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  1. Smiths bucket
  2. Hello , Im looking to buy a Glacial Ring and Cape for a fair price. U can pm me in game Unniverzal or leave a msg here. Thanks
  3. Hello. I am selling Perfect Soul Stone for Gigantic Souls x10 = 330kk. I am selling in bulk of tens. Pm in game : Unniverzal.
  4. I think I remember you , not sure if its the same guys but I had a eca friend long time ago who told me hes going to Afghanistan , never believed him :O used to pvp around [-2,0]. Anyway glad to see you came safe and hope you enjoy game again :)
  5. Lol always wanted to do the same too , but I want to do it with 1 xp and astrub piwis :) Gratz anyway
  6. Got these if you are still buying Arachma the Greek Tanukhiraru the Gifted
  7. Pm later today when you logg and we can do it. Unniverzal
  8. Hey I would like some help with these char Cra lvl 189 its pure str atm , I'd like a new set str/int maybe cuz i lack AoE in my team but if there could be any other good set str/another build I'd like to read about it. Panda 186 chan/agi atm , not sure about this guy should I upgrade the items and stay chan/agi or maybe turn pure chance but Im totally making those new items from G&G Quartzotic set. So I'd like to read your ideas about his too.
  9. Buying Wind Bwak Eggs 15kk ea :) PM: Unniverzal or Trumoil
  10. Hey. Im buying Cawwot Dofus 40+.Since i dont know prices very well planning to spend about 1 mk for one , but no more. Thanks.
  11. I will need 3k kwak claws and 1 k ice kwak feather. Pm me the price for all that here please. Thank you. Unniverzal
  12. Got Croccyx the Bummer Pm Unniverzal / Trumoil
  13. 5mk? I dont think someone would like an ap solomonk w/o vit.
  14. So they can arrest anyone outside USA who does piracy ( with no copyrights) ? If that's true bb Thepiratebay.com , most of youtube videos ? (cant think of anything else)
  15. I PMed you here , so check it and get back to me.