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  1. Beta is up.
  2. Don't need the Ochre quest, it's been confirmed that Level 100 Alignment isn't needed to start the Ivory Dofus questline, though you'll need Level 100 Alignment to progress in the questline according to some people.
  3. http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1361041 https://twitter.com/_Cheveux_
  4. The other 4 Dofus questlines will be needed to start the Ivory Dofus questline. You'll need to do or have done Alignment and Enurado Quests to advance in the Ivory Dofus questline. When doing Ivory Dofus/Alignment Quests, you'll need to defeat Catseye, Tal Kasha, the new Dungeon Boss, Merkator, Nidas, Nileza, Meno, Anerice.
  5. Only the French community can access the server due to a problem, other communities will gain access on Monday. Stuff - https://twitter.com/Grave_Storm
  6. Beta is up.
  7. There's also a list on the Wiki.
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/166177653
  9. They were showing the Ivory Dofus questline.
  10. It's most likely Wakfu season 3 content, diving deeper with the Brotherhood of the Forgotten questline and even giving one new Dungeon, though maybe it could be called Frigost 4 depending if it'll be a sizeable area.
  11. End of the year, 2.44 I guess.
  12. Dofus 2.43 update, was planned for September in Gamakna, Beta will start on August 17th. Previous Livestream link showcasing all the things Level 90-100 Alignment Quests. Further Astrub Monster/Dungeon revamps. Removal of Server IDs near Server names in the Server selection screen. Ivory Dofus questline: Other Dofus will get their levels adjusted to the levels of the Quests as well. 3 new Sets and 1 new Shield for both Alignments, Item stats are the same for both Alignment Sets, only visuals change. Other Sets/Items: Frigost Island expansion, one new Dungeon: Each Monster has 26k HP, monsters spawn each turn, saw the maximum of 7/8 monsters in the fight, one dealt 561 damage: Boss, has 42k HP, when boss is vulnerable it becomes your ally and attacks other monsters: When something is on the Orange Glyph, it deals 400% more Damage: Dungeon Achievements: Sacrier's Robust Punishment's form's visuals redone:
  13. Yes, you need to take care of a Pet for 21 days to be able to transfer it to other Ankama games. Take care of 6 different types of a Pet and you'll be able to transfer a Petsmount to other Ankama games.