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  1. Can you please not derail my thread??? It's for important questions! Not for hopeless dreams...
  2. Excuse me sir? I came today to make important questions. I do not appreciate your jokes...
  3. Hey friends! So today I come to all of you to ask important questions: 1) When the server merge, will we be getting a [Combined server] meme war room??? 2) Are memes going to be finally freed? 3) Will Sunbathe love me? 4) If Iron changes their Alliance name to something that Kiba approves, can I be a mod? Any more questions are welcomed from fellow players of this juanderful game!
  4. From reading forums, I gathered that Dreg helms will be allowed, they are still planing on what to do with class items, and all chars will have auto 1ap/mp/range added
  5. Don't worry, you can open in April!