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  1. slow give me your inky.. K thx
  2. I've been good this year Santa!
  3. Sometimes I wonder if ankama just make these updates in order to drive up sales of ogrines. I mean nerf cras(one of the most common class) then offer 50% off class changes and as an added bonus make shitty sac class revamp. Honestly if you look at Ankama from a marketing stand point, they have pretty savage schemes for making money. Nerf Feca fraction spell and make them all around less effective for team pvm, shortly follow release of class change potion. Nerf masq into oblivion and then shortly release dimensions a rogue paradise. Making masq which was one of the most common classes at the time much less valuable and make rogues which was one of the least common classes at the time majestic af. Offer steam sub packs only to the US and have a "bug" where free atacham sabers are being given away like hot cakes. The only bad thing for ankama is every time they do it, they lose a little bit of loyalty from players
  4. Well I meant before this nerf, I was never hurt by it. But yeah I'm annoyed by it, but it wasn't like he was the only one who did it. My saltiness comes from the fact this change came because of 508 score. Ankama made this change in order to nerf the speed people get xp because ankama doesn't want the 200+ to become a 1 day update for them. I'm annoyed because this nerf is made so that future updates aren't as shitty. I'm annoyed because ankama seems to only think only a few months ahead. HOW DID THEY NOT SEE THIS COMING??? I'm annoyed with ankama not the people who abused cras. And as it was stated, losing explosive is hardly a problem for me AoE isn't even that big of a deal in most endgame. All my salt is made because this nerf is such a half ass way to fix the problem and I'm just getting the shitty end of the deal in this update. But what's next? Nerf Sadidas ? Nerf Xelors? Nerf masq? nerf every class that can be abuse in a 8 man team of the same class? Sure I could blame Goku for my salt but really I can't blame him...I mean 8 man cra teams can probably still beat most of dofus content even with the explosive nerf... and i've considered making multiple cras often because of the many benefits of it.
  5. Boy the hate sure did come out of no where, everyone needs to chill out.. Goku is mad cause his entire team of 8 cras just became useless to him. Arguably he should of seen this coming but I can still understand why he is mad about it. There's no need to hate on him so much, if someone likes easy braindead grinding then let them grind. As a cra main I never got annoyed that people abused cras, it's not like it hurt me, all it meant is that mats became cheaper because there was more of them.
  6. I agree the nerf is minimal to the actual game play of most people who have ONE cra on their team. However, my main issue with this nerf is one, it's overly severe since by simply making a 2 cast per global turn would fix the issue. Second, I find it really irritating that the nerf to cras is because of something that really isn't related to my class. 508 score is the main issue and while I do think the 8 cra teams is an issue, as I've stated before, 8 man cra teams have been around since the day bots have been on servers. The fact that wisdom is being nerfed and cras are being nerfed in order to combat the 508 score xp crisis is insane... I mean please just fix idols, make it so there are other decent idol set ups so not everyone decides to use the same 6 idols, Or nerf the 508 score... I mean this is basically the same as if ankama instead of just making dimension mobs invuln on spawn, they just decided to nerf rogue walls.(yes I know rogue wall nerf would be way worse than me losing explosive, but the point is they nerf an entire class to fix one specific problem) Sure this nerf doesn't ruin the class but it makes 2 spells 10x more useless. Idk Overall the 2.39 update brings a lot of trash and knowing that spell variants and removal of spell points are on the way, I just think ankama needs to stop changing some of the core mechanics of the game that have been the same since day 1 and start fixing some of the broken/dead content that is already available...
