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  1. that is a question i am more comfortable not knowing....
  2. i would say there is a severe lack of content in dofus touch, a poor community and you are kindaaaaa required to play two chars and find some one else who does the same to do relatively well and just grind with them.... i felt like it was harder to get anything done, i quit a few months ago after getting through frig two and thinking why am i wasting time on this, normal dofus is much better
  3. did you factor in the effect of heals X) then ressists are favored even more
  4. the low damage spell with a long cool down is the best life steal spell in the game? you can hardly even use it for life steal because its typically pretty detramental to use it on the second turn of fights because the range rape is what you want it for, not the hp steal... if you said absorbing arrow i may have believed you but you mad me laugh... and some one else said tormenting hits 1500? mabey on really low ressists, the only thing my cra doesnt have that could potentially increase its damage is a plum/emerald seemyol but thats not going to be a 200 damage increase and i hit 1300 to 1400 on crits on poutch so unless your whole teams buffing you/ you are massively vulning something you wont hit more than 500 to 1000 in a real game situation and the hits bigger than that are rare
  5. i dont do 508 but i play an atchams/nomarrow/tread cra and the vast majority of my damage comes from explosive arrow and its a pretty massive reduction in damage..... me hitting 900 on multiple targets vs like an 800 magic arrow hit, and and my other 2 damage spells are linear... i know im just speaking from the stand point of my build but i see it as a massive and unnessasary hit, i have invested an incredible amount of kamas building my cra to be a glass cannon with as much damage as possible and its going to be reduced to the point where im debating spending another ton of kamas changing builds or class changing to say, eca, lel
  6. alright, well ill raise my offer to 45mk and see if that gets me any were
  7. not sure on price and im especially interested in chamos... duh i guess im required to post a price? i really have no idea ill say 45mk but i mean, if you have it and have a price in mind, holla back
  8. are people breeding plum/emeralds yet? and if any1 is on rushu they should hit me up lel
  9. the items are viewable in game and you can see the area on the map but i cant go in the hole to get there
  10. i know that much, but its neutral on the server im on, no one has it
  11. oh i guess it isnt accessable at all...
  12. So i play dofus touch, i have a little level 125 enu and i really need a jannis wabbit set but i dont know how to enter or take control of the abondon lanbwatories, its a neutral territory from what i understand and i really need to hunt the mobs! idk what to do
  13. ok so you start off at level 1 and you craft the level 1 stuff till your level 2. then you craft the level 2 stuff till your level 3. then you craft the level 3 stuff till your level 4. then you craft the level 4 stuff till your level 5. i can keep going
  14. Forget your chars, make an osa, it is all your classes in one, boom