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  1. It was supposed to come out last December, though they've received a lot of feedback and decided to postpone it to redo the rewards, now everything's in place and they're just gathering ideas for the Kolossoken sink before releasing the update.
  2. Could also keep giving the XP to the Character for the upcoming Level 200+, whenever it comes.
  3. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: Ouginak: Tibia correctly increases Rage at level 1. The bestial form now increases damage by 10%. Cra Class Set: Removing the Line of Sight for Poison Arrow (former Lashing Arrow) is replaced by increasing the number of uses per target.
  4. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: The number of quests needed to complete the "In Search of Fate" Achievement is reduced from 1500 to 1300. This new value takes into account quests that can not be validated due to a character level being too high, it also helps to minimize the impact of the Almanax quests on achieving the Achievement. We do not wish to make the Achievement of all Almanax quests necessary to obtain certain Achievement because these quests indirectly involve connecting every day of the year and we do not want to impose such a rhythm of play . A new Achievement is added: "In search of renown", for completing 1100 quests.
  5. The beta servers have been updated, here is the list of changes made: Marteau de Katrepat: AP cost changed: 4 => 5,Critical Hit chance changed: 4 => 8 Strange Wand: Uses per turn changed: 2 => 1, Minimum Range changed: 3 => 2 Anerice: She is now immune to Vertigo, Trap of Silence and Paralysing Poison spells, Cooperation: Anerice teleports near the nearest enemy ghoul instead of exchanging places with it. Kérigoule: MP changed: 2 => 4, Area of Effect for the spell Tranche changed: circle of 2 cells => circle of 3 cells. Cra Dopple: Lashing Arrow is replaced by Punitive Arrow. Dantinea: The placement positions of the map are changed. The cells of appearance of Grokillages are modified. Goulclier: The distance damage penalty is replaced by a melee resistance penalty.
  6. Some people got in by clearing the cache or using another network, though the fixes don't work for everyone, hopefully it'll be fixed tomorrow.
  7. It has been reported by several threads already, and that's the main reason why this thread was opened.
  8. Server(s) that get reset every x months.
  9. They will be using the old servers left after merging all servers to develop seasonal servers in the future.
  10. June 20th.
  11. If anyone knows any old bugs that haven't been fixed yet, you can write about them here.
  12. Changelog is up on the main post.
  13. 4% HP Shield instead of 10% (Total being 16% if surrounded by 4 enemies).