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  1. To be fair it's the start of the expac and Raid Relevant gathering professions in uncharted territory will always make a premium. I for instance deposited about old goldcap worth of Leystone and Felslate to my Guilds bank for Prospecting (Gotta get the Raiders them Gems son). I then sold about 500k worth of Felslate literally just mining 2 small caves and using Serverhop to reset the nodes lol . Both of which were done in under 10 hours. That was week 1. This week the same felslate that was selling for 100g each low ball, is now selling 50g each at the higher end to give perspective. Another factor regarding the economy is that we are coming off of a Garrison bloated economy. I for one was printing money in my garrison on 7 alts literally just playing facebook games (Follower Missions). When I wasn't doing that I was doing the Primal Shuffle to circumvent daily cooldowns on crafts to mass produce Hexweave Essence and other similar item upgrades and selling them for a profit in bulk daily. Mind you each one sold for 10-25k dependent on which stage it was (Greater etc.) And I wasn't a lone in doing this. These were all accepted simple, cookie cutter money making methods in Warlords of Draenor. If you didn't get out of WoD with atleast 1 gold cap you were doing it wrong. Like really really really wrong. Then theres the stuff Excudo mentioned like running Heroic 25 man Cata Raids every week. Back then they were worth 7-8k for doing all of them weekly per toon (they got nerfed to 5k in Legion). I did those every week on all of my capped toons (10 at the time,I just had garrison set up for only 7 due to diminishing returns on Missions). So that was an extra 70-80k a week for literally walking to a dungeon and 1 shotting everything. This is all before we even get into the subject of playing the Auction House, Selling Heroic/Mythic Raid runs (mounts, gear etc.). So long story short everyone is and should be rich af right now. Roki. As Excudo pointing out if you get to level cap It's really not that hard to make money. WoW sort of just throws it at you. Depending on how you want to experience the game you can actually get to 85-90 in about 14-16 hours of grinding if you have a friends and Heirlooms. I can post my dungeon list for where to go to get power leveled. If you never have played a toon from 1-110 though I honestly suggest you give it a shot. It is actually pretty fun and it doesn't take that long (like 2-3 days tops if you are really into it). There is also the Refer a Friend option which will give you bonus experience and other rewards if you want to expedite the process with a friend etc.
  2. Idk. They perfected the formula with WoW's Arenas back in the day and a lot of the people who made Overwatch were on the original Team for TBC/ LIch King when Arenas were really really good (albeit LK had Death Knights but w/e lol). There a lot of "obvious" things they missed with Overwatch's competitive side , heck even E-Sports side as far as the spectator goes and it makes no sense because these same people nailed it in the past.
  3. I haven't checked in a few days but according to Overbuff and MOW average playerbase ranked around 30-35 after placements. Even though the ranking is 1 -100 , it's on a bell curve. For instance I saw Seagull an insanely good Pharah player and main DPS for Luminosity Gaming, go 10/10 in placements on fire the entire time and get several hundred kills through out all 10 placements only get rank 71. So placing 48 isn't so bad. Especially since SPM has a bearing on ranking and you allegedly only played Support which naturally has slightly lower SPM than tanks and attack heroes lol. If you were good on the other roles and could net a higher SPM you may have ranked higher. That said not bad. I played mine solo also just running Lucio, Mercy and Sym (for Point a defense, then swapping should we lose it) and landed at rank 47.
  4. Btw theres a tournament going on forgot to post here but it's been pretty good so far. Todays the final day lol https://www.twitch.tv/joshog
  5. I haven't played in a few days and lost ranking , I was around the 2400 mark on Mei ._. http://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/Deathlysushi-1677 Feel free to add me on bnet just gimme a message if your from imps.
  6. Well I mean they knew better lol. They knew adding extra components would lengthen the Match making time which was already long to begin with at high elo. They know the fix is to bring back solo Queue but neither queue can co-exist in its current state unless they limit DQ to being unable to queue up unless you have a full roster or 2-3 people. As no one with a brain would queue up solo in DQ making 4 man premades queue time probably as long as the ones I had to deal with. Even then it's still probable one Queue will cannibalize the other. In it's current state especially in High Elo the only solution is solo queue or remove Role Select in its entirety as there is literally no difference at high elo between last years SQ with DQ other then the much longer queue times. Last year it was a toss up if I got the role I wanted. This year it's a toss up if I get the role I want as well. Guess what? If theres a streamer or pro you can bet I'm not getting the role I want either. Lest I get stuck with Imaqtpie's feed support Fizz which the community will find hilarious, but it's really him all but saying "Give me the roles I want or I play trash like this. So what's the point of Role select if I never get my primary pick and have a damn good chance of not even getting my secondary pick. On top of that probably losing out on my pick to someone who will feed while thousands of people watch on and find hilarious. And on top of that I get to spend an extra half hour longer then I used to because reasons. It's horse shit. Theres a reason Dota 2 is limited in it's premade queues. Theres a reason HotS removed DQ when exiting beta. Hell even HoN tried it briefly and failed IIRC. Riot isn't treading new ground here they are using a system that has a tried and true track record of failure. It's a classic example of Blizzard hubris. "You think you want it but you don't"
  7. I have 2 friends who are really good at CS:GO (One is in the Diamond equivalent I think? I can't be bothered to google which eagle death master scout elite that is lol) and they adore Overwatch. It is pretty much a spiritual successor to Vanilla TF2 though (before they went overboard with all the weapons) so it could be a coin flip for you lol. The best part about Overwatch is it's short and sweet. Quick queue times and quick matches so even when you lose you don't feel devastated like say you would in a 50 minute League match that you spent 30 minutes queuing up for. All in all if 40$ is no big deal to you it's worth buying just to find out if you like it to be honest. @BBN. Idk if Auto-Fill is a thing at Plat but that's legit what broke the camels back for me. Like I dealt with the shitty new Queue because allegedly in the grand scheme of things atleast most people got to play something they wanted. Now they add another slice of RNG to role selection? What's the fucking point? I NEVER get my primary pick. Never. So I'm here waiting 20 minutes for queue. Wait out 3-4 dodges because surprise no one got what they wanted to play. So 40-50 minutes later I finally get in and what the fuck? I'm not even getting to play my secondary pick at the very least? So say I go hard in the taint and play like 8-9 hours one evening. That's legit like 4-6 matches for me and I promise you in all of those I wont play the primary pick and now I potentially won't even play secondary. What a load of shit. It's really sad to be honest =/
  8. I am also playing Overwatch. Also yeah honestly the circle jerk on reddit about Dynamic Queue at high elo isn't a circle jerk at all. The game truly is awful up here and just has not been fun so like BBN I've only been playing to keep from decaying or being bumped but otherwise I'm not playing anymore either lol
  9. I was also watching QT's stream this morning :P Honestly atm I can't comment on builds haven't played in over a patch now lol.