  7. Still salty that cras got nerfed cause of 508, I'd still like to see the changes to the spell be 2 cast per global turn, 1 cast of slow down or explosive is so useless. Regardless you can still build cra omni(it's the most braindead set) and just run around with puni and atonement, Or you could continue to get cras nerfed make your cra team str/mp red.. punis on odd turns and lashings for the rest it would probably be just as braindead and easy for for 508. 10ap means puni and 2 lashing on odd turns and 3 lashings for the rest. #PlzDontDoThisIfCrasGetNerfedAgainIllProbablyDeleteMyAccount
  8. Bye

    I'd be sad but you've logged all of 1hour total in the last year so, see ya cookie Ps: I'll have to play you and sneh in smash sometime
  9. I feel like Ankama is trying to recapture all the player base that has quit, seperate pvm and pvp, F2P??, hero system, and we get bots :O... However, I fear this update will end dofus 2.0, I mean with a name like Dofus 3.0 (luckily it is also a WIP) I wouldn't be surprised if a year or two down the road they stop all development for 2.0(which I would honestly be fine with if they didn't leave the game in the crippled state that it currently seems to be in). I also imagine that 3.0 will basically be a test for what 2.0 spell variants will become, and maybe I've just been playing 2.0 for too long but all these different spell "decks" seems overly complicated I mean from just above it can be said iop has 6? potential decks and that just seems overwhelming, but then again I know nothing about Wakfu and maybe this won't be as terrible as it sounds in my head. Perhaps I'm just over Ankama and their bullshit, but for me the only saving grace Dofus has ever had was the current fight system, I mean honestly why would I want to play a game with similar fight tactics as FF when I can just go play FFXV? I suppose I can't say this is a waste of time since some people seem to be interested in it but for me personally I don't see myself ever playing this. Also can we really call this a MMO? Limited trading quotas... I feel like ankama is trying their hardest to combat bots in every single way except the right way... before we know it dofus will just be a single player game.
  10. So yeah as the title says, I'm taking a breather from Dofus. With Finals being a few weeks away I really shouldn't be logging anyways and frankly the last few post about changes to the game have murdered any motivation to even play the game. I plan to see if I'm still interested in playing dofus once my winter break starts in mid December but with the updates with wisdom, I have a feeling my plans to level up my nub alts will be even less likely than before. I suppose by making this just a small break I'm not forced to put all the names of people that have helped my leeching cra so yeah, you know who you are and if you don't oh well. Anyways this is more or less just a rage quit and I'm making this post so I feel more obligated to not log dofus, here's hoping that I stick to it :P bye bye for now nublets
  11. For starters the 10ap AoE stuff will be pretty circumstantial I mean Slowdown is still linear and has 2AoE vs 3AoE of explosive, The Dmg increase will hardly be worth it once you factor in the fact that almost everyone is 11/6 meaning you'd still be better off using 4 ap spells twice and a 3 ap spell add the fact that neither the cha or int builds have a decent low ap spell. Ice arrow has the 11-13 base dmg and paralyzing has 10-11 base dmg meaning in the current set ups 2 explosive or 2 slow down will still be better dmg for the ap cost compared to the 5ap versions and a low ap spell. While I agree that that +15ish base damage is something, you also have to take into account that cras naturally have low base damage spells. While 90 base dmg for AoE sounds terrifying, you have to remember AoE damage decrease 10% every cell away from the epicenter. In the current meta of cras 5ap spells really just don't fit or flow well for cras. Now matter how i look at this this nerf seems far to extreme. 1 cast per turn is already pretty harsh, then to make it 5 ap makes it just insane. The dmg increase is reasonable for a 4ap to 5 ap spell but you'd still do more AoE dmg with 4ap x2 WHICH in my opinion is the only reason you're ever casting explosive or slowdown.Additionally, 5ap spells just do not fit or flow with cra builds the only time i ever see myself using a 5ap explosive is when one mob has lost fire res and I can get LoS for 2x tormenting as well. I really hope ankama just takes a step back and decides to just make it have a 2 cast global cool down. To nerf an entire spell to combat one aspect of the game is just preposterous.
  12. So as I just found out beta is still heroic ~_~. The base dmg is something like 43-47 for explosive non crit and 43-45 for slowdown
  13. Yeah and you know what Ankama could of did instead of screw me over. Add a damn global cooldown after 2 cast per turn, FIXES ALL THE PROBLEMS AND DOESN'T RUIN THE SPELL, sorry I'm just so salty atm
  14. Well i lived a life of seeing every achievement I didn't get week one get nerfed some way or the other. I knew ankama had the ability to fuck me, but of all things, explosive... the only spell that maintained its integrity after 10+ years of gameplay. I thought if it could survive being abused by bots, it could survive being used at rats, it could survive the being used at royal gob, it could survive being used at mastogobs. It has served the same purpose for so long and today we see the end of a legend. RIP explosive arrow #RIPExplosive2k16
  15. As someone who is not an AoE spamming cra. My complaint is this... Cras were always abused for their explosive spam, Literally 8 man cra bot teams have plagued this game since the creation. This nerf sucks because the spell was actually useful for normal casual pvm as well and now this spell, unless it's getting doubled in base dmg, is kind of just a useless spell that ankama just destroyed to fix a problem that isn't even our fault to start with...