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  1. Ahh.. ok different story then :) So personally, for PvM Iop I would go all point in str. This is because most PvM strategies involving a str Iop usually depends on a blitz attack in one turn using Wrath + Percip + pressure. In this case you want to pump all the str you can. In a pinch you can always use Iop Vitality spell. There is a stipulation here though, I would go %pow + str/int hybrid at lvl 200 end game, as combining Wrath and SoF will get you more damage output than Wrath + other str spells if you play your cards right. Throw an Ellio and portals in the mix and a well geared %pow + str/int hybrid can get you 10,000+ damage on a well executed blitz :D For PvP Iop, wrath is almost impossible to pull off so I would go 200str/300 vit there regardless of pure str or hybrid build.300 Vit will help you out more than 100 str in most PvP situations. I don't claim to be an expert on any of this so you might want to wait for other opinions before pulling the trigger. But I feel pretty confident about this info :)
  2. Generally I would say 200 (+100 from scrolls) str, and 300 vit for end game for a mono str build. If you are strictly PvM though, and the main damage dealer, as a Sram you can sometimes get away with lower vit due to your ability to go invis and essentially not get hit for several turns. In that case I would lean toward all points in str. 100 str can be a big advantage at < end game levels. But ignoring all that, I would personally recommend that you consider pursuing a hybrid build for end game (200/200/200/95). With the Sram changes a few years ago that implemented trap chains and Chakra Impulse poison there are huge advantages to being a Sram with a versatile spell kit for both PvM and PvP. Also it is a lot more fun to play and you can buff str/agi/int with Mistake and Dragline. There are some crazy good end game item combos that can get you dialed in with % Power and str/int/agi stats nowadays too. If you have a char on Rushu hit me up some time if you want a demo! Hope that helps.
  3. Celebrated finally getting Dolomax with a color change :)
  4. Lol I maged that, why you sell bro!!! D:
  5. Cool Avatar :O
  6. Is the only way to get it perfect res and OM vit to first Exo AP it and then remage with the 100 sink from the dropped AP? At first I was like, oh man what a waste, but then I was like hrrmm this is kindof a cleverway to be wasteful :D
  7. Doing some maging for my new lvl 60 Sac, though it looked pretty enough to post :D
  8. I am guessing you have never tried to mage one of these? Damn nice hat!
  9. Good points
  10. This post was a novelty more than anything because its rare to see a Masq with 7k hp, and other decent stats, its obvious that trohpies/gear can be swapped out per specific situations. isn't that the point of them being equipment slots? It was supposed to be a fun post that people could admire for a half second. Seems as though a few die hard Dofus strategists can't enjoy something for what its worth, but would rather get their egotistic rocks off to point out obvious things. Its a pure vit Masq, it can wear any set with any trophies... jeeeezzz
  11. I think it depends on your play style. Masqueraid hits 1740, Daggers with Psycho mask and audor crit for 900, Plastron shields for 1660, The resists arent that bad really, and most of these trophies are vit, so if u want to swap out for range, str/pow, resists its a light weight operation. I am really happy with this build tbh. But it is just a matter of opinion really :)
  12. The only spell effected by the low range for this build is Tortoruga, which ya - sucks but im willing to sacrifice that...
  13. Big up @rokitur for the set idea. 7k HP, "1/2" crit, ok res Str Masq... Edit: 527 str 222 power, 3 summons