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  1. From the official announcement's page:
  2. That's not so Masive.
  3. Ok, the next one who says any of those are good gets a drawing so bad your mother's gonna start swearing.
  4. I have time between 00:01 AM and 03:00 PM Dofus Time on Saturday and between 10:00 AM and 04:00 PM Dofus Time on Sunday.
  5. Is anyone on Rosal planning to open Kralove this weekend, preferably Saturday morning/noon or Sunday afternoon?
  6. I would love that.
  7. Seyif, here's your era. Kyffles, here you go. I added shades this time. tell me what you guys think.
  8. Here you go, Camogie!
  9. Ahoy IV I found an old drawing of my Sadida in my folders which I intentionally made in a way that looks incredibly shitty and low effort. I can't remember why I did that though. Anyway, I shared it on our Discord and couple people asked me to draw their characters in a similar way and I'm surprised to say that the outcome wasn't as awful as I imagined. In fact, I kinda ended up liking them. And so did the people requesting them. So here's the deal: I will draw your character in this shitty way. And you can give me whatever you want. That can be nothing, that can be 1mk, that can be 1k, that can be a visit in our Discord channel or a donation in my name to some goodwill organization of your choice. If it's in-game stuff, please know that I'm playing on Rosal, but I do have an alt on Rushu and on Henual. However I'm not actively playing any of them so scheduling the exchange is gonna be difficult. I dunno, that seems like a you-problem. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To clarify: this isn't a troll. this isn't a mockery of real artists that have been so very kind to offer their artistic services to our forum. this is just a goat drawing shitty characters on a trackpad for the heck of it. Examples: We'll start with the first 3 people replying with a screenshot of their characters.
  10. Can we have a 1.29 set planner? In all seriousness, there's more than endgame in 1.29. Maybe my lvl 110 nub (if I ever reach that far) also wants to meddle with set combinations? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. The official forum is such a nice place. People get treated so well when they help the forum find typos.
  12. The answer's right there in the next sentence.
  13. Text was changed after I made them aware that they said "Kaliptus and Dotrich" when they meant to say "Kaliptus and Grofus". Grofus gives Prospecting, Dotrich %power. And with stackable they just mean that you can equip both Dofus that give Prospecting.
  14. You can always start with the lower level hunts and though the rewards are incredibly small you can still progress slowly.