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  1. The servers will be updated tomorrow, here is the list of changes made: Titles and ornaments unlocked via Achievements can be correctly earned multiple times per account. Default tactical mode colors are dimmed to provide a more readable default tactical mode. The colors of several tactical modes specific to certain areas are also improved. The preview of the AoE of the Greed spell is displayed correctly. The interactive doors (labyrinth of the Dragon Pig, gate of the giant Kralamoure etc.) open and close properly. The Death of My Life Quest: It is possible to recover Clarisse again by returning to where she was if she ever stops following the character prematurely. The Day of The Assassins Quest: It is now possible for the characters who have not yet defeated the assassin to recover the necronyx sword from the blacksmith Gobanos if they do not have it in their inventory. The Day of The Assassins Quest : The number of HP of the death assassin is reduced, the effect of the spell "Torpedor of the Magypus" now lasts 6 turns. The icon of the cloak Colorivante is corrected. With an equipped Incarnation, the levels of spells are correctly displayed according to the level of the Incarnation. Acquisition levels are no longer displayed. The two spells given in the quest "It Took a Hair" are again obtained. It is again possible to finish the Chafers bow fight normally in the quest "Reconnaissance Mission to the Graveyard". The mounts do not disappear visually in the pens. In some cases, mounts may not be placed in stables, this problem should be corrected. Aggression of Monsters: During an exchange with a Perceptor, the content of the Perceptor's inventory is now automatically transferred to the character's inventory in the event of a monster attack (instead of being lost). Monsters no longer attack characters who read placards or interactive documents (but they still attack characters who read a book from their inventory). The time to trigger a monster assault is increased from 3 to 10 seconds (this value could eventually go down or up). The concept of systematically aggressive monsters is removed. It will remain in play only the aggression of the monsters towards the characters of too low level (monsters whose level is higher than that of the characters of at least 50 levels). We maintain this function because we believe that low-level characters must take risks if they wish to venture into areas much higher than their own. Special Spells: The duration of the Cawott glyph is corrected and is now 8 turns again. Summoning of Chaferfu: Critical Hit is removed. The spell now has a 1 in 5 chance of summoning a Charferfu Lancer. Summoning of Arachnee: Critical Hit is removed. The spell now has a 1 in 5 chance of summoning a Major Arachnee. Cra: Casting Crushing Arrow doesn't cause it to be displayed twice in the chat. The icon for Striking Arrow is added. Ecaflip: The stacking limit for Ecaflip's Audacity is correctly applied. Eniripsa: Striking Word: The glyph is placed even if the target is killed by the spell's damage. The spell can now only place one glyph per target per turn. The glyph is no longer placed around allies. Seductive Word: The animation is fixed. The Critical Hit for Resounding Word works correctly. Enutrof: Hard Cash: The animation is fixed. Feca: The damage dealt by Fulminating Glyph is correctly displayed in the spell's tooltip. Reinforcement now has a minimal Range of 2. Huppermage: Morph: The effects are correctly played even if the target is killed. The stacking limit of the effects is now applied per element. As such, it is now possible to stack each bonus twice. The casting limit per target per turn is now 4. Osamodas: Slimy Toad: Toad Slobber no longer affects allies. Black Toad: The animation for Sialoquentoad is fixed. Sedimentation: The animation is fixed. Natural Defence: Range (3 -> 7) and Cooldown (4 -> 2) are fixed. Pandawa: Bamboo: If the Pandawa stays on their Bamboo, they correctly do not get the ability to carry back. Nausea: If the target is killed, the repelling effect is applied anyway. Sacrier: The Critical Hit for Blood Bath works correctly. Sadida: Casting the Bane spell no longer causes the line "Bane infection" to be displayed in the chat. The animation for Harmony is fixed, it should no longer play once for each target affected by the spell. Sram: Contempt: The animation is fixed. Foggernaut: Trawler: Range of Trawling is increased by 1. Hypertension: Correctly lets the player cumulate several Evolution III turrets (no longer abnormally puts the other turrets back in Evolution II) Recursiveness works correctly even when Compass has been cast on a turret. Xelor: When the effects of Time Rift come to an end, the Synchro correctly casts its End of Time spell if Temporal Instability has been cast before. The AP removal effect from Xelor's Sandglass works correctly even if the caster is under the effect of Mummification. Monsters: The Summons of the Osamodas Dopple play correctly (they played unnaturally). Ougaa: The power of the monster evolves correctly when confronted in group: It evolved when it was confronted by 1 to 5 characters instead of 4 to 8 characters. Larvicily: Its Spell Reflect is replaced by Damage Reflect.
