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  1. Otto was his best decision, Spiritia is a much better server
  2. Nidas 300 Score + 12k achievement points [22:41] Achievement unlocked: [King Nidas (Score 230)] [22:41] Achievement unlocked: [King Nidas (Score 300)] [22:41] Achievement unlocked: [blood, Work, Sweat and Tears]
  3. I will not participate in the goult :( but gl Rosal :)
  4. you are wrong Jericho, Praero and Kouji-cin are the team, but they are different players, like me and Winly-Rockbell
  5. I'm selling my turq 11cc for 25mk 22mk, pm here or in game. Chrnon Edit: Sold
  6. My team: Chrnon (Feca) and Winly-Rockbell (Iop)
  7. Sell 100 SP for 50mk? nvm now that i have seen is that the server Rushu B-)
  8. make other missiz ring mp, i will buy XD
  9. I decided to sell some items/drops from my bank that i don't use/need anymore, I'm giving 15% discount to market prices and if you buy more than 100 i will give 30% discount. If it's a rare drop or it's sould out or over price in the markets, we can negociate the price. Pm me here or in game, Chrnon.
  10. I trade noomoon 90pp + 4mk for 90pp Sting/Brindled Minifoux or Nomoon + 2mk for 80pp Sting/Brindled Minifoux. (I have 7x nomoons) Pm me here or in game (Chrnon)