hit is removed Cabriole: The Power bonus is removed. Boliche: The Boost Damage bonus is removed The cost in PA is reduced: 4 → 3 Masquerade becomes the variant of Trance. Now requires the state Psychopath. Grimace: New spell Summon a Grinning Mask The Mask Tackles Opponents and Shares Damage to Zobal As long as the mask is alive, the Zobal and him suffer 50% more damage When an opponent suffers a loss of AP or MP while attempting to exit the Mask's tackle area, the Mask gains Shield Points. 3 PA 5 rounds of stimulus Diffraction becomes the variant of Grimace. Apostasy: New spell Causes Fire damage and moves the caster away from his target. PA: 3 Scope: 5, 6 and 7 at grades 1, 2 and 3 2 shots per target, 3 shots per round Guilds & Alliances In the alliance interface, the checkbox to enable or disable the AvA will gray out properly during combat. Interfaces listing guild members and guild customization are updated when guild rights for a member are changed. The KOTH interface is improved: the alliance control gauge is displayed correctly if it is tied on a single map, the equality text lists the relevant alliances, tooltips are added, and texts are replaced correctly. In the list of Guild Perceptors and Alliance Fights (Perceptors and Prisms), when a fight is in progress, it is possible to enter as a spectator of this fight by clicking on the spectating symbol. Spousal teleportations no longer serve to divert entry restrictions to guild houses and homes with a lock code. House sharing with the guild is correctly blocked for guilds lower than 10 and seniority less than 2 months old. Renaming and changing guild and alliance crest services could sometimes be unusually blocked for some guilds and alliances. This problem is fixed. Interfaces The majority of the game's interfaces are now movable. The level gain interfaces are graphically enhanced. Shop interfaces, to feed a family and to manage guild rights no longer prohibit other interactions as long as they are active. The display of the number of characters by type of server is simplified. The character creation button is now integrated in the list of characters, it is positioned after the last character of the list. When creating characters, the spell interface ("Learn More" button) disappears correctly when you choose another class. The icon to enlarge the presentation video of a class is modified and the behavior of the pause and resumption of the video is modified. During character creation, class thumbnails are no longer grayed out and the arrow that indicates the selected class is moved. When trying to create a character without having an available slot, an explanatory interface is now displayed. In the shop, the icon "Ogrines" is displayed correctly on each item. The tooltip when flying over an enclosure door or house now has a size that fits correctly the text displayed. The outer margins of tooltips are increased to improve readability. The tooltip for the territories interface appears and moves correctly with the window. The object recycling interface is now properly aligned with the inventory. Spell icons are correctly positioned in the companions interface. In the list of servers, if the status of an unlisted server is updated, this server is added to the list. In the character creation interface, class names can not go beyond their frame. Purchasing a feature reset service correctly updates the information displayed by the customer. In the character creation interface, the default selected class is chosen according to the characters that the player has already created: for the creation of the first character, the class selected by default is chosen randomly among the most accessible classes. The default text displayed in the search fields is correctly removed when text is entered quickly. In the Alignment interface, the wings of the character do not overflow on the other texts of the interface. The weapon tooltip is displayed correctly in the spell shortcut bar. The characteristics of Companions are correctly displayed in the Companions interface. In some situations, the spell effects displayed in the spell tooltips overlapped and rendered the texts unreadable. This problem is fixed. In the inventory, the bank and the merchant mode, the category "All" is now selected by default (the last category consulted remains memorized after the closing of these interfaces). The Live Object Appearance Selection interface refreshes correctly when the object gains a level, even if the interface is open. In the drop-down lists that filter the interface information, the selected filter no longer has a specific background color. The choices displayed in the drop-down list for filtering the territories in the conquest interface are no longer abnormally grayed out. The vertical scroll bar of the Ankabox messaging is replaced inside the interface. In the array interface and in the bestiary loot list, the number of slots displayed corresponds to the number of objects, there is no more empty object slot. The arrows that point to some interface elements in the tutorial now move with the interfaces. The feature point assignment interface is correctly centered when it opens to the left of the feature window. During character creation, the personalization of faces and colors is retained for the class and gender of the chosen character only. If the player selects another class after customizing the appearance of a character, that new class will be displayed with the default appearance. In the character creation interface, the right and left arrows (which allow you to navigate between classes), also work on the first and last class of the list. The random generation of colors during the creation of a character is unlimited (the proposals do not cycle over the same values). Achievements The achievements of the characters of the same account (from the same server) are now shared. Achievements can be unlocked for each character, but rewards for items (mostly resources) from the "Dungeons", "Monsters" and "Event" categories can only be earned once per account and per server. We made this change to significantly limit the excessive generation of resources by players who create characters dedicated to the validation of certain Achievements. Three Achievement are added for the capture of Alignment Bounty Monsters. Forest Animals Achievement is validated correctly in all areas of the game that include monsters that must be defeated. Beginner, Novice, Initiate, Chick, Benjamin, Minime, Cadet, Junior, Hope, Senior