  2. Kwismas Island is open, no idea since when.
  3. The servers will be updated tomorrow, here is the list of changes made: Arenas are available (they were closed because some groups of aggressive monsters would attack different characters than the owner of the Soulstone). The Glad Yator NPC (in the Kolossium building) lets you buy Kolossoken Scrolls for 1,000 Kollosokens each. This temporary measure will allow you to gather Kolossokens on other characters. Old Spell Point Scrolls are transformed into Kolossoken Scrolls. An explanatory information bubble is added in the Bestiary for aggressive monsters. The Relief Boots class item is modified: The bonus that used to allow you to cast the Roaming Glyph spell twice a turn is now a bonus that removes the need for Line of Sight when casting the spell. Added the missing Emilie Yuh NPC in the Xelor Temple. The progression of the A Bad Case of the Simples Quest is no longer blocked when escorting Simples to the Sadida Temple. As the Tower Turns Achievement: The Achievement now allows you to earn the Scourge of the Veriun Dead Title. Characters who have already validated the Achievement can talk to the Voice of the Twelve NPC in order to obtain the Title. Breaking Heart Quest: It is now possible to escort the Crackler Shaman to the different stages of the quest, even if the following character has been lost. Living items of the ring, belt, boots, or amulet subtype now work as intended when they are fed. The level of the character is correctly displayed in the end of fight interface after gaining a level. The performance of the game servers are optimised when handling Challenges during fights. The preview of the area of effect of weapons is fixed (some weapons used to display an incorrect area of effect). Eniripsa: Pernicious Word is correctly unlocked at level 130 (and not at level 195). Self-Sacrificing Word now has 1 Max effect accumulation. Ecaflip: Levels 2 and 3 of Wheel of Fortune correctly unlock at levels 90 and 132 (an not at level 36). Enutrof: The increase in damage suffered applied by the Decadence spell works correctly. Feca: Lifelessness now steals Intelligence before dealing damage. Pandawa: Karcham no longer requires Line of Sight. The range of Propulsion is corrected for levels 2 and 3. It used to be 3 instead of 4 and 5. Rogue: Gluing Explobomb no longer deals damage to allies. Sacrier: Influx no longer deals damage to allies. Flying Sword no longer keeps its appearance and bonuses linked to the Sacrier's Suffering when said Sacrier gets back between the -6 to 6 Suffering levels. Flying Sword no longer needs a target to cast its Bloodthirsty Cutting Up spell. Motivating Pain correctly increases Suffering if the target dies. Ravages correctly brings the caster closer to his target even if said target dies. Foggernaut: The behaviour of the Bathyscaphe turret is corrected: It correctly gives Shield to its allies every turn. Its Decompression spell (AP gift) is corrected and no longer affects the whole map (but can still be cast at an infinite Range without the need of Line of Sight) The Trawler turret only removes MP when in Evolution III. Xelor: Premonition can correctly be cast while in Gravity state (but the spell will have no effect if the caster is in the Gravity spell at the moment when the spell takes effect).
