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  1. yes, it is doable without any cash. just takes more time. so far I only bought 1 booster pack because I had leftover money on my iTunes account.
  2. you can gain the gems through minigames or the roulette (the tokens are from daily login rewards or every 5 levels in a mini game)
  3. what netbook are you using? O_o
  4. How to make a new monster group, by Ankama Devs. Duplicate Classes and Entities of the Piwi monster group. Find all instances of "Piwi" and replace with new monster names Release game with new monster group Release hotfix because you forgot to rename "Piwi" to the new monster names in a completely different file this guide never mentioned but is used to display all monster names in the achievement tab
  5. WMF has great forks. Try to avoid the Denver Cromargan. Boston is a good gateway fork, personally I'm a fan of the Virginia Cromargan. They look fancy and are sure to impress your friends!
  6. I wrote a guide some time ago: https://gist.github.com/paddykontschak/b216bc1270fccdf66cc500c18754e954
  7. You can always contact support and see if they can fix it. Maybe something went wrong during one of the many maintenances since the server merge. Good luck! :)
  8. Don't listen to bob. he's a noob when it comes to friends. (sorry, I love you, see you in August. please don't kill me in pvp.) Here's what you can do: /whois newfriends-ign -> friendsnick (newfriends-ign) is online in Unknown Area. Open Ankabox Go to Friends Add friends Search for friendsnick Click Add as friend Have them accept the friendship Relog (or switch chars back and forth) You now have 51 friends. Also, adding friends on other servers extents it, too, although now with the server merge they'd need to be friends on Shadow or Oto Mustam and people who play on those servers are no friends. Source: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/149139-what-grinds-your-gears-in-dofus/?do=findComment&comment=1470488
  9. Well, at least he listens to requests. Ask him for a pornhub link next!
  10. Yes, we really need this. 2.42 would get a completely different reaction if they added these nerfed version of the affected dungeons as some sort of "easy" mode, keep the difficulty from 2.41 as "normal/difficult" mode and add a new difficulty as "epic" mode. And it's been requested so many times in the past already.
  11. That's always the response I get. I'll gladly sacrifice your life for these stats.
  12. The problem is that even then things like that can catch you by surprise, so it would be nice to have some sort of notice that when you're targeting something with a spell that's going to mess everything up maybe a warning icon could appear, at the very least telling you that if you continue, something is going to happen and you might not want it to. I would love more stats period. How many White Gobblys did I kill? how many hours did I actually play? How many recall potions have I used. How much kamas would I have if I never spent any of them? How many times did I die in total, in the first Dungeon room, vs monster/monster family X, pvp, how many times did I win?
  13. Alas politics are tainted with people being too dense to see further than 2 terms, working for lobbies more than for the people and I'm pretty sure I'd be killed fairly quickly. Well, maybe not in Germany. But here I'd have to listen to angry old men yelling about the dumbest shit. I stick to walls of text on the internet for now. But thanks. :)
  14. "You know what? I'm glad." - Drupik, 2016 Endgame content has been getting more and more difficult with each update and for those who are trying to play the game while also maintaining a work/school life and who can't create a full team of the necessary classes - for whatever reasons, may that be ideologic, financial or technical - trying to tackle this content is exhausting and demotivating due to how much time and money needs to be put into succeeding. The current state of the endgame content has such an immense powercreep compared to the near-endgame content that a change is more than due. Understandably, those who already have a full team and know these dungeons like their own hometown aren't going to be happy about anything that would make the endgame content too easy, as it provides them with an income with the still rare endgame resources and some, if not most of these specific players, actually enjoy the intense difficulty, even, or especially, when winning in an endgame dungeon might mean dying tenfold. What the players with the full teams need to understand is that the game is in a niche market and after 13-14 years I know of very few people who would recommend Dofus to their friends, let alone new people actually sticking to it for more than a couple days to a week. Its complexity and time consuming nature is what scares a lot of new players and veterans mostly stick to the game because of the sunk-cost fallacy ("I can’t stop now, otherwise what I’ve invested so far will be lost."). A common argument against the reduction in difficulty in endgame content is that it's meant to be a challenge and not everyone needs to have all achievements. That is, in a way, a valid argument, however it fails to see the consequences that result in such a mindset. The more inaccessibly (and exclusive to the very few with full teams and a seemingly abundance of time in their day-to-day lives) the endgame content is, the less people will be happy with the game. And the less people enjoy playing the game, the less they will want to keep playing the game, which then reduces the amount of people who are either willing or able to buy the endgame resources. That all being said and put aside, and in the defence of difficult endgame content, it obviously shouldn't become as easy as running the Royal Gobball dungeon. It shouldn't even be as easy as Bworker or Celestial Bearbarian. And as glad as I am, that dungeons like Merkator will be easier with this update, the changes seem to make the endgame content way too easy to be given the term endgame content. Instead what they should do is remove about half of the triggers that cause players to die over and over again because of a slight misstep or hitting the wrong target with the wrong spell and make the triggers that are still in place more visible and give the players a way to know what these triggers do (icons may be nice looking and don't consume as much screen real estate as a tooltip, however the triggers in Dofus aren't easy to be explained by an icon without a thesaurus at hand). Summary: Shit's been difficult. Update makes shit too easy. Try the middle, Ankama. Players, try to understand the other side of the arguments. Not everyone likes dying, not everyone wants this game to turn into Candy Crush. Not everyone has a team, shit should be possible, albeit still difficult (in a sane way), for people without teams. (Feel free to correct me where I might be wrong with the things I said. Feel free to tell me off, if you hate change. Might I recommend chess as a game then? I heard the game never even gets any updates anymore. Lazy developers.) Also: See you guys in August. Goat's coming back.
  15. by far the best change! Thanks based Ankama!