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  1. There will be a vote and it will be something from the Dofus lore, though yeah, Pangea seems a possibility for the English one if Izmar persuades them.
  2. Main post updated.
  3. http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/326707-reviewing-2016-previewing-2017?poid=1328079
  4. The spike was a massive influx of bots that caused the servers to be slow and even down for some time, coincidentally during and after the Steam release. Also, Tot has elaborated a bit on this thread as well: I'm curious as to where these numbers come from. In any case, they are false. And no, nothing is catastrophic in the figures, but we have to pull ourselves together. To speak concretely, we have about 650,000 players a month and this has been for a while. That's 100,000~150,000 less than in the last 2 years. This is not the financial catastrophe because 95% of the players who do not play anymore did not pay. By cons it is still a bad sign on the whole because even if these players did not pay, they gave life to the game. The real worry is that new players are not attracted to Dofus. The latter has become very difficult even if you do not realize it. The lack of quick rewards, Piwis who put you in misery in Astrub... The new players are quitting fast. On the other hand, those who cling for a few hours remain. There is no quick fix as I have been trying to tell you for a while. We must find the sap of the game and adapt it. If we can do it on the current game, that's great. But it goes through a phase of exchanges and discussions. And I see clearly in relation to these discussions that each one is stuck to his opinions and certainties, exactly as at home. If I discuss with you it is to try to sort it out. But as much as we do not have enough big Dofus players in Ankama (which has the consequence of lack of vision linked to that of the players) so much here, I discuss almost only with "big players". On one side as well as the other, I can not quite estimate what would appeal to "everyone", beginners as well as old. In short, this is above all a brainstorming job and the goal is not to fuck shit but to try to better understand things for the future.
  5. In the previous message from Tot, the most recent view of it is that Dofus 3 will act as a testing ground before porting Dofus and Wakfu over to it.
  6. Hello everyone, First of all, before launching into the sequel, I would like to make a small point on the comments of this post. There are a lot of topics. Many posts are really interesting and join our reflections. Unfortunately, these posts are lost in the midst of others, much less built and above all "demotivating". I ask you the simple question: What is the point of posting 100 times messages like "You are going to stop Dofus 2 in favor of Dofus 3, you have not understood anything blabla" while I have repeated countless times that it was not going to be the case. What good is it to stir up subjects that absolutely do not advance the debate on a post or the idea is precisely to find solutions all together for the continuation of the game? It is frankly used and it is often in relation to this kind of messages that it is difficult to come and exchange DEPTH with you. We start well and then we find ourselves in a lot of subjects that have nothing more to do and that destroys the good will of each other. All this, dear friends, to tell you that if you ask for communication efforts on our part, you must also make your own. Far be it from me to be condescending or otherwise but it's really tiring on the medium-long term. In short, I felt the need to make this point with you before going further, I hope you will not take it badly. We pushed the thinking internally and I take this opportunity to make a point with you. That is what we would like to propose to you. At first, to try to stay focused, I will not talk to you anymore about Dofus 3. Proposal : As we announced, in April, we will launch the merge of the servers. We would like to take advantage of this to retrieve 1 or 2 servers in order to do the game play test. At first, the idea would be to focus on a new system of spells (thus balancing character classes). The objectives would be multiple: - Modernize the obtaining of the spells and the evolution of the character. - Take advantage of this redesign to implement the 200+ level - Offer more builds for each class - Have a PvP easier to balance and set up - And perhaps the most pleasant subject from my point of view: to start from the principle that one does not erase the spells of a class when one makes a recasting. The idea is to launch a special server oriented to the redesign of the spells. 1. This server would be accessible to all our players. 2. Each class would have far more spells than at present. 3. The spells are no longer gained when passing levels but in the form of drops. Each character starts with 4-5 basic spells and has to drop others. The spells would have different rarities. 