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  1. This is for everyone that doubted rosal
  2. Just saw this now haha Here: [flash] [/flash]
  3. I'm playing as trymm's sub, so if you need me to get on capngoat will message me, please lend AO amulet and archetypal bow :) @Jesternaut My thoughts on the votes, glad to see a lot of good Iops attend this year, I feels bad for Efialt that was also in the draft, unfortunately there is only 2 spots but I would like to give him an honourable mention for his commitment to Goult every year. About the team comps, last year we made 3 teams and one leftover team which Lorn was sacrificed into just because he was a cra, one of the 3 teams we had starry who never showed which ultimately led that team to forfeit every game and Lorn into not even playing when he could have. Long story short, we should place the people that arent gona log into one leftover team not the ones that are committed to play but doesn't work well with the team class wise.
  4. I came here for Ariana Grande.
  5. nah its just a layer mask for my video coz i use to play elio on beta so theres a picture there
  6. vs Syb an old eca player that i fought last year. more on the channel vs him as an eca: other stuff: Eca Mirror Match: Me vs rank 10 enu: Me as Sram Instant kill Sac: Me Invis Kill sram:
  7. waddup
  8. A friend told me to repost this because it was in the wrong section. I hope what im about to post will show everyone how Persona truly is, and he shouldn't be representing our server at all. For 6 years I've had a personal illness, which ive only told people close to me about and also my rosaliminator team before the tourney began, i filled out all my forms this year to go into surgery on the 6th of July, i never said it was terminal or that i will not make it, but there is a risk that i wouldn't. If things ended badly i would quit Dofus i said to a few people. Persona after being banned from the game for multi-logging a perc, starts to message me on an alt accusing me of lying about my illness here is conversation: He has caused drama is numerous servers: made his own teammate broken-dolls/poison quit by insulting her everyday because he thought she was a guy when she was a girl, she proved it with this picture that i told her to write my username on http://i62.tinypic.com/2qbg9xc.jpg Have his own guildies leave him because he calls them bad. The reason why i started playing Dofus is in the first place, was because my dad was diagnosed with cancer and past away a few years back. Dofus was my only place to escape reality and have fun with people online and be positive, making Dofus videos for those whom love to watch them became something that i enjoyed as well and that's what kept me in this game. Persona has ruined this Dofus experience for not only me but several others during the time he has played. That being said, i am ending my Dofus stream and youtube channel and i am quitting the game. Patfu.
  9. loudos sig has my name spelt incorrectly
  10. A few funny kolos on stream yesterday:
  11. video of my stream in kolo last night: other pvp and beta stuff on my channel: www.youtube.com/patisaur
  12. I want to put in a good word for Syristine since no one has yet, last two games of rosaliminator she really played exceptional, she responds quickly to commands, good portal usage in the prior game and was her idea for the frikt play that brought eni over at 11:40:
  13. took me awhile to start this thread because ive been hiding my talent for many years, willing to do my art for only 1mk Here is an example of my work