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  1. Guess I'll help... I'm assuming just about every single guide needs to be done, right? Is there any that people want specifically so I don't mess them up?
  2. Because elioms are cute. Couldn't be bothered to shop the background characters out... idk how to put gifs on here... apparently http://imgur.com/a/E9b11
  3. Not as wonderful a +1 dodge, but w/e, still lovely.... Funny how this is more exhilarating than langing an ap or mp, because of how much it seemed to not want to go...
  4. Doesn't quite count as "awesome maging" since... it ofc didn't succeed. but why can't I have nice things!!!! D':
  5. STR ENU META!!! :D Mound's now the most spammable large AoE XD but I'm fine with the changes. It's not as simple as "pump a fire cra, leech all dayZZZZZZ" Someone please explain why every cra seems to be freaking out and saying cras are totally unplayable? Last I checked, nothing has changed other than the intro of cloudy since str was the go-to build for cras.. I guess the fact sufokia mobs don't become insane at low hp or have on-hit triggers might add to that but w/e
  6. oh great now I'm publicly dragged into this... oh well.
  7. It's +13 base for the non crit, +16 for the crit.
  8. the primary way this hurts cras is when you use multiple. for those, no sympathy. the fact that it's +13/+16 base dmg is something to keep in mind. yeah you're limited to one per turn, but that one is going to be much much bigger, on top of the fact that you can cast another spell, so your dmg with 8ap might very well go up. Something tells me those few int/cha cras might actually be pretty happy... 10ap for AoE 90 base dmg is...terrifying
  9. It's just a matter of time... That's why I been leveling chars on 1 acct in preparation of it
  10. It should be plenty obvious that I don' frequent these forums anymore :D
  11. think you quoted the wrong person. that was my point.
  12. not sure what you're getting on about. post-update you'll make 500 ra runes in the same effort it used to take to make 300.
  13. That ouginak announcement was...subtle....... Apparently the frenchies have bad taste in design, looking at what won the osa polls ;o Don' care for the sac design, and for once the concept of them doesn't even SOUND interesting. :/ I wonder if they'll have something that drops their hp by 80% temporarily for a crazy boost or something like that, so they can manually get to the form they want. At least now they expect sacs to be mobile, so that should be a buff, since all their mobility has been gradually removed with what seemed like every update for a while. I just want more spells on my spellbar, personally... and to be able to move it, or more importantly change it's shape to fit my keyboard layout Dofus 3 is so far away Q.Q but bleh, I guess. xD Do we not get a level-down system here? :( Or at least an initiative control :/ Glad to hear dofus Touch is going well.... too bad that doesn't translate to jackity crappity here.... But shows ankama still has some kick left, which is good for everyone. Love how they still try to hype up goult... like, is there even a full team for most non-french servers? I LOVE the swords for ouginaks!!!!! less so on the designs but they're also not bad at all. Wonder how they're going to handle the diff faces.... like diff kinds of dogs? CHIHUAHUA!!!! ;o Any speculation on their playstyle? Mobile beatstick? Will we finally get a good damage-over-time class??? IN AN MMO??? Just hard to see how that would be any good in pvm if so with the blitz meta we have in endgame pvm :( So... "A picture is worth a thousand words" is the direction they chose for Wakfu S3... HYYYPE :O
  14. Oooooor get rid of 2handed weapons.....