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  1. Heyooo, Lookin for a vortex run leech, cuz im not bothered to do it myself Hit me up, we can discuss price through pm IGN: Мвк
  2. looking at everyone posting their acheivs make even more unmotivated to do shit =.=
  3. After the first Voyage happened dont remember who was with me but it was a group of people, Shika went down hillllll. Logged a char last week legit no one at -1,0, villi zaap brak NOTHING its a fuckin ghost town
  4. Olly that is a terrorist act, Im an arab and im teaching you this... please be shameful of yourself tsk tsk Dont say it in public, pm me we can plan ;)
  5. bumpty bump bump
  6. robin u are still a noob <3
  7. trying to give you kamas, here you go another bump <3
  8. a shame, wish it would be here might get a few more offers.
  9. where is the f*** oreos logo you had in the shika post? ;P
  10. bump
  11. Title says it all, i need a regular run hit me up in game or give me a message on here senks
  12. Nevermind bought the tofurbys cba buffing them Closed
  13. You freaking better say that... im waiting for that answer
  14. w0w rude af
  15. stafer give me a maxed plump tofurby