and Veteran Achievements now reward kamas. The goal of getting Ush Plateau Achievement is added to Paid Tactical Achievement. The goal of getting Make the other Ush Achievement is added to Final Destination Achievement. The goal of getting Pounicheur (Score 300) Achievement is added to Prestige Achievement. The goal of getting Ush Galesh (Score 300) Achievement is added to Success Idol in the Skin. The goal of getting Miausolée of the Pounicheur Achievement is added to Where I Go Achievement, the monsters do not reappear anymore. The goal of getting Ush Plateau Achievement is added to I Am Legend Achievement. Achievement Sealing test: the amount of kamas obtained as a reward for it is now fixed, it no longer depends on the level of the character. In the Achievement interface, if there is no reward of a certain type (0 kama, 0 XP and no item), then this type of reward is no longer displayed with an empty box. Kolossium Characters who do not fight enough in Kolossium now get a temporary status unclassified (they will not appear in the rankings of the official site). This status disappears when the character evaluation system estimates that the character has recently made enough fights. This change allows us to dynamically remove rankings inactive characters from Kolossium or who do not wish to take the risk of seeing their rating drop. NPC shop Annabelle Huaire (in the Kolossium building) now offers: A new Skeleton Harness for Dragoturkeys and Seemyools for 200,000 Kolossokens each. Emotes "Attract attention", "Motus", "Feet", "Fist raised" and "Rub your hands" (previously only possible with Kroz from Krosmaster). Spell Point Scrolls Spell Point Scrolls can no longer be purchased from the Annabelle Huaire NPC Shop (they are no longer useful because Spells are now evolving without Spell Points). Spell Point Scrolls now give 1000 Kolossokens to the character who uses them. Equipment The effects of Ivory Dofus are correctly removed when the target is under the effect of Sacrifice and is damaged. The effect is not reactivated until the Sacrifice ends. The effects of Ivory Dofus also do not work in combination with the Ataraxia (Warning variant) and Determination (Bond variant) spells. The effects of the Diplodoplie are correctly displayed in game. Monsters In the area for non-subscriber characters around Astrub, the size of the monster groups is changed: a group consisting of only 1 monster, a group containing 2 to 3 monsters and a group of 4 to 8 monsters. The purpose of this change is to provide more groups for novice players who are fighting alone or in small groups. Moowolf: The power of the monster evolves correctly when confronted in a group: it evolved when it was confronted by 1 to 5 characters instead of 4 to 8 characters. Count Harebourg: A Critical Failure of the Black Tofu Summon spell no longer passes the caster's turn. Levitrof: The Plain Reflections spell can no longer fire twice in the same turn in the case where Levitrof begins its turn in a glyph or bomb wall. One-Armed Bandit: The level of the monster is increased to match that of other monsters in his family. In the Astrub Forest, the monster is replaced by the Manned Bandit. Rokoko: The effects of the Eriktion spell can no longer be accumulated more than 2 times. Elemental Fire Bwork: The monster's AP withdrawal bonus is removed. Dark Rose: The monster can now appear in the Astrub Fields. Its probability of appearance is increased. Its HP is reduced. Prespic: Its MP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Invisibility spell duration is reduced. Replica spell is removed Secular Needle spell can only be cast once per target and twice per turn. Invisible Chafer: Invisibility spell duration is reduced. It now has aggressive behavior. Chafer Sneak: Camouflage spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. The duration and cooldown are reduced. Elite Pikeman: Its MP is reduced. Unhappy Euphoria spell no longer increases Vitality but increases the Damage. The duration is reduced. Chafer Scout: Its MP is reduced. Firefire spell is Linear. Chafer Sergeant: Its MP is reduced. Kardorim: Its MP is reduced. Bone Crunch spell MP bonus is reduced. It can no longer be cast on the first turn. All Piwis: Their MP are reduced. Hull spell range penalty is reduced. The spell now has a raise interval of 2 turns. Evil Dandelion: Its MP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Wild Grass spell AoE and Range are reduced. Demonic Rose: Its Wisdom is reduced. Dark Rose: Its MP is reduced. Wild Sunflower: Barbed Root spell Range is reduced. Wild Poison spell Range is reduced. Scarecro: Its MP is reduced. Escape! Poor madmen! spell AoE is reduced. Field Protection spell AoE and Range are reduced. Boar: Its MP is reduced. Its HP is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Its Damage is reduced. Squirrol: Its Dodge is reduced. Its Wisdom is reduced. Windward Wind spell is AoE reduced. Tassel spell Range is reduced and becomes modifiable. Miliboowolf: Its MP is reduced. Flair spell duration and Cooldown are reduced. Treechnid and Dark Treechnid: Champa Summon spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. Its Range is reduced. Sivilish Motivation spell duration and Cooldown are reduced. The spell can only be cast around the Treechnid. Its effects are increased. Blinding Bond spell can no longer be cast on the first turn. Its range is reduced and becomes modifiable. It no longer applies a range penalty. It is renamed. Abraknettoyage spell Range is modifiable. It can only be cast once and its damage is increased. It now reduces the duration of active effects by 2 turns. The monster Troolaraj present in the pit of the Village of Bworks is replaced by a Tamed Trooll. In accordance with the other monsters present only in the dungeons of the dimensions, the orichor was removed from the loot of Grath, Chakaroze and the Lady of the Hazard (monsters of dimension Ecaflipus). Treasure Hunts Following the easing of the monster aggression system, treasure hunts that cross an area with aggressive monsters no longer provide a multiplier bonus. Bonus multipliers (x2) in the cities of Bonta and Brakmar are preserved (because the treasure hunts that take place there are more difficult). We are also applying this change because more and more players were exploiting the old way by doing treasure hunts across an area with aggressive monsters and dropping all other treasure hunts. Treasure hunts without reward multipliers seem competitive with other experience gaining