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  1. I haven't heard anything good about this 'Defuse' guy before, the only story was about how he was a jerk to some player named Marwen during Goult. Real talk: Defuse is a cunt
  2. @Sunbathe can you show me this grip you got?
  3. Leech me next please???? Leader discount????????????????????????????
  4. Can you please not derail my thread??? It's for important questions! Not for hopeless dreams...
  5. Excuse me sir? I came today to make important questions. I do not appreciate your jokes...
  6. Hey friends! So today I come to all of you to ask important questions: 1) When the server merge, will we be getting a [Combined server] meme war room??? 2) Are memes going to be finally freed? 3) Will Sunbathe love me? 4) If Iron changes their Alliance name to something that Kiba approves, can I be a mod? Any more questions are welcomed from fellow players of this juanderful game!
  7. From reading forums, I gathered that Dreg helms will be allowed, they are still planing on what to do with class items, and all chars will have auto 1ap/mp/range added
  8. Don't worry, you can open in April!
  9. Aprilish....Prob