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  1. Hello everyone, As promised I will share here (Tot's blog), among other projects, the various advances concerning Dofus Cube / Dofus 3. To answer some questions, I work at Ankama and that will not change anytime soon. I wanted to launch this blog to integrate you to the evolutions going on with our new projects. And over the years, I have understood that many of you do not necessarily like to be told anything other than the game they spend time on. My main objective is to be able to talk to you about some of the projects that we develop without, however, "breaking the feet" of those who are not interested. The oldest will remember, this is how we did it 15 years ago on Dofus. Of course, there is also a small part of nostalgia in this process, but above all for me, the goal is to share our first ideas and collect feedback. Obviously, we will have to project ourselves, because during the first months, we will have to explain our concepts in the form of articles. This may be a very complicated exercise but it is also what interests me because I will have the obligation to be precise in my explanations... Detailed concept of this approach The objective is to share all our research, whether graphical or related to the rules of the game. For the most assiduous, you will have a very good idea of the project before its release. I will therefore share with you, every week, all our documents on this blog. In the meantime, if a Dofus 3 site takes over, we will always be able to shift. I would like to present you a concept of the game per week and as soon as the time comes to make you test the project via prototypes. I hope to have been clear about the intentions of this approach and I would love it to let you experience the adventure with us. I just want to make clear that all the visuals you see will change/evolve. I ask you not to focus on it, but rather on concepts. Let us now return to the heart of the matter. The "MACRO" view of Dofus 3 For this first article, I will try to present the project in a macro way. Know that the hardest (at least from my point of view) is to have an overall vision of a project before tackling its production. This is extremely difficult because we are always subject to this small internal voice that drives us to continually change what we are starting to put in place. This is tragic because it is one of the big reasons why many games explode deadlines (thus budgets) and are killed in the bud. In the animation scene, two people working together on a feature film can define the final rendering and give a clear direction to a team of several hundred people. It is quite simple, the story (the script) sets the tone of the whole and the storyboard confirms/amplifies the intentions. When you have an animated storyboard, you know (just about ready) what to expect (although obviously, animation projects have their own issues). In the field of game industry, it is more complicated because there is the layer of development and its surprises. I am convinced that before going to production, the set of "MACRO" concepts of a game must be defined. Otherwise, you can be certain that you will have to repeat the development countless times. I speak with knowledge... I terrorized dozens of unhappy and innocent developers with "better ideas" overnight. Sometimes to realize that these "better ideas" were not so "better"... And end up being forced to go back. I am not proud of this, but still today I wonder how we could have done otherwise to "learn"... One of my wishes in sharing our documents with you is also to force me to keep a guideline. The "MACRO" vision is therefore of extreme importance. We have been thinking about what we want to do for over a year now. You will discover it and say "oh, ok, why not...". But know that we have made docs... And docs... And docs... To arrive at these conclusions that you will discover every week. We began by asking ourselves thousands of questions. What is still current in our games? What is less so? Do players prefer to play 1 character or a group of characters? Are traveling around the world not really boring? Was it more fun when there was more regular drops of objects? I've read a lot of your feedback on the forums, discussed it with some... There was a phase of trying to understand. Because I must admit, to redo a new MMO with the same rules that we had for 15 years is not viable. So it was necessary to question and try to understand the trend... Especially as this type of development takes a lot of time and it is better to be in phase with what we propose. And then revelation. Finally, when I say "revelation" it would be more of an idea that takes over all the rest: We want the game to be playable on mobiles and computers. Here is a first certainty... So, from this last idea we built, brick by brick project. And these are the bricks that I will try to