methods available to characters performing activities alone. Dungeon, House, Underground Enclosure, Prison, Arena and Haven Bag now prohibit treasure hunting clues. Pets and Petsmounts The following Petsmounts can no longer be equipped when the character is in an underwater zone: Bouflux Bouftor Bounax Tofureur Chacharge Platypus hormone can now be obtained by fighting Royal Blue Jelly. Maps and areas The combat placement cells in the fifth room of the Bworker Cave are further apart. The appearance of the Class Temples of Cra, Ecaflip, Eniripsa, Feca, Iop, Osamodas, Sacrier, Sadida, Sram and Xelor are improved. Eliotrope, Enutrof, Huppermage, Ouginak, Rogue, Foggernaut and Xelor Class Temples are modified to add the Statue of the God of the Class. The Sacrier Temple is moved, it is now located at [-3,-4]. In order to improve the navigation between Astrub and Amakna, the area of the Mountain of Cracklers is modified and its graphic aspect is improved. The visuals of the Emerald Dofus, Crimson Dofus and Cawwot Dofus on maps are modified to match the new appearances of the Dofus. The symmetry of the JCJ Arena XXVII and Arena X maps is corrected. All Ougah dungeon rooms now contain monsters or passes to other cards to avoid situations where characters may not be able to exit the dungeon without a teleportation potion. Droupik is now present on the Saharach maps where he was unusually absent. The Prison subarea is renamed to Madrestam Prison. The teleportation system in Incarnam is now blocked for characters going to and from the guided tutorial maps (especially from the map dedicated to the making of the Idol). Animations and characters Characters who have not been connected since the introduction of face customization are given the opportunity to choose a face again. This change corrects the problem of characters whose heads were no longer displayed. When a character plays the "Duelist" emote facing its back, its right arm is correctly colored. The cape is displayed correctly when playing the "Laughing" emote on a mount. Measured Bow Meow blinks at a reasonable frequency. The shield no longer disappears when playing the "Guild Standard" emote. Other Following the feedback of some players, various spelling corrections were made in the text of the game (Dedicated topic on DOFUS forums: messages from August 7, 2017 to October 29, 2017 were taken into account). Transformed characters (Al Howin's Gobball, for example) can no longer use a dimensional portal. The tooltip associated with Prospecting is corrected and no longer mentions Prospecting locks, which were removed in the past. Bwak eggs can now only be used in the Cracker Mountain area. The version of DOFUS on browser now has the command "/ version". The price to go to Minotoror Island via the Nikos Monote NPC is increased. Leaving the island via this same NPC becomes free. Since Prime Scrolls are obsolete for several years, they are removed from the game. The title Disciple of the Black Watchdog can not be obtained currently, it is removed from the list displayed in the interface of the titles.
  3. I think you need to continue the Brotherhood questline, not sure.
  4. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: The bonuses of the Dofus Forgelave are corrected: they displayed those of the Abyssal Dofus The dungeon entry maps no longer include monsters (so it is no longer possible to be attacked by monsters). The maximum number of objects displayed in Markets now takes into account the Omega levels. Omega levels no longer have an impact on the character rating in Kolossium. The ratings of all characters are reset on the beta servers. Several visual fixes are made in the Magmatic Marches area. The access from the Magmatic Steps to the Desolation of Sidimote area at [-26,22] was not possible, the steps are now functional. The access from the Magmatic Steps to the Brakmar City Walls area at [-27,27] was not possible, the steps are now functional. The coordinates of the map [-30,21] (Magmatic Steps) are restored. Outdoor Aquatic Zone, Toxin Gang HQ, Inglorium and Crackler Mountains: Several fixes were made to cell blocking, line of sight and scenery positions. Bethel Tower: Several fixes are made to scenery element positions. The visibility of Petrified Trunks in combat is improved. Bethel Akarna's combat-related game performance has been improved: its invocations are replaced by scenic elements and no longer slow down the loadings or AI of monsters and invocations. Quest The anger of the gods: the first goal is now valid on arrival in the Domain of the gods. Quest The Fatal Weapon: The objective to report Salikrones to the Sadida Priestess is displayed correctly and can be validated. Quest The Toxin Gang: The "Surviving Toxin Attack" quest step can now be validated. The display of Omega levels on the ornaments is improved (they are less pixelated). Pandawa: The Karcham and Chamrak spells work correctly: the Range bonus is correctly removed and the carried entity has its Line of Sight turned off. Karcham and Chamrak keep their Range bonus if the target remains carried until the Pandawa turn. Ebriety: HP and Resistances of the Incapacitating Barrel are corrected. Sadida: The Inflatable: Intelligence characteristic of the Inflatable is corrected. Plant Influence: Treant dies properly at the end of its turn. Eniripsa: Affection Word works correctly. Ecaflip: Fate: Roulette can no longer move. Summoning Claw: The description no longer mentions heals. Eliotrope: Parasite and Affliction are corrected (the spells awarded were not good). Huppermage: Elementary Guardian: The Elemental Guardian now has aggressive behavior. The characteristics of the Elemental Guardian are corrected. The damage of its Quadramental Ray spell is reduced (but it should do a lot more damage because it now has more base characteristics). Osamodas: Favoritism correctly applies a bonus of Vitality and no longer of Heals. The size of the black toad is corrected. The characteristics of the Boufton and the White Dragonnete are corrected (they were all 0). Rogue: Imposture: the stacking limit is now 1. Sram: Fun trap: the spell is working properly. Foggernaut: Evolution and Transition work properly: a turret can not go from evolution I to III directly. Aspiration works properly on the new turrets. Xelor: Premonition no longer applies Dodge effects on all characters. Glas works properly. Masqueraider: Ponteira is cast with Coward Mask and not with Psychopath Mask. Coward Mask: MP bonus applies correctly on the caster.