  10. Second best region? lol Why do people always count out LMS. Every single year AHQ showed up big time at worlds, and then last year Flash Wolves showed up as well. Even when China slumps EU is still 3rd place at best. For me the region tiers have always been Korea > China >LMS > EU etc., last year LMS was easily second best region. Additionally this year China looked great leading up to MSI as well.. Idk how you can sit there and call EU second best region when their "best" was basically playing K-mart china style lol. edit: Also yeah. Idk if the rumors about Emperors replacement are true but honestly considering this is an Ocelot team I can't say I didn't see this coming a mile away. He ALWAYS manages to shit the bed his arrogance and ego are just to huge for it to not occur eventually. Krepo was right when he said G2 wasn't the best team to represent EU at MSI.
  11. On a scale of 1 to 10 how mad are you EU pals mad at G2? lol
  12. If they were legit elo boosters not much tbh. Back when I used to boost the sites we worked under didn't really care how you did it and doing freelance boosting via like Epvp , ownedcore, etc. Was much more viable. Now a days though most boosters operate under company and just advertise via the secondary market sites. These companies are pretty anal about consistent win rates and have a list of required tools that a booster has to use. For sure Brain is 100% required so your ganks, wards etc. don't matter. Some require to use orbwalker with some humanizers as well, so that you at least dodge like 40% skill shots and most "fatal" attacks. So I mean realistically what can you expect to do against someone who is legitimately much more mechanically skilled then you and is at the very least using a script to help just focus on dumpstering you in lane? FWIW your best bet was to try and work off your TP and get another lane rolling. If you could tp bot rack up a double and a dragon or atleast tower kill that's a step in the right direction. Just always remember if you are going to TP you need to make at least 900g if you don't then that's a worthless TP. Every action in the game costs gold directly or indirectly and if you can put a value to your actions it makes it easier to plan out your next step in every game. At the same time though that's a double edged sword. Your just 1 person and if these people were legit boosters then you just simply can't account for the mistakes and misplays your 4 other team mates can make. For instance if you TP down bot get the double and tower. You may have just indirectly gave YI and Kat free reign over your duo lane if they are to dumb to ward properly as they push for T2 etc. As far as your question about Kat being a freelo champ. Yeah. Sorta? lol She actually has some stupidly bad match ups, but it's not like your playing against Azoh who is gonna punish you for picking her either. Realistically most people even up to plat aren't going to punish a Kat pick as hard as they potentially can. With Top and Bot lanes poor warding and susceptibility to pushing up to much it's also really easy to get her rolling on a Mejai/Dark Seal as well. Her resets also make it extremely easy to dive with as well. Master Yi will always be a classic low elo freelo champ. Darius too. All he has to do in low elo is split push and he gets exactly what he wants. Darius has kiting issues especially when he's forced to go towards objectives and other players, but if you ward properly as you split push as your gaining pressure you get exactly what you want : people coming to you. Ward routes that lead to T2 as you split push and then the second you notice someone coming to stop you walk out of the lane while enemy minions have vision on you, path like your gonna go out through lane, and then wait in Tri bush or any bush that intercepts with their pathing and ambush them. Get your kill and go back to push the lane rinse and repeat. So I mean realistically if these 3 were boosters you were pretty screwed either way. If Darius got off the ground and could push he'd just keep doing that all day, Yi realistically would probably kill you as you try to make your way to stop Darius and Katarina would be picking off kills between Raptors brush and Blue brushes in between pushing out the waves.
  13. Sooooo your saying I'm Tyler? k
  14. Really proud of you buddy.
  15. It's more then just who you should pick against lucian but also who you should pick as your support to help you. I'll play any ADC into Lucian as long as I have a Janna and will trade all day and night. If he has Braum though then i'll play passive but would still prefer Janna. You can also just play Draven+Leona and kill him Level 2 so you don't have to worry about the match up at all. This requires your Leona to not be awful and you need to be able to right click though :P