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  1. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/680562-dungeon-rusher-14-ush
  2. You could also edit the Wiki.
  3. It's May 20th, not April 20th. Dofus Reddit has a similar ad on the right, with a similar URL, and it works. You should see the 1 year pack in that page if you are on the correct account that got the email, also try clearing your cache if you don't.
  4. It contains wee, sadly they don't have exceptions and filter everything.
  5. May 2nd, the name is Echo.
  6. Only when you don't capitalize it.
  7. Some of them are only censored in Character/Group/Guild/Alliance/Mount names.
  8. It contains wee. You can check the full list of censored words here.
  9. You can disable it in Options -> Menu -> Mask insulting words in the chat channel, if you want.
  10. The game servers have been updated on 04/11/2017. Here is a list of the modifications: Fights Some spells would sometimes abnormally have an inappropriate visual effect (shaped like a giant ring centred on the character), this issue should now be fixed. Quests In the Star Ski and Dutch quest, some texts from the Francky NPC weren't up to date regarding the amount of Obsidian asked for. This NPC now asks for the same amount in all its texts. In the Evening the Score quest, it is now possible again to be followed by Ben Wodent, even if this follower character was lost prematurely. In some cases, the A Flee Spirit quest would become blocked when at the "Question the Hunters in the camp about the capture of a Gerbean" objective. This issue is fixed. Magypus Rescue quest: by talking to Mishell, PCs can get the Rainbow Stuffed Gobball back if it has been prematurely removed from their inventory. Achievements The Count Razof (Duo) Achievement validates properly, including for characters that finish the fight in exactly 20 turns, as is stated in the Achievement's description. Shields The Akwadala Shield is no longer part of the Akwadala set. The following Shields can now be destroyed, and thus can be used with Mimisymbics: Trophy Dragon Pig Shield Raydi Shield Unique Hispañic Shield Boh-Bihn Shield Shield Kada Poshield 646 Champion Shield 643 Champion Shield Tailblazer Shield Trophy Dark Vlad Shield Kimbo Shield Trophy Soft Oak Shield Trophy Minotoror Shield Trophy Kimbo Shield Trophy Wa Wabbit Shield Trophy Koolich Shield Trophy Sphincter Cell Shield Trophy Bworker Shield Pac-Tiger Shield Trophy Moon Shield Hispañic Shield Dramak Shield Royal Rainbow Blop Shield 645 Champion Shield Equipment The Akwadala, Feudala, Terrdala and Aerdala Sets now grant a bonus when 7 items are equipped. Monsters Potbellion: its Dire Beaties spell now applies the Gravity state after switching places. During the fight against The Bird of Time, teleporting to the previous cell works correctly. The Catseye can no longer use its Prank and Catch spell if it is in Gravity state. Prank and Catch correctly switches positions with enemies. Domo-, Dynamo-, Hulhu-, and Nekineko-type idols can no longer be used in the fight against Count Razof. Sidekick Krosmoglob: Feint no longer applies the Gravity state, but instead applies a state that specifically prevents from casting Dimensional Rift. Miscellaneous Italian texts are updated. Class names are no longer forbidden words under the naming rules. Accents can no longer be used for Mount names. Groups of characters can correctly be renamed. The DOFUS client no longer disconnects after several attempts at creating a character. The appearance of Count Razof in the Bestiary is fixed. Inter-Server Kolossium The uncertainty of characters in 1v1 Kolossium is reset (to the highest value) for all characters. New characters now have the highest possible uncertainty when first taking part in the 1v1 ISK. Previously, the uncertainty used for the 1v1 mode was set up based on the solo mode of the 3v3 ISK. This modification should force quicker ratings variations (both upwards and downwards) after the update. The daily reset of the number of victories in the ISK works correctly.
  11. If you stand near a Trap when it's activated, it's considered Melee Damage, otherwise it's considered Ranged Damage.
  12. You'll soon bear witness to the Server Fusion. The divinities of the World of Twelve are delighted to count you among their guests at this ceremony, and you'll be one of the first to witness it. More still: it'll be up to you to choose a name! In a short while, your servers will be changing their identity. But before anything else, since our main concern is making you happy and offering a game that is best suited to you, we're giving you the chance to take part in choosing their names. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to select 15 names out of the 30 you'll find on the following link: survey link, activate! We will choose the names of the servers based on the list of the 15 most popular names in this poll. You have until Monday, April 10th, 10:00 (Paris Time) to vote, so don't dawdle and make your voice heard! The ball's in your court!
  13. Maging The weights of the following effects are reduced (30 => 15): % Melee Damage, % Distance Damage, % Spell Damage, % Weapon Damage, % Melee Resistance, % Distance Resistance. Shields The value of certain effects is reduced in order to facilitate their maging: Bouclier Alvéolé: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Melee Damage: 16 to 20% => 11 to 15%. Spell Damage: -14% => -9%. Ecorce de Brouce: Earth Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. AP Loss Resistance: 16 to 20 => 16 to 25. Détourné: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Vitality: 150 to 200 => 201 to 250. Carapar: Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Bouclier à hélice: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. AP Loss Resistance: 11 to 15 => 16 to 20. Earth Dial: Earth Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Dial of Fire: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Air Dial: Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Water Dial: Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Pandawa Shield: Neutral Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Weapon Damage: 11 to 15% => 8 to 11%. Spell Damage: -10% => -6%. Bouclier des Brigandins: Earth Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Bouclier Cubiste: Distance Damage: 16 to 20% => 11 to 15%. Spell Damage: -14% => -9%. MP Reduction: 16 to 20 => 11 to 15. Bouclier Taverne: Spell Damage: 11 to 15% => 8 to 11%. Distance Damage: -10% => -6%. Bouclier Sadida: Spell Damage: 11 to 15% => 7 to 9%. Distance Damage: -9% => -5%. Bouclier Aerdala: Weapon Damage: 9 to 12% => 5 to 6%. Spell Damage: -6% => -4%. Bouclier du Bawbawe: Weapon Damage: 4 to 6% => 3 to 4%. Spell Damage: -4% => -2%. Sacrier Voyager Punishment: MP bonus at the time of the Punishment is removed. In total, during the 3 turns, the Punishment only provides 1 MP. Xelor The range of Teleportation returns to 5 at level 6 of the spell. Eniripsa The skill value of Word of Youth at level 6 if the caster is in the Decisive state is now 5% (up from 3% before). Various If a character tries to use a House Potion without owning a house, it is notified of the impossibility of teleporting by displaying an error message in the chat window. It is no longer possible to use apostrophes for the names of characters (they were sources of problems of display). The maximum number of consecutive special characters for character names, guilds and alliances is now set to 1. The visual effects of Count Razof spells are displayed correctly. In the chat interface, automatic scrolling (messages that go up as soon as a new message is received) remains active as long as the scroll bar is positioned at the bottom and there is no text selection in Courses. In addition, when automatic scrolling is not active, if new messages are received, an exclamation mark appears to the right of the input field to inform the player.
  14. April 4th.