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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. pretty good, teaching others how to make games now for a job.
  2. To develop it, I am using XNA with C# to build the engine, then transferring that to MonoDevelop/C# where I finish scripting (much more platform friendly, allows apple/mac/linux/win8/iphone/android) Just relaunched the whole campaign, upgraded graphics with a much more professional look to it, check it out now if you can :) CLICK HERE TO SEE IT AGAIN
  3. A new screenshot! using artwork courtesy of Redshrike from Open game art Check out details about the campaign HERE
  4. haha yeah this would be awesome. Estimates for artwork range between $5000-$7000, I wouldn't mind having a spare $1k for music/sound/server costs. so $6000 would be a nice minimum, $8000 would mean everything would definitely be covered :)
  5. Well at the moment its either solo missions or missions with other players/friends.. Although the idea of running a party is interesting, some of the solo missions i planned on NPC's accompanying you (e.g. a guide in snowy mountain passes) and other NPC's who like to accompany you on "harder" missions, Adding the possibility of controlling NPC characters is possible, I'm gonna have to say a maybe to that, or add it as an toggle for advanced players only. It's Planned to have a big modding capability... whether i have to pull that out of the initial release is still to be seen tho (its why i dont promise huge modding capability in the video)
  6. Hey guys, Used to be a long time dofus player/imps user, who worked on games as a hobby. Well, i have made the transition from hobby development to full time, i am now a Full time independant developer. I have two fun mobile games awaiting release, and starting on my third, a much larger, more fun project. What it is: A isometric tactical RPG, with some multiplayer elements. I have a video on the campaign page which has more details :) CAMPAIGN LINK HERE If anyone has any questions/comments/ideas, post them here and ill get back to you about them. If you can't afford contributing, and still want to help, please share this link with others you might know who like tactical RPGs. Thanks, Fued
  7. duckula ;.;
  8. lol you know about canoons/zaaps right? i can meet you in bonta if u want haha
  9. ill take a prespic set for a friend, msg fuedr or lestaticakes
  10. reloaded twice, and still couldnt use it :( didnt get my bandage set either... pricks
  11. i cant use the name i reserved -.- so im FuedR
  12. me and my stepson will be on, not as full time as dofus tho :( ill see wat i can do about making anx play lol ill be fued once again, no originality here xD
  13. seems its just to keep things from locking someone, rather than to do a huge amount of damage? e.g. cast it on a sadida, and no monster is going to come up and end its turn next to them and locking them