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Everything posted by Otto-Lpzig

  1. Yeah I believe it's not easy to level!! Thanks, I'll check those recipes :)
  2. Hi, does anybody have any tips on leveling shieldsmith?? Thanks, ily
  3. thx bob very helpful got level 200 in 5min
  4. Holy shit, the best update they have planned in ages
  5. Sorry but you are acting like 11/6 setups are trash only cus you run with your super original old school sucker set + full dofus build since 1.29, which isnt' the only good viable build AND not everyone's preferences.
  6. Apparently some imps members are potential creative game developers h
  7. I played agi/cha and now agi/str. Both are pretty good builds. Pure agi isnt good enough imo
  8. All I did was pvp on beta, they're pretty strong at 1v1 and group pvp too. No clue about pvm but does not seem very useful
  9. hi friends
  10. I've been good this year Santa!
  11. nvm
  12. anyone know how to open the pyramids elemental doors yet? my guess is four people of each element: on the left side earth and water, on the right side air and fire, all them sitting on their respective element tiles
  13. he just wanted to complain about the sac revamp as if kolo spect would make it any better
  14. Is it going to beta this week?
  15. Someone pls create a pool here on imps about the level 200 options
  16. hi everyone I love you I heard Jeri is maging exos for everyone for free
  17. hi no1 has posted since THURSDAY whats happening
  18. Uuuh, I'm not sure but I would say arround 30-35m
  19. I know it's none of my business but I'd rather buy AP Barbring, it gives better stats than headband, imo. Also headband is so 2010... http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/equipment/14882-barbring
  20. just ignore faded, only his exos are awesome, top exo magus ^_^ also
  21. Hiii Rosal friends, I made a possibly stupid decision which was: I transfered my main char to Spiritia (brazilian server). I wanted to meet the BR community before I quit, and play a little kolo. Rosal was literally dead and I had never been to Spirtia before cus I started playing on Rosal before Spiritia was even created. Maybe we'll fight on interkolo someday, if I don't quit before its released. xD *It's a stupid decision cus Ankama won't let me transfer back to an international server ever again D:< Anyway, I wasn't really active anymore so you might not miss me so much......... Even tho I'll miss you guys, I had really fun moments on dofus, made real friends and got to practice my english. If you want to keep in touch, I'm always arround imps, my skype is ricardotto-oi (just let me know who you are when you add, so I'll accept you), and I also have whatsapp/snapchat, just let me know in private if you want it. Thanks for all the fun moments. I'm weird, I didnt want anyone to change my mind so I moved right away and didn't warn anyone, sorry :( I love you friends <3 I kept my sadi (Ricardo) as SiC of Rosalt for the sake of memory but feel free to kick him if you want :( Thats all, cya arround...