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  1. 1) isn't that a little on the low end? 2) there's a dedicated server section for this kinda crap 3) you would have been smart to put your character name so someone can contact you.... 4) doubt you regular this post, since you literally made an account just to try to find a leech... 5) do people actually pay for this kinda leeching? i personally wouldn't mind.
  2. Honestly this doesn't deserve a full post but meh. A guildie was asking me which one is better, and what the difference is in the end, and honestly in the end they're almost the same. This is a spreadsheet showing really overall what it looks like, and it's a bit too much stuff, but I've never used excel or any spreadsheet thing so it was the best I could do https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bjQKFIkhwVLOcvynNzfiI0UieSBeW5uk5vDZAJLktV0/edit?usp=sharing I didn't factor in the % final damage bonus from Turq, but if I did,it pushes the plum-emerald just a tiny bit higher. Checked the stats of 3 (VERY generic) omni builds, and 3 mono builds (pure +dmg, ballanced +dmg/crit dmg, and higher focus on crit dmg than +dmg) as well as put a 15, 20, and 30 base dmg spell (with +5 on crit, but the results didn't change significantly for +3 and +7) It's worth noting that at no point did the gap between the 2 be large enough that i'd consider it significant. 30 base on builds with 0 crit dmg (very unrealistic for someone to be wearing either DT on that build...) had a nearly 10 gap on omni, but...that's a bit wild to even care about. Final result: Plum-Emerald is better than Emerald-Golden. but by a very small margin... The damage gap between the 2 is virtually nonexistent below 30 base, but the fact that plum boosts things that aren't damage spells adds to it, as well as turq's bonuses. P.S. any idea how I could put this into a graph? Edit: Added plum-gold because it felt wrong excluding it. that one has much bigger gaps, and is better the lower your crits are, and the lower crit dmg bonus you have.
  3. Pandas are a tiny bit op, yes, but I wouldn't say that's a big deal. And what's wrong with cras? They're a simple class, but they're supposed to be. Wheras we have mechanically broken spells on eca (HoT and AoN), and the confusion that is enu, who has some of the most op spells in the game, and then some randomly super underwhelming ones, in the name of balance because of the chest they said they'd remove. As far as revamps, honestly the only class outdated mechanically and just overall would be enu if anything. Masq could use a buff, but emerald dofus might be enoguh on that. Now's a pretty solid time to introduce the next step of powercreep if you ask me.
  4. like what? seems like now everything is immune to gravity.. it really bothers me, too.. there's plenty of low level stuff yeah, but seems like high lvs don' count. I know frig 3 basically ignores it, as does the aquadome barbakles and gabasmaks in deeper sufokia
  5. by group play, I meant 5+ char pvm.. they look like they'll rock in kolo. pick the enemy osa, sadi or eni, and just butcher them, or whoever you need. honestly, this class would instantly be an acceptable pvm class..................IF GRAVITY DID A DAMN THING IN PVM...
  6. hate to break it to ya, but enis are/were op in pvm aswell... puzzling just does WAY too much damage. not to mention eni + eca in team play with stim meant eni didn't have to care about heals at all, +30% to the already crazy heal perception had is enough. Basically pulsar, without the min range or no-mp use requirement, but also heals, buffs allies, and debuffs.
  7. so ouginaks are just a matter of pick a target, and you're going to make their life a living hell... Fun concept, but doesn't seem like it'll be all that great in group play, which is fine, I'd hate to have another one to find a place for.
  8. nice way of making masqs a little better :D (emerald dofus)
  9. bored

    for me it's just anything with the AoE eca luck bs. so specifically soryo snowfoux. Tryde however is a close second. as for monster family... think i'd say the pyramid things, or armarines. i'd actually enjoy the pyramid suckers if it werent for the fact they found another way to make AoE entirely and totally worthless..... that invulnerability thing is so obnoxious
  10. Guess I'll help... I'm assuming just about every single guide needs to be done, right? Is there any that people want specifically so I don't mess them up?
  11. Because elioms are cute. Couldn't be bothered to shop the background characters out... idk how to put gifs on here... apparently http://imgur.com/a/E9b11
  12. Not as wonderful a +1 dodge, but w/e, still lovely.... Funny how this is more exhilarating than langing an ap or mp, because of how much it seemed to not want to go...
  13. Doesn't quite count as "awesome maging" since... it ofc didn't succeed. but why can't I have nice things!!!! D':
  14. STR ENU META!!! :D Mound's now the most spammable large AoE XD but I'm fine with the changes. It's not as simple as "pump a fire cra, leech all dayZZZZZZ" Someone please explain why every cra seems to be freaking out and saying cras are totally unplayable? Last I checked, nothing has changed other than the intro of cloudy since str was the go-to build for cras.. I guess the fact sufokia mobs don't become insane at low hp or have on-hit triggers might add to that but w/e
  15. oh great now I'm publicly dragged into this... oh well.