present to you gradually. So that you understand these concepts "MACRO" I will start from the beginning. And this beginning is linked to Season 3 of WAKFU and more precisely to the character of OROPO. Haven-Dimension (Haven-Cube in documents) Dofus 3 takes place many years after Season 3 of Wakfu. For reasons I can not explain without spoiling, you only need to know that the World of Twelve is in a catastrophic state. Despite the defeat of Ogrest, the planet is covered with water and only the great cities remain. Most residents (players) live in a Haven-Dimension. Each player thus begins the game in his own Haven-Dimension. They can make it evolve by adding pieces of the "social" type, "dungeons", "harems"... This is the most important concept to get started. Each player has their own Haven-Dimension. And it is from this Haven-Dimension and the Zaaps that they can choose the type of game that suits him best (Mobile or computer). To respect the constraints of mobiles, we left Haven-Dimension rather small. They are composed of 8 large cubes that we call the major cubes. Below, some explanatory visuals: The 8 major cubes unfold according to the player's choice of the zone and can display a playground of a minimum of 36 boxes and go up to 72 boxes. You will see some example here: Arnaud, Poolay, Jérôme, Mojojo and Olivier have produced the following images. Bonta roughs were produced by Poolay. Example of a social zone: Asynchronous Combat in a Level 1 Dungeon Room => 4 Major Blocks => 36 Boxes: Asynchronous combat in a level 2 dungeon room => 6 major blocks => 54 spaces: Asynchronous Combat in a Level 1 Dungeon Room => 6 Major Blocks => 54 Boxes: As you can see, the cube unfolds to offer a combat zone adapted to the level of the room. As you can see, Haven-Dimension is "floating". As the OROPO dimension, it is "out" of the world of 12. Map view from above of the open world, closer to our classic MMOs: Isometric view of the open world: The Zaaps What is extremely important to retain on this first explanation is that the players will have 3 "modes" of play directly available from the Zaaps. Zaap 1 => Allows to fight in asynchronous. Players will attack Haven-Dimension Dungeons built by other players. The fighting must last 3 to 5 minutes maximum. There is a "farming" side in this mode and this is certainly here that the mobile players will spend the most time. Zaap 2 => Allows to launch PvP combat. 1vs1 on mobile and 2vs2/3vs3 reserved for computer players. Zaap 3 => Allows to go to the cities of the World of Twelve. The zones are however much smaller than on our MMO and we place there many cozy "large dungeons" whose experience will exceed the hour of play. there is no more fighting possible in the "open world" as is the case in Dofus and Wakfu. Players who want to "farm" can do so by attacking other players' Haven-Dimension dungeons. It is crucial to understand this basic concept and its implications. Our most important goal is to allow players to have a gaming experience of their own (mobile or computer). Players will be able to do many small fights during the day on their mobiles, when their schedule allows it, and embark on big adventures at home behind their computer. I hope I have been clear on this first explanation. I will change this article according to the different returns/misunderstandings. Next week I will focus on the characters and the fighting. Good evening and thank you for reading. For memory: This article was written while listening to Metronomy and despite the throbbing pain of tendinitis in the right forearm...
  2. Choose 5 names from which the name of the single account server will be chosen here.
  3. In the most recent Gamakna we announced the release of a new type of server is coming in October, a server reserved for people who play just one account at a time. This news has delighted more than a few of you and also raised a lot of questions! To help you find information about this new type of server quickly and easily, here’s a summary of the assorted questions and answers that have been posted so far. Server Concept This server is for players who only want to play one account at a time. As with the Epic and Heroic server, you will have 5 new character slots on the Monoaccount server. Release Date and Server Name Right now, we are planning to release the Monoaccount server in October, but we have not announced a date yet. For the name of the server, we’re asking you to participate in a poll to help choose its name! Restrictions and Access In order to play on the Monoaccount server, your account must be certified and must be linked to a valid phone number. It will only be possible to connect to the server with one account per IP address as a time. Please remember that using a VPN/Proxy server when connecting to DOFUS is prohibited by the Terms and Conditions. We cannot make any exceptions to this 1 connection per IP rule, even for