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Everything posted by Otto-Lpzig

  1. Hi, I finally decided to attempt 300 points achievements on mid-high level dungeons, but I am totally "new" to idols. There are too many idols and I don't even know where to start D: Is there any possible 300points combo list? Or anyone who wants to share their combinations? I'll appreciate that. Right now I am playing panda and rogue + inviting friends to join me, in case the team composition matters. Thanks!!
  2. You probably will revive this topic for more 2 years before even the beta is released
  3. Resources as achievements rewards ruined and will keep ruining the game no matter what the difficulty is, imo.
  4. AP Nileza Ring?? Did you mean AP Shylock's Ring?
  5. It was removed, no one ever used it.
  6. Poor Abood got beaten up
  7. So basically you want us to predict the future so you can decide if you want to come back or not?
  8. Droopik didn't even make it to the top 15 :(
  9. I guess I have been using the wrong shield versus srams Thanks guys
  10. I believe the homophic is you, geez.
  11. I'd like to add another question, are bomb/trap/glyph damages considered close combat damage? and therefore reduced by %cc resist shields?
  12. I understand how it was a big buff for a lot of people that can't afford exos, people that don't even know to mage stuff. They are pretty happy with it, while "rich" people find +AP/+MP shields crap. The problem is how it is affecting the economy, like AP runes prices going up for now.
  13. Tbh we can't answer that question, it's more about what you like to play... everything else doesnt matter much.
  14. Hi, does anybody have any tips on leveling shieldsmith?? Thanks, ily
  15. Yeah I believe it's not easy to level!! Thanks, I'll check those recipes :)
  16. thx bob very helpful got level 200 in 5min
  17. Holy shit, the best update they have planned in ages
  18. Sorry but you are acting like 11/6 setups are trash only cus you run with your super original old school sucker set + full dofus build since 1.29, which isnt' the only good viable build AND not everyone's preferences.
  19. Apparently some imps members are potential creative game developers h
  20. I played agi/cha and now agi/str. Both are pretty good builds. Pure agi isnt good enough imo
  21. All I did was pvp on beta, they're pretty strong at 1v1 and group pvp too. No clue about pvm but does not seem very useful