  5. Gain 150 Shield Points when your character is moved in any way or carried.
  6. Not yet in-game.
  7. Beta is up.
  8. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/update/towers-forgotten https://twitter.com/i/moments/931131756786397184
  9. Aggressive area reward of 4 Chests from Treasure Hunts will be removed. Monsters won't aggro while a character is in a dialogue with an NPC and in dungeons. Most monsters will stop aggroing characters when they reach Level 150. Some more clarification on how aggro will work: When a character first pops into a map, they have a period of aggression invulnerability, to prevent characters from being jumped without a chance to avoid it. Monsters cannot start actively searching for your character to aggro until they are within three cells of the character, and you have several seconds to move once that eye icon shows up. Aggro monsters don't sprint directly at your character as soon as you hit the map. Think about how often monsters move when they're on the map right now - perhaps 1 to 4 cells every 15-30 seconds or so. That's about how slowly they'll move towards your character in 2.45. The first gif in the devblog makes it look more dramatic because it was carefully timed to make it visually interesting. It took 30-45 seconds of waiting to get that mob close enough to start searching for the character.
  10. In the December update we will give you the possibility to go beyond level 200 by earning Prestige levels. These levels will allow you to unlock new spells dedicated to each class, which we call variants. Objectives The spell variants system has the following main objectives: Offer new spells for each class: We would like to create more variety and versatility in the classes so that some of the secondary roles can evolve into primary roles for example. We would also like to create more variety in the pertinent elemental branches for all of the classes. To allow characters in the same class to distinguish themselves, to create original “builds” and add a significant degree of choice (the mechanism of a spell “deck”). At present, the system’s unlimited spell points don’t make it possible to have an element of choice concerning spells, since all of the characters in the same class have access to the full range of its spells during combat. With the spell choice system, we increase the overall versatility of the classes, while obliging players to select spells between battles (not all of the spells can be used in the same battle). Giving players additional tools to help them adapt to the game’s difficulty. We want to make a wider variety of class builds possible and allow players to partially modify the capacities of a class to meet their requirements (specific Boss, quest battle, etc.). For example, we want certain classes to be able to increase their protection capacities to the detriment of damage inflicted, if their group lacks sufficient protection. To make the game more accessible to new players while also making it richer for experienced players. The variants will ultimately allow us to unlock the first spells for the simplest characters while simultaneously allowing us to offer spells with more tactical depth beyond level 200. How it Works Each “class spell” will eventually possess a variant (in the December update only the first 6 class spells will possess a variant). We plan for all spells to have a variant before the end of 2017. The spell variants are unlocked starting at level 200 (one new variant per Prestige level). The player must choose between the basic spell and its variant (the player cannot use a spell and its variant in the same battle). Some variants are simple spell variations but they can have a substantial impact (altering the range, AP cost, effect zone, etc.) while others may have radically different effects and introduce new game mechanics to the class. Removal of Spell Levels The idea of levels (or grades) for spells has been removed. Spells now evolve automatically based on the level of the character. We removed the concept of spell levels and spell points to be invested because this mechanism added unnecessary complexity without adding any richness to the game (it did not allow the player to make genuine choices because all of the spells could reach level 6). Additional spell points (obtained via spell scrolls) owned by characters will be automatically converted into Kolossokens when the update is released. The removal of spell scrolls (no longer obtained from the NPC but converted into Kolossokens) could lead to a decrease in the destruction of Kolossokens and hence lower their value. We will continue working on increasing the destruction of Kolossokens (to increase their value) but we will not be able to provide any significant modifications in time for the December update. However, a new surprise reward will be available in December in exchange for an exorbitant amount of Kolossokens! Flexibility The player can change their spell variants between each battle. By allowing great flexibility in the choice of variants, we want to encourage you to devise new, dedicated tactics for each battle. Ever had problems because your character doesn’t have enough positioning or protection skills to win a fight in a high-level quest? By picking certain spell variants you are given the possibility of making a “build” specifically tailored to a difficult fight. Common Spells Common spells (Spark, Release, etc.) will not have any variants. These do not have spell levels and evolve automatically (like class spells). In the long run, we would like to change the way they work. We haven’t added any new common spells for several years because they create big problems in terms of balancing since they give common abilities to all of the classes and are devoid of choice (each additional common spell can be used in combination with all the other existing spells). Ideally, we would like to add many more common spells, on condition that they introduce a genuine element of choice (for example, thirty or so common spells available but a maximum of 3 can be selected per combat). However, we would like to focus on adding new spell variants in 2017 before we look at changing the system of common spells. Tournaments and Competitive PvP To possess all of the spell variants for a class, a player will have to take their character past level 200. We realize that this additional progression phase might be seen as one more obstacle to attaining a very high-level, competitive PvP. This is why we are also paying careful attention to the amount of experience required to enter the Prestige levels. We don’t want it to take an unusually long time to obtain all of the spells for a class. We will make sure that battles in the Kolossium at a very high level allow you to earn enough experience to unlock Prestige levels in a reasonable fashion. Q & A Will it be possible to save several variant choices (as we do for custom sets)? We know that this sort of system will become more and more important as we continue to add new spell variants. We would like to see how the system works first so that we can determine the best way of saving your spell variant choices. How can a player prepare a tactical PvP response if we don’t know which variants our opponent will use beforehand? This is an issue that we are aware of and we will continue to work on this problem. Isn’t there a risk that the classes lose their identity with the addition of these new variants and become too flexible? We will make sure that the new variants reinforce the minor or secondary roles that are already present in the classes. In some cases the variants could lead to new roles, but we will work to ensure that the identity of the class is preserved. Will spells have more than one variant? Based on your feedback, we could envisage the introduction of a second variant for each spell class.