people who live in the same home. Community The Monoaccount server will be open to players from all communities. There will be Community channels for French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian players. Kama Exchange and Grand Emporium The Kama Exchange and the Grand Emporium will not be available at the server’s launch. They will become available after a period of time that isn’t set yet. The Kama Exchange, when it becomes available, will remain strictly restricted to the monoaccount server at first, so that there can’t be any interaction with the Kama Exchanges of other servers. Only the gifts from “standard” subscription packs (so for example, the “Zombite” gifts that are available at the moment) will be available via the Emporium. If you have older Emporium or subscription gifts waiting in your in-game Gift Interface, you won’t be able to send them to your characters on this new server when it launches. You will have to wait for the Emporium to open to send them. By extension, that means that Living Items and Mimisymbics will not be available when the server launches. However, services (such as class/name/colour change, etc) will be available. The Haven-Bag lottery will also be deactivated for the time during which the Emporium will be unavailable. Transfers Incoming transfers will not be allowed. This will be a brand new server with its own blooming economy, and incoming transfers would throw it off-balance. However, outgoing transfers will be allowed. DOFUS Pets It will be possible to transfer pets from DOFUS Pets as soon as the server launches. ISK The server will be able to access the ISK without any particular modification or restriction. Moderation Moderators will of course be present on the server to monitor it. We are currently brainstorming new tools that would help them identify and sanction possible rule-breaking. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Will this server be a seasonal server? We did discuss the possibility of opening seasonal servers in Gamakna #0, but this particular server will not be seasonal. Will there be a specific ladder for “pioneers” (first to level X, first to complete X achievements, etc)? We do not plan to create a ladder of this type. Considering that the server is designed for single accounts, we prefer not to emphasise behaviors that may encourage people to try to find ways around the server’s restrictions. However, we will be publishing regular updates about the server so you can track your progress as a whole! We may also be bringing back the Master Profession shields! Will there be any XP/Loot/Star System growth rate bonuses when the server releases? We have no such plans. Will the group finding feature return because of this server? This feature will not be available. Will low-level craft recipes be revamped for this server? We are aware that some low-level crafts require high-level resources. However, we have no plans to modify these recipes for the release of the monoaccount server.
  4. Fancy update happened, everything's sorted now (can still mute and hide separate channels/categories).
  5. Some numbers, idk, there's 444 and several 13's, 123 is nice.
  6. S> 5 Large houses in Madrestam at [8,-3] with 2 floors and a basement, each has 2 chests and is conveniently placed 2 maps from the Madrestam Harbour Zaap. You may purchase them all with alts to have your own hub of easily reachable free storage with 10 chests (1,000 slots). Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.
  7. I got a Shigekax Mystery Box with that.
  8. [-20,-44] S [-19,-44] W [-18,-44] K [-17,-44] I [-16,-44] E [-15,-44] U [-14,-44] H [-20,-43] S [-19,-43] Q [-18,-43] Q [-17,-43] S [-16,-43] L [-15,-43] X [-14,-43] H [-20,-42] I [-19,-42] D [-18,-42] J [-17,-42] M [-16,-42] L [-15,-42] E [-14,-42] L [-20,-41] F [-19,-41] V [-18,-41] P [-17,-41] C [-16,-41] E [-15,-41] U [-14,-41] A [-20,-40] O [-19,-40] T [-18,-40] H [-17,-40] R [-16,-40] A [-15,-40] R [-14,-40] N [-20,-39] M [-19,-39] J [-18,-39] V [-17,-39] O [-16,-39] Z [-15,-39] X [-14,-39] L [-20,-38] M [-19,-38] C [-18,-38] N [-17,-38] G [-16,-38] Y [-15,-38] X [-14,-38] C [-20,-37] J [-19,-37] V [-18,-37] M [-17,-37] E [-16,-37] L [-15,-37] X [-14,-37] A [-20,-36] L [-19,-36] X [-18,-36] P [-17,-36] B [-16,-36] I [-15,-36] U [-14,-36] U
  9. Hello, I am Rota Crypticus and I'm on a riddle-licous mission to find the smartest adventurers in the World of Twelve! Are you up for a mind boggling challenge? Then come to the Cania Peaks between September 13 and September 15 to prove that you've got brains as well as brawn! The first to post the correct solution to my challenge in this thread will receive a Decoded Corset. In addition, and for those who come after, the solution will also work as a gift code during the time between September 13 and September 15. You get only one hint from me: It is all about the World of the Twelve! Good luck!
