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  1. I was just wondering something, haven't played Dofus for almost 2 years, but could someone give me a screenshot of the world map. I want to see what's changed during that time.
  2. Don't want to open a new topic, but anyone know what this song is called (by Show Lo) RtH5L96_ILc
  3. My wallpaper changes every 10 minutes tho.
  4. The white stripes - Seven nation army
  5. 1337 posts :) Cool wallpapers everyone has ^^
  6. lotsa banned member posts here... anyways, sitting.
  7. edit: ehm.. smexy eca :huh: kinda boring BG tho.. 7,5/10 just rate this one again:
  8. bwak isn't cut out very well and text has white spots... 5/10 since i got changing sigs... rate this one:
  9. cookie(don't hate me D:) enu or panda?
  10. vit/luck/int eca vs int eni
  11. granted, but it died a minute ago i wish for kyek.
  12. close enough?
  13. <kworx> D: <kworx> morning boner D: <Dark-Leon> i levelled enough in the 2 years, 3 months i played rushu <Dark-Leon> that's a bit to much info for me.. kworx * kworx hates morning boners :( * Dark-Leon slaps kworx around a bit with a large trout <kworx> lol <kworx> slap me moar <Dark-Leon> - I'm now listening to: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Hey Pachuco ( 3:06 ) - Type !mp3get to get it * Dark-Leon slaps kworx around a bit with a large Tweak <kworx> TWEAK? <Tweak> :wub: <Tweak> O_O <Dark-Leon> lawl <kworx> are you large? <kworx> D: <Tweak> >o_o<