  4. B> Castuc Cocktail for 6or moremk. Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm.
  5. Servers are up.
  6. December Subscription Set, Ceremonial+Livitinem+Chamo.
  7. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: The items in the Colorivant Set are available on the Beast Test NPC. Spells earn their new level correctly when the character gains a level (previously it was sometimes necessary to relaunch the client so that the new level of the spell is taken into account). Access to the Acute Paranoia Quest no longer requires the intervention of a second character if the first forgot to start it when it was proposed. Class Sets: Tilus Ring: Correctly changes the Complice spell. The Spontaneous Return spell bonus becomes an increase in the maximum cast count. Ainte Headgear: The Musket bonus becomes a 2 Range bonus. The Rebours bonus becomes Modifiable Range. Luthe Belt: Reduces The Inflammable spell's cooldown correctly by 1. Hanik Boots: Reduces The Blocker spell's cooldown correctly by 1. Tyron's Hat: Reduces The Sacrificed spell's cooldown correctly by 1. Cape Hitton: Reduces The Inflatable spell's cooldown correctly by 1. Pwal Ring: Reduces The Ultra Powerful spell's cooldown correctly by 1. Pitale Ring: The spell Dérobade is replaced by Berserk, the associated bonus becomes a reduction of AP cost. Hans Strap: The bonus of the Fulgurance spell becomes a 1 Range bonus. Cape Ytale: The bonus of the Bloody Madness spell becomes a reduction of AP cost. Cape Lyne: The bonus of the Whip spell becomes a 1 Range bonus. Glinglin Strap: The Cruelty spell bonus becomes a 20% CC bonus. Hell Ring: The bonus of the Misty Trap spell becomes a 2 Range bonus. Aille Cloak: The Clover spell bonus becomes an increase in the maximum cast count per turn. Hadosse Cloak: Fortification spell check: If cast on ally, the bonus applies correctly to the ally (and not to the caster). Blot Belt: The bonus of the Valve spell becomes a reduction of AP cost. Hera Ring: No longer affects the Gobball spell and now increases the Range of the Bane Toad spell by 1. Tong Aclou: Influx no longer affects the caster of the spell. The Bombance and Alcoholic Breath spell bonuses are passed over the Huée Strap and those of Ethylo and Distillation on the Wera Cloak. Target Strap: Now increases the maximum cast count per turn of the Falling Arrow spell. Hadosse Cloak: Now reduces the cooldown for the Fortification spell. Opsy Boots: Now increases the Range of the Ruse spell by 2. Ecaflip: Mistigri no longer applies Heals on the caster if it targets an ally. Audacity of Ecaflip works correctly: The power bonus effect was not applied. Eliotrope: Affront: Lock penalty works correctly. Contraction can no longer be cast on the first turn. The Stupor Cooldown is corrected and is 4, 3, 2 at level 1, 2, 3. Feca: Ataraxia now applies a bonus of 5,000 Shield Points during an attack instead of the Invulnerable State. Huppermage: Courand Quadramental can no longer be cast on the first turn. Osamodas: Relay works correctly on targets in the Gravity State. Whip can no longer be cast on the first turn. Pandawa: Brandy no longer affects the caster. Karcham and Chamrak only give their Range bonus if someone has actually been carried. Cascade can no longer be cast on the first turn. Sacrier: Blood Pact works properly: The damage reduction effect was not applied. Penance works correctly: The swap places effect was not applied to the first damaged target. Sadida: Harmony correctly affects the caster. Sram: Selecting the Jinx spell no longer causes disconnection. Epidemic only does damage once on secondary targets and can no longer be unbewitched. Foggernaut: Selecting the Broken Soul spell no longer causes disconnection. Short Circuit only changes the cooldown of the target turret. Xelor: The Spontaneous Return cast is no longer blocked in the Gravity state (but the spell does not affect targets in the Gravity state). Pendulum can no longer be cast on the first turn. More than 50 spell descriptions are improved. Some spells that used the Reflect Spell effect are modified, they now Reflect Damage: No Teeth (Sorcerer Bandit Incarnation) Flame back (Larvae) Disruption (Rib) Kamae (Pandikaze) Cuticle (Scaratos) Breeze (Raul Mops)
  8. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: The experience accumulated by living objects can not exceed the value corresponding to their maximum level. Solar and Bethel monsters work better. The Necronyx spell (given to the characters to defeat monsters in Submerged and Calcined families) now passes the current turn of the caster when it is used. The main novelties of the update are highlighted during the first launch of the 2.45 client. Spells learned during dialogs with NPCs are correctly visible in the spell interface without the need to reconnect. Assigning several shortcuts for the same spell no longer occasionally causes the ability to cast the affected spells. New spells obtained (up to level 100) are automatically added to the spell shortcut bar. Ecaflip: Mesaventure: Damage does not affect the caster anymore. Eliotrope: Plumb: Damage reduced Outrage: Damage reduced. Beam: Damage reduced. Enutrof: Decay: Damage increase corrected. Osamodas: The size of Albino Tofu is corrected. The Albino Dragonnete now has a fearful behavior. Dragonheart Spell: Heals works correctly. Substitution: Summoned Summons are now at the maximum level. Favoritism: Max effect accumulation is now 10. Sacrier: Hecatombe: AP cost corrected: 3. Foggernaut: The behavior of the Forage Turret is corrected: It only attacks one target each time with its Drill spell. The Forage and the Harpooner Turrets can now attack the same target once each. Bathyscaphe: Shield bonus increased. AP bonus now lasts 2 turns. Sram: Mischief: Can no longer be cast on the first turn. Plunder: AoE reduced to 3 squares around the target. Search: Heals no longer affect the caster. Xelor: The animation of the Gear spell is corrected.
  9. 2.45 will come out on December 5th.
  10. Kwismas Island open from December 12th to January 9th.
  11. We've updated the logo, so that's cool. https://discord.me/dofus
  12. There has been in the past, but I think they've stopped doing it for a couple years now.