  11. With Update 2.45, we are adding a new Omega Level system to offer a new way for characters to progress beyond level 200. Goals This system's goals are as follows: Offer infinite progression beyond level 200 Showcase the experience earned beyond level 200 with cosmetic rewards Offer useful bonuses for moving up Omega levels Not increase the power of characters beyond level 200 How It Works Once level 200 is reached, your characters will unlock a new progression gauge (the Omega levels). These levels will not increase the characters' power, but they will unlock cosmetic and useful rewards. These levels are unlimited; they will be "quick" to unlock at first but will progressively require more and more experience. The secondary character bonus will apply in Omega levels. For example, if you have Character A at Omega level 50 and Character B at Omega level 10 on the same account, Character B will receive double experience until it reaches Omega level 50. Cosmetic Rewards Characters will be able to unlock two types of rewards at specific Omega levels: ornaments and auras: Characters' Omega levels will be visible in-game when mousing over a character (this option can be deactivated) and in most social interfaces. Useful Rewards For each Omega level, characters will earn useful bonuses (that have no impact on combat): 5 pods 1 market slot 1 slot in merchant mode Conversion of Prior Experience Experience points earned after reaching level 200 up until the release of Update 2.45 will be converted and applied to the Omega gauge. With the launch of Update 2.45, characters that had previously continued to acquire experience beyond level 200 may potentially reach Omega level X when they first log in. We decided to favor converting prior experience gains for several reasons: The Omega levels provide useful and cosmetic bonuses, but will not make certain characters (with huge amounts of experience) more powerful than the others. These levels are unlimited, so there is no risk that certain characters would have already attained the maximum Omega level immediately on the release of Update 2.45. We do not envisage competitive challenges surrounding the Omega levels, and therefore we didn't have any particular reason to start all players at Omega level 0. Q & A Are you planning a competition or specific rewards for characters that reach the highest Omega levels? No, we are not planning any competitions around Omega levels (other than the experience rankings already present on the official website), nor any specific rewards for characters that reach the highest Omega levels. The most effective ways to earn huge amounts of experience are generally based on extensive use of several accounts and an "industrial" repetition of identical content (the same dungeons with set class compositions to maximize gains, for example). We do not want to encourage the use of these methods by promoting them via competitions or exclusive rewards. Ideally, we would like for the most efficient methods to maximize experience gains in DOFUS to be much "healthier", but we are not in a position to achieve this in the short or medium term. This is a very long-term objective for us, one that we have already started to address via dynamic placements at the start of fights, and diversifying ways to earn experience. Will There Be Achievements for Attaining Omega Levels? We do not plan to add Achievements for attaining Omega levels. We feel that the current Achievements that reward attainment of classic levels are sufficient, and we prefer to limit Achievements to the most deserving activities (completing content and more difficult content). Do you plan to introduce power bonuses for Omega levels? We have no plans to add additional power with the Omega levels in the short, medium or long term. As with the spell variants that are obtained between levels 100 and 200, we do not want a considerable investment in experience after level 200 to be necessary to optimize your characters. We feel that attaining level 200 takes enough time for new players who progress "normally" (without multiple accounts and without outside help).