4. The mechanics of each class are reviewed to be adapted on a "global" system, starting from an "elementary gauge". It's ultimately the biggest subject, so I'll try to explain it to you correctly. One of my worries about the game is that everything is too complicated. The primary objective of this test was to simplify the reading of fighting in priority, while bringing a more modern "combo" system. We have therefore thought of this system of "elementary gauges". In detail, each of the four elements will have its elementary gauge. - The 4 gauges all work in the same way. - They have 10 positive "tokens" that we will call "Bô" (for bonus / good) - They have 10 negative "tokens" that we will call "Mô" (for malus / evils) - The spells are almost all related to the gauges. The more a player has "Bô" in one of his gauges, the more effective he will be in his attacks. If a player has a lot of "Mô" in one of his gauges, his opponents will apply him more and more constraining effects. - Support classes can increase the "Bô" of their allies or reduce their "Mô". - "Bô" and "Mô" can be released to trigger super effects through special spells. Some examples of Iop spells: - Short Charge: Inflicts X Damage. Increases your Earth gauge by 1 Bô. - Uppercut: Inflicts X damage. Increases the target's Earth gauge by 1 Mô. - Shield Rain: Free all your Earth gauge Bô to rain as much shield on a target. Each shield deals X damage. - Defensive Posture: Free 10 Earth gauge Bô to reduce all attacks received until the next turn by 70%. - Rage: Inflicts X damage according to the Mô of the target's Earth gauge. Xelors would have more "accurate"/"readable" spells about AP loss/gain. The number of APs it causes the enemy to lose can depend on the number of "Mô" in the Water gauge of the enemy. These are only examples to explain a little mechanics. I suspect it's very difficult to visualize and I think the best way to present it to you will be to make a short video. 5. On this test server, we will make sure to prohibit exchanges. Players will "exchange" only through Markets or at the end of the fight, between members of the same group and for a given time. It does not amuse us but I would like to try this to see if it is useful against the bots. 6. I would also like to take advantage of the server to offer a "starting zone" to each player. Everyone would start on an island, with a house, a Market and a zaap. The idea is to make it much easier to travel around the world. Finally, through this test server, I would like us to launch some new concepts that might be a little too "revolutionary" so that we can integrate them directly into Dofus. Here, finally, do not pack too much on this post. We have planned to present it to you in a much more concrete way. I just felt obliged to start the discussion here because I promised you regular responses. Good Sunday, Tot
  7. Porting Dofus 2 on Unity would take us a good 3-4 years. The number of features to reproduce are monstrous. Dofus Touch took more than 2 years while they did not touch the server... And then some concepts are up to review. 3-4 years with us is infernal because it is way too long. I do not think we are pruned for such long development... Do not forget that we have an independent company and that every month is a fight. The idea is to make a new game with mechanics close to those of Dofus/Wakfu and to get it out faster. By focusing on the battle mode to start with, personally, I am convinced that this is the most important. The rest can be built around it gradually. There will be fewer things than Dofus or Wakfu to start but this will allow us to launch the machine. And this new game, we will develop it by thinking about what the engine can then be used for porting Dofus and Wakfu. It is for this reason that it is important to know what works really well or really not well in our MMOs to make the right choices thereafter. The ideal calendar: - This year: A Dofus or Wakfu server for testing concepts with you and setting priorities. - 2018-2019: A Dofus 3/Krosmoz World on Unity. It will be the same game as above but with the possibility of playing on mobiles and tablets. And above all, with an engine that allows us to let go in terms of creativity. - 2020: Exit of a port of Dofus/Wakfu on the engine released previously. I am talking about an ambitious vision that would consist of placing all our games in one and the same big universe. Dofus and Wakfu would become "epochs" in the same game. I've been dreaming about this for years and I think it's time to start with a techno like Unity. It is obviously very ambitious but puree, it would be so much simpler at all levels. Communication, asset productions (dev and graph...), BG consistency... And to this would be added the ability to play videos and bd directly in this game/app/platform. The entire Krosmoz universe on a single big game/platform. I have talked about this some time ago, but I would really like to see this project succeed. So yes, it is ambitious but "the cons dare everything, it is even to that we recognize them"
  8. Then I guess just gather the highest level Resource while looking at either Mavvo's or Wikia's maps. Routes could be added to guides, but I don't think it'll help much.
  9. Crafting the highest level Item possible is usually the best way to level, or doing some math depending on several factors.
  10. There's not many ways Dofus 2 can be improved though, besides just spamming content updates that don't seem to make people happy.
  11. A nice page to update would be the Leveling guide. And here's the base Build template that should be used, feel free to copy paste equipment for similar Element Builds if you want, it's still nice to have several pages as people tend to search for them. The most up to date guide (in terms of the page template) is the Chance Sacrier one, it's only 3 years old!