  10. You may be wondering: how in the World of Twelve did the Ivory Dofus come into play?! Well, to find out, you'll have to wait… until the release of the DOFUS novel, Volume 5! This gives you a few months to get your hands on the 5th Dofus and participate in the Ivory Rush event. The Ivory Rush will offer some crazy rewards, including a 10-year subscription! Long before the events of the MMO, a hero found the Ivory Dofus. Who was it? How did they find it? The answers are in the next DOFUS Novel! While you wait for December 5th to roll around, you'll be able to join other adventurers in taking home this valuable trophy yourself! For glory, but for other stuff too! Any player who finds the sought-after Dofus between September 5th and December 5th at 23:59 (Paris Time) will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes: Grand Prize (1 winner across all Communities): a 10-year subscription + all the subscription gifts made available in the 2017 1-year packs + the Leopardo Pet First runner-ups (2 winners per Community): a 1-year subscription + all the subscription gifts made available in the 2017 1-year packs + the Leopardo Pet Second runner-ups (2 winners per Community): a 6-month subscription + all the subscription gifts made available in the 2017 6-month packs Pretty tempting, huh? So, don't wait – oh, you've already left. Let's see who ends up with the Ivory Dofus!
  11. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/330688-contest-number?page=1#entry1342296 This contest is now over! As a reminder, the goal was to submit the lowest whole number (no decimals) between 1 and 1 Million which was not submitted by anyone else. Without further ado, let us congratulate our winner: choooks, who picked 80! He shall receive his prize shortly. Interestingly enough, 80 is not the lowest number that wasn't submitted at least twice: this honour falls to the number 45, which was not submitted at all! Also, the number that was submitted the most (70 times!) was... 1! Looks like 70 people failed to follow your advice, Mesaer!
  12. The beta servers have been updated, here are the changes made: The aggression of the members of the same alliance works correctly in the Heroic server. When a Bounty is defeated, a Following Character is correctly obtained for the characters having the associated quest in progress. Several spells in the fight against Erazal are modified. The way to make Erazal vulnerable is corrected. The basic weapon damage preview works well. When creating a character, after choosing a game mode for which no server is available, the drop-down menu listing the game modes is correctly set. In the quests of the Order of Priests, the operation of the monster Tsugrumo is corrected and is no longer impossible to defeat. The correction provisionally put in place to validate the objective of defeating it without having to fight it is withdrawn. The Brûlâmes monsters are no longer animated outside their game turn, in order to improve performances during the fighting against these monsters. 3 quest fights in the Ivory Dofus questline can no longer be carried out as a team (Bontarian Chafer, Brakmarian Chafer and Siniscus Treechnid). Quest It is time to die: several corrections are made on the Snifalos Os object (modification of the criterion of use, suppression of the positioning of the compass and given object again if already used), modification of the criterion of entry in the cave of Hyrkul to take into account the doggy of Snifalos (it must be in person follower to enter for the first time). New position markers are added to certain quest objectives. Unneeded quest items are removed. Several errors in the texts are corrected. The NPC Concierge of the tower is now present. The appearance of the Raccoon Pet is corrected when the character equips it. In some cases, NPC Oto Mustam did not validate Achievements, this problem is now corrected. Quest The mechanics of the body: it is no longer possible to recover debris prematurely by joining a fight against an experimental automaton, the validation of the "Bring back debris to Poubell'O'Tron" goal is done correctly if the character has more debris than necessary. The positions of certain hats and shields are improved. The text and the scroll bar are displayed correctly for wanted notices. The character is centered correctly when it is updated after an inventory shift. The visual auras are displayed correctly on characters. The monster Carter Le Pillard now has a portrait in the Timeline. The display of the login and loading screen is updated. Dagues d'Ilyzaelle/Ilyzaelle Daggers: One of the two lines of Earth Damage is now Neutral Damage. Critical Hit rate is changed: 5% => 15%. Arc Corrompu/Corrupted Bow: Critical Hit rate is changed: 25% => 15%. Lance Corrompue/Corrupted Staff: Earth Steal and Air Steal values are changed: 7 to 10 => 6 to 8. Cape de l'Oeil attentif/Putrid Eye Cloak: Neutral Resistance is replaced with Air Resistance. Panoplie d'Ilyzaelle/Ilyzaelle Set: Set Bonus for 2 and 3 Items equipped of Air and Water Damage bonus is changed: 10 => 15. Masque Brûlâme/Brûlâme Hat: Air, Earth, Neutral and Fire Damage bonus is changed: 7 to 10 => 9 to 12. Pomptes Funèbres/Funeral Payments: Air, Earth, Neutral and Fire Damage bonus is changed: 7 to 10 => 9 to 12. Masque de l'Esprit Salvateur/Salutary Spirit Hat: Critical Resistances bonus is removed. Wisdom bonus is changed: 31 to 40 => 31 to 50. Dodge bonus is changed: 5 to 7 => 7 to 10. Fire, Air, Earth, Neutral and Water damage bonus is changed: 9 to 12 => 11 to 15. Bottes de l'Esprit Salvateur/Salutary Spirit Boots: Critical Resistances bonus is removed. Prospecting bonus is added: 11 to 15. Dodge bonus is changed: 5 to 7 => 7 to 10. Fire, Air, Earth, Neutral and Water damage bonus is changed: 9 to 12 => 11 to 15. Ceinture de l'Esprit Salvateur/Salutary Spirit Belt: Critical Resistance bonus is removed. Vitality is changed: 301 to 350 => 351 to 400. Power bonus is changed: 41 to 60 => 51 to 70. Fire, Air, Earth, Neutral and Water Damage bonus is changed: 9 to 12 => 11 to 15. Snailmet: Critical Damage bonus is changed: 25 => 40 without increased ability and 27 => 42 with increased ability. Alignment Petsmounts: The two Petsmounts are now Soul Eaters, they gain stats by fighting the monsters of the Brûlâmes family. The Bouftor now gives Critical Resistances: 60 without increased capacity, and 65 with increased capacity. The Bouflux now gives Critical Damage: 40 without increased ability, and 42 with increased ability. Their hormone is dropped by Ilyzaelle. Darma and Phantom Bradler Bounty Quests have been corrected. In the Barracks of the Day, the first level at [-71,-78], two cells were accessible to the characters, but it was impossible to cast spells on it, this problem is now orrected. When a character finishes a fight while it is being transformed (Osamodas with "Animal Link", Sacrier with Punishments, etc.) and the mount equipped gains a level, the character no longer automatically dismounts from this mount when the fight ends. The fight against Veteran Chafers in Order quests is corrected. Placing Prisms on Sidimote's Quest and Dungeon maps is disabled. The Dardondakal Esprit NPC tooltip displays correctly. The quest tracking interface is updated correctly when all the objectives of a quest are not visible. The monster Purifying Flame now has a visual in the Timeline. The filter that reduces the brightness is displayed correctly when the Fatal Blows are triggered. The Darma and Phantom Bradler NPCs appear in the Bonta and Brakmar cells once their respective quests are completed. In the emoticon list, highlighting one of them highlights it, this highlight is correctly removed when the mouse passes on another emoticon, even when it has been clicked. The animation problems of Cra spells are corrected. The alignment flag Emotes now work correctly. When the Duelist Emote is played, the right arm moves and changes color like the rest of the body. The Gobrechaun's Spellcaster spell now has a projectile. Alignment Petsmount Emotes now work correctly.
  13. Gamakna #3 News: September - Final Alignment Quests, Ivory Dofus October - Single account server December - Spell Variants, Spell Point removal Dofus 3 (now known as Dofus Cube) WIP video: Codes: DIVOIRE - 10 Starry Fairyworks (Dofus) TOUMAKNA - Chocolate Shigekax (Dofus Touch) GOGREST - 5 Ghast Gum (Wakfu) GAMADIR - Necros Pack (Krosmaga) REALMAKNA - 5 Season 4 Krosbox (Krosmaster)
  14. The beta servers have been updated, here are the changes made: Minor corrections on several maps of the area of the Barracks of the Endless Day. Changes in the combat map against Erazal. In the Otomai Island Cemetery at [-56,25], it was impossible to leave the map to the south, this problem is now corrected. The HP and Power of the new Bounty Monsters change according to the number of Characters present at the beginning of the battle. The new Bounty Monsters correctly play animations when they use spells. The Bunch of Keys is properly managed to enter the Wa Wabbit Castle. The wanted posters for the Bounty Monsters Jérart Dupaindur and the Fantôme Braïdeur are now placed in play. The quests are launched on the associated panel in the militias of Bonta or Brakmar. The 14 special fights of the Dofus Ivory Quests are now functional. Those that were already present were modified and the others were added. The Profaigri Gourdinette Plague and Skav Friedrish Snikch spells (fights against rats in Alignment Quests) are corrected. It is possible to register in the Kolossium or accept a Kolossium fight for the characters already being in spectator mode of a Kolossium fight. Improvement of positions of Veteran Reward Hats and Shields.