  12. Background This time last year, we revamped the Sacriers, eliminating the Earth path, reorganizing elemental spells, and modifying Punishments, which were more effective when Sacriers have less than 50% their health points. We rapidly realized that these changes to the Sacriers (notably those involving the Punishments) unfortunately raised a few issues: Sacriers could change Punishments several times per turn, and this allowed them to perform multiple roles easily. The system that required Sacriers to have less than half their health points to take advantage of maximum power Punishments was not very intuitive and generated an overly strong threshold effect. For these reasons, we made considerable changes in how Punishments work last April, disconnecting them from the Sacriers' Vitality and applying a progressive bonus over several turns. This update allowed us to significantly improve the class without having to overhaul all spells in depth. It made the class function in a healthier manner by better separating the various roles that Sacriers can fulfill. However, this has moved the class further away from what had previously been its specialties, notably its "Berserker" side and the ability to manage and use their Vitality wisely. When creating spell variants (and this goes for all classes), we do not want to use mechanics that do not satisfy us as the basis for spells. This is why we wanted to clean up Sacrier spells before dealing with their variants. The Revamp This revamp aims to make the class more coherent with what it is supposed to be (its identity as a Berserker class) while improving how certain mechanics operate. Punishments Punishments have always been a cornerstone in Sacrier spells. Last year, we reduced their number to three: Swift for mobility, Robust for taking hits, and Bloodthirsty for damage. Today, we are leaving these vestiges of the past behind us: The Punishment system has been eliminated. Suffering = Power We are replacing it with a "Suffering" system: The more Suffering that Sacriers accumulate, the less life they have and the more damage they inflict. The less Suffering they have, the more life they have and the less damage they suffer. Sacriers can, depending on the spells they use, increase or reduce their Suffering. Their level of Suffering is determined by the spells they use: Very offensive elemental spells increase Suffering. Defensive elemental spells reduce Suffering. Sacriers can therefore decide whether they want to play a defensive or offensive role, by playing some spells instead of others. There are obviously some limits. Suffering varies from -10 to 10 and cannot go beyond these limits, with the following bonuses: Positive Suffering (1 to 10): Sacriers gain damage but lose Vitality with each increment of Suffering. At 6 and above, they change appearance and gain a better damage bonus. Negative Suffering (-1 to -10): Sacriers gain Vitality with each increment. At -6 and below, they change appearance and gain a damage reduction bonus. This system seems to us to be a good alternative to the Punishment system: Their roles are no longer determined by Punishments that take the place of other potentially more interesting spells. Sacriers' actions are what determine their role over time. Sacriers' damages are inversely proportional to their capacity to withstand damage (the less Vitality they have, the more damage they can cause, and inversely). As you must have noticed, the mobility bonus from the Swift Punishment has not been replaced in the Suffering gauge. While this Punishment played its role well (positioning/movement), it is a role that serves above all to complement both the class's offensive and defensive capacities. For this reason, we did not want to isolate it. Sacriers are therefore free to use mobility spells (including Transposition) at any level of Suffering. Spell Organization The elimination of Punishments therefore freed up 3 new spells, making it possible to bring back Earth! The 4 elemental paths have been reorganized to better integrate the Suffering system. Each path is structured as follows: 1 positioning or movement spell 1 "offensive" spell that increases Suffering 1 "defensive" spell that lowers Suffering The utility spells, for their part, are little affected by this revamp: The spell Transposition no longer needs a specific state to be cast. The spell Convalescence no longer needs a specific state to be cast. The spell Punishment no longer needs a specific state to be cast, and no longer applies the Gravity state. The spell Pain Shared has been replaced by a new spell that increases Suffering by 2 levels. The spell Pain Shared spell is now used as a variant. The spell Evasion now operates in a slightly different manner: It now applies Close Combat Invulnerability and always pushes back one cell in close combat attacks.
  13. 5k Punitive without LoS. 👌 6k Atonement without LoS. 👌
  14. Normal Spells will have 3 levels instead of 6. Variants will only have one level, for now at least. Each area will have a different tactical mode. Shadows added to the game (write /castshadow in chat). Class Dopple summons removed from the game. Sacrier and Ecaflip spell revamp. Kolossium Achievements WIP. All Classes will have damage spells for all elements. Cra has two variants that summon turrets with 4k HP (one buffs damage, the other changes places with the caster), variant that disables Line of Sight, two variants that give -100MP (one for both the target and the caster, the other only for the target while also increasing their damage). Sadida's summon variants won't require trees to be cast, though will cost 2AP more, have half HP and possibly stats. Iop's Power variant gives 20% HP Shield and -150 Power, Cut variant deals Agility damage and applies 20% Erosion for 2 turns can be cast two times, two Chance spells that give 2% HP and 3% HP Shields, Brokle variant is a summon that gives 50% Power in a 2 cell AoE. Osamodas has two new Toad summons, Spiritual Leash variant shares damage across all summons while at the same time they receive 50% more damage, variant that kills all summons and gives the targeted summon 15% Vitality of each killed summon. Enutrof's Living Chest variant heals allies, Bribery applies Pacifist state to the Enutrof its variant gives 3 AP and 3 MP to the caster then -3 AP -3 MP the next turn, Pandora's Box variant gives 3 AP, 3 MP and Pacifist state for 1 turn, Greed variant gives 3 AP and -3 MP, two 15% HP heal spells (one gives -1 MP that is not dodgeable, the other changes positions with the target), Mass Clumsiness variant deals damage and gives -2 AP. Masqueraider Damage/Power/AP debuffs for damage spell variants, Capering variant deals Chance damage and gives 100 Pushback Damage for 2 turns that stacks once, has a summon with 1.5k HP that shares damage between the caster and the summon. Ecaflip will lose the Lucky Devil state and will gain some new 50/50 spells and their variants, some damage spell variants deal huge damage while at the same time the caster loses HP, Heads of Tails variant will deal damage on a normal hit and give 150 Strength for 2 turns on a CH, Kitten variant only heals, spell that gives 14% HP Shield its variant applies 40% Erosion for 2 turns castable every turn, Wheel of Fortune gives 100% Power and -50% CH for 3 turns its variant heals 15% HP each turn and gives -30% CH for 3 turns, Roulette is a summon that gives a random effect of Roulette to everyone every turn its variant is a summon that can attack and only applies the effect to the summon and the caster, Clover gives 30% CH its variant gives Unlockable and Pesanteur states for 1 turn, some pushback/attraction variants, Bluff variant is 1 Range teleport once per turn. Sacrier has one Ouginak's Rage-like evolution, some spells either increase it when cast, giving 2% Final Damage and reducing %-based , or decrease it, giving %-based HP stacks infinitely, Evasion gives Melee Invulnerability, Flying Sword variant attracts instead of dealing damage.
  15. If anyone has any specific spells they want to see more detailed variants for, both already shown and not, feel free to list them here (not all not shown spells might have variants).
