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  1. so yeah, you probably want to pick a pure element build, i would probably go strength BECAUSE i am not a fan of pre level 190 explosive arrow and i feel strength has the highest consitent damage at that range, if you want the AOE intel will work just fine, chance wouldnt be bad, especially if you want to go for mp reduction but i feel like your damage would be slightly less consistent but it still hits fine and then agility is agility.... my anwser is strength but anythings good
  2. Well cra element depends largely on what level your cra is because different elements and hybrids are better at different levels, depending on what gear is currently avaliable and how much kamas you have to build it so without that information an anwser cannot really be given.... i would also say i wouldnt use a cra in your core team and this is coming from some one who is more or less a cra main, cras are nice and are good for killing mobs but if you want to do the harder dungeons they are very hit or miss, you would be better off with a rogue, elio or enu in most cases, BUT there are still things cras are excellent at and some dungeons they are rather good for like, niddas and fat octupus lady but so with thatttt taken into consideration.... we cant give you an awser for your question without more information..... cras are all about preference and how much kamas you are willing to sink into it
  3. you have buffs and other things than will need to be cast as well and your assuming your linear and close enough to be able to cast both those spells, you sacrifice far too much trying to get 12 ap and a jack n apes or whatevers just bad, then you have an ochre so you get the bonus ap if you dont get hit
  4. you dont need 12 ap
  5. strength has very poor synergy with intel/agility builds so trying to ad it your really shooting yourself in the foot and dufuq is up with the jack an apes.... never use that in an end game set, if your going for a crit build you might as well go nomarrow intel agility to fully maximize that weapon if you would like to use it https://www.dofusplanner.com/FXhMF/edit/ not what you asked for and i just kinda pulled it outa my ass but its got 2 of the elements you wanted and higher damage in those to, granted its squishy. there just isnt really any gear to make a good set in the elements you asked, duo, and single elements work, then i feel like the you can go strength, intel chance, or intel, chance agility for the tris and if you want to get creative you could go for an onmni set up..... big thing though with cra builds is your either going to sacrifice alot of survivability or alot of damage, cant really get both and there are only 2 tri element builds that really have good synergy with gear, other wise you further cripple yourself and you could always pretend to be french https://www.dofusplanner.com/QZUex/edit/
  6. rogues are extremely strong but are hard to play and are even harder to play in the early levels, but with time investment and the right team rogues can do anything, i would use either a panda or iop with your rogue, panda for more mobility, iop for more damage, and id start the panda as chance but after you get to about 130 or 150 i would go for a tanky panda build with as much ap/mp and init as you can get..... if you want to make things simpler you could start with an iop or cra or an iop and a cra to help yourself get through the early levels, get xp multipliers on your accounts and some kamas to back yourself up and then level the more challenging charecters like the rogue
  7. well they just got changed.... again.... but i think agility or intel lel
  8. for what purpose????? as a cra you need a few, what is hitting you and what are you hitting back with, how weapon relient are you, and i think the dials are also worth looking at for potential ressists, like i might look at the water ressist shiled for huppers because aparently they are all pure chance now... i dont have the stats on all the shields memorized but i know you dont want just one... unless you never swing your weapon then a clover might be fine, but id also call you a lil beosh because dat atcham sabre tho
  9. ehhhh they are almost as popular as osas and far less broken minus sacs, sacs be broken
  10. why exo shields ? just because its easy? i feel like out of all the items you would equip the shield is most subject to change each fight and isnt it imparative to keep the main boosting stat maxed
  11. https://www.dofusplanner.com/87hbK/edit/ dis would be a good, cheap intel, chance set, when you get more kamas, if you dont have a good amount you could later upgrade to ap/mp trophies but i would work towards something like this
  12. agree to disagree, id be tempted to say try an agility tank build if you want to deal with osas and see were that gets you, or just do enough damage, and i see alot of trash osas in kolo
  13. the class with the most kamas wins
  14. i dont think any one completely understands what your asking.... huppermage build is based off how much kamas you have and what you can afford although, i think strength chance would be a strong build at your level with guten take set but anything can work, it depends on how much you want to put into it
  15. i just associate cloudy with burstier champions,/ more buffs like iops, cras and ecas and with all the new dofus effects available i think there are other things to take into consideration or mabey im just thrown off by a pvm eca going full damage and not worrying about survivability because i typically associate atchams with pvp eni builds were you want tankyness and i like the thought of emeralds on those types of enis :3 ohhhh you swapping in nomarrow, i like that better than the last one, thats the set my cra uses X)