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  1. IMO, the main dofus (it's the plural too, iirc) should be consumables, something like scrolls. That would make some space for other dofus and trophies.
  2. It appears as 'Exomaging simulator' to me
  3. This. Although I'm going to try anyways.
  4. You know you must gather 4001 of each heart first?
  5. Having a treasure hunting on an area with aggro monsters give you more exp and 2 chests IIRC.
  6. aww fussball
  7. One set sold, 3 more left, still 500kk discount for purchasing all three.
  8. 2mk/e, 5.5mk/all
  9. The easiest way is making fishmonger to lv 100. (yes, there is a quest for fishmongers)
  10. Well, perhaps there is a 1000x possible roll, but noone get it yet?
  11. So you must take him down before end of 3rd turn? What about mob ini? Is it possible to set up iop to go before Nidas, so he can wrath?
  12. Well, the main problem imo would be doing all F3 dungeons without dying once.
  13. Dreggonborn!
  14. best thread