  16. TABLE OF CONTENTS (links to different posts in this thread about official information regarding Dofus Cube/Dofus 3) First mention of Dofus 3, all ideas/objectives, mechanics and images shared in a conference. (November 27th, 2016) Some new artwork from Gamakna. (December 23rd, 2016) Video teaser with some new visual ideas, the name is now Dofus Cube. (September 1st, 2017) Information about the world and some lore from Tot's blog. (September 21st, 2017) Information about characters, combat and items from Tot's blog. (September 27th, 2017) Q&A about characters, combat, exploration and lore from Tot's blog. (October 1st, 2017) Information about the Wakfu gauge from Tot's blog. (October 5th, 2017) Information about exploration, the Bonta area and NPCs from Tot's blog. (October 13th, 2017) Information about the Haven Dimension from Tot's blog. (October 19th, 2017) Information about animations from Tot's blog. (October 25th, 2017) Information about Dofus Fragments from Tot's blog. (November 2nd, 2017) Live feed of Dofus 3 news from the conference: Core Game The production has started 1 month ago. It is still being worked on to not be as childish as some people say. January, February or April, the release of a demo showing the game. The lore is related to Wakfu Season 3, takes place several decades after Dofus 2. Dofus 3 will be made by a new team of developers, Dofus 2 and Dofus Touch will still exist with the same team of developers. Change in payment model, will follow something like Dofus Touch. (F2P) Will be playable on several devices, PC, Mac, tablet, mobile, servers will be the same. The game will be focused on combat, combat will be similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. PvM and PvP will be separated/balanced, will let players advance in either one. Most content will be level based, adapting to the character's level. Fewer servers, rather the populated areas (like the Haven Dimensions, Dungeons, maybe even the whole world if there are a lot of players) will be managed by instances (like Incarnam in Dofus 2). Creation of "bots" in-game to farm resources, craft, etc. for the player (no fighting bots). Separate the Drops from Professions. Exchanging between players will be limited to some daily quota or between guild members. Hero System from Wakfu will exist (multi accounting with 1 character, like Sidekicks), multi accounting will be the base of Dofus 3. Esports. Objectives: Characters Unique characters, will have lots of customization for role players (even height). Characters will have lots of spells, but they will need to choose which ones they want to fight with (spell decks, something similar to the upcoming Spell Variants in Dofus 2). Characters will change appearance depending on which spells they use. Unsure about the groups of characters yet, thinking about 6, 8, or even more. Two more elements are added, Light and Dark. Iop visuals: Iop transformation to the Dark element with certain spells: Different types of Iop, depending on the spells used: Research on different templates of the characters, especially the customization aspect: The World Regular maps and the maps the character fights in will be different (not fixed maps, but random maps). Haven Bag dimension where players will start the game in, they will have houses to evolve and a zaap. Haven Bag Dimension: Haven Bag evolutions: Reduction of the size of the world, but an increase in Dungeons, each area will have one of the 6 bosses. Reduction of the size of the combat maps. Before entering a Dungeon, an estimated time of doing it will be shown. +-6 Mini-Dungeons per area, they will have 1 room, completing all Dungeons will yield a key to the normal Dungeon with 5 rooms, where one of the 6 end game bosses will be present, depending on the area. The maps will be interactive (items to break, traps). Areas of the game: Mini-Dungeons: 6 end game bosses to fight: Monsters: Human Arachnee Tower Dungeon: Dungeon visuals: Combat in the Dungeon: Something: Visuals Visual preference is minimalism and animations, rather than a static world. Some visuals: Bonta: Combat: Tot:
  17. Back to Table of Contents. Post from Tot's blog from November 2nd, 2017. Hello everyone, Today we are going to tackle a topic that you all look forward to. You have been asking for months, waiting for it more than for Wakfu season 4, some have even dreamed of it: fragments! Okay, I'm joking, you've never heard of it. I admit, it's not going to be the article of the year, especially with so few images/animations. It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with my few paragraphs of texts. Yes, I know, it's sad but it will happen sometimes... Articles with few pictures and just text. Believe me, I am the first affected but we will have to live with this injustice. Background of Fragments Fragments, but fragments of what? This is certainly the first question you ask yourself. Well, it's about shell fragments of Dofus. I had previously explained to you that the Dofus Cube story followed Wakfu season 4. But before some unleash their little fingers on their keyboard: No, we have not signed yet for a season 4 and no I have not written scripts yet. On the other hand, I advance slowly on the main lines of the scenario and as I already said, I would like to link all our news and next creations taking place in the universe of Krosmoz. The end of season 4 will therefore engage the era of Dofus Cube. Needless to say that if the world of 12 is in this state is that there was trouble. The fragments are thus pieces of shells of Dofus (which we will explain the origins in the S4 of WAKFU) and you, players, you will have for mission to recover them for your personal needs. General concept Fragments are at the heart of many gameplay mechanics. I must admit, one of my obsessions for Dofus Cube is to make the drops interesting, whatever they are, and avoid the thousands of items that are only used to fill the coffers. I think I have already spoken at length on the subject. So we asked ourselves how we could integrate a system that would make the drops enjoyable. I can not hear the little sound of a ring in Diablo II, the little heartbeat less at the time of the display of the loot table in the last DOFUS dungeons, the looting of a cloak perfect on the WA WABBIT ... To be as effective as possible, it was necessary to find an idea so that a minimum is used a maximum (it is playful, it is necessary to reread 3 times the sentence to understand it well). In addition, we were looking for something simple to offer you in your dungeons without it going in all directions. It is from these desires that the system of fragments is born. So you can imagine the fragments as resources that will allow you to evolve your spells, companions, monsters, room Havre Dimension ... The different types of Fragments The fragments are 14 in number. For this to be understandable in the rest of the article, I will name the different fragments and take the opportunity to tell you about my theory on the creation of new words. The 6 types of fragments and their rarities: Ivorite/Rukosus/Ocrus/Emerodus/Pouprus/Ebenite: In connection with the 6 primordial Dofus, I placed provisional names on these fragments. 1. So you have Ivorite (Ivory Dofus) on the left which is of rarity Infinite. 2. In the center you have the Common, Unusual and Rare fragments: Rukosus (Turquoise Dofus) Ocrus (Ochre Dofus) Emerodus (Emerald Dofus) Pouprus (Crimson Dofus) 3. And finally, on the right is Ebenite, another Infinite. But much harder to get because, unlike Ivorite, it is not offered during leveling. Some words being particularly void, I propose to help us to find better ones starting with the Pouprus, the fragment of the Crimson Dofus. Obtaining of Fragments When leveling your heroes and sidekicks: You will get the fragments in different ways. First, it must be understood that your heroes will not get new skills (HP, Damage...) by leveling up. On the other hand you will get chests whose quantity and quality of the content will depend on several factors. You will always get a chunk of fragments during a level up, but its contents will evolve according to the level in question. The higher the level, the more the quality of the rewards will be affected. In the same way, we want to set up a bonus reward system linked to your survival. The idea is to reward players who die the least between each level. If you did not die once when leveling up, your reward will be maximum. Monster drops: Whether monsters you face in the open world or in the dungeons of other players, you will also have the opportunity to drop fragments. Of course, the more complicated the dungeon, the higher your drops. Harvest in your dungeons: I quickly told you about the dungeons of your Haven Dimension. This is the very mobile part of the game. Your dungeons will allow you to harvest fragment chests every X hours. Obviously, if your dungeon has no defense, the other players will come to steal them for you. Expeditions/quests: Unused sidekicks may be sent on expeditions to retrieve fragments and other items. Business model: Before some people get too much ideas and to avoid questions in the comments, I'll defuse a topic right away. This mechanic, if integrated into the business model, could quickly turn the game into pay-to-win. It is still too early to talk about the business model, but be certain that the goal is not to go into the extremes of ultra-aggressive mobile games and that our goal is to do something fair. Utility of Fragments And yes, even if I can talk to you for hours, the goal is still to know what's the point... Spells of heroes and sidekicks will have 10 levels each. To make them evolve, it will be necessary to spend fragments. Each fragment has some of the Dofus magic from which it is drawn. Fragments are linked to the spell element. A lot of Earth will (mostly) ask for shell fragments of Ocrus. Our will is to allow you to gain the first 6-7 levels of spells very easily (in order to smooth the power of the majority of players) and make the final levels much more complicated to obtain. Here are two small tables to give you an idea of what it could give. Be careful, these values are only indicative and have no other ambitions than to serve as examples: Ivorite fragments are very rare and allow you to unlock a spell. At first, for each class character you will have dozens of different spells but to unlock them you will have to use an Ivorite. Rest assured, these fragments will be offered to you when leveling up. The idea is to work a good progression system rather than giving you access to 50 spells from the beginning. Ebenite fragments will require more effort. This is the ultimate fragment that allows you to pass the last level of your spell. Finally, understand that the power differences of level 9 and 10 spells will be quite small. We do not want there to be too big power gaps between players. To give you an idea, we want a maximum ratio of x4 between a novice player and a veteran player. The idea behind all this is to ensure that all players can always play together in the same spirit. In our current MMOs, power gaps between old and new are such that game compatibility is almost impossible. There are of course many other reasons but it would deserve practically a separate article. Leveling monsters in your dungeon: Be careful, here we are talking about raising monster levels and not their spells. You will have the choice between evolving your characters (to attack) or the monsters of your dungeons (to defend your dungeons). The idea is to allow you to adapt your game according to your availability. If you think you have time to play, maybe you'll focus on your characters to beat dungeons (open world or other players). If you have less time, perhaps you will put your hopes in the fragment harvest in your own dungeon. In this case, you will prefer to bet on good powerful monsters and increase your harvested fragments according to their level. And if you are a big player, nothing will prevent you from playing both aspects. Haven Guild Construction: We think, at this point, that Haven Guild will be a different area of your Haven Dimension. Reserved, as its name indicates, to your guild. And to unlock it will be necessary that each member puts his hand in the pocket... It is only a beginning of development, it is, for the moment, far from being our priority. Back to Table of Contents.
  18. We're currently level 29 with 144 members, 16 of which are above level 100 and the average member level being 67. We've also just joined the second biggest Alliance on Ilyzaelle.
  19. Gamakna #4 News: December - Spell Variants, Spell Point removal, Omega/Prestige Levels (200+), new content, aggressive monster changes Codes: GAMALOUINE - Chocolate Shigekax (Dofus) GAMATOUCHY - 10 Arachnee Summoning Fairyworks (Dofus Touch) OUGIKNA - 5 Feathery Flask (Wakfu) FECAKNA - Necros Pack (Krosmaga) BOUFBOBOWL - 5 Season 4 Krosbox (Krosmaster)