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  1. You're skipping a turn when you use the spell that teleports you to literally any cell on the map. I'd count that as a cooldown of sorts.
  2. Kawotz's Staff is quite useful for 2-3 solo quest fights. One is Armagudeon, another one the Butcher fight in Nimaltopia, and I'm pretty sure there's another one I'm forgetting now.
  3. Brief history of Rosalt - continuing: Octolliard 12, 647: Brother Martinius Not-a-catfish leads the lost sodium souls of brother Maximum Snek, Magnum Dong and pet goat Leslie back to their salty paths. Brother Maximum Snek defaults into afk-mode within seconds and blesses Rosalts revival, as is custom. No sign of brother Glucose yet, as he's busy with some original sinner game and farming keyboards.
  4. @white cat 22
  5. I promised drawings for the 2 people who had the audacity to call my shitty drawings good. @Rob @bobeur
  6. Yeah, both Gobballs have the same emote, just one is for Bonta and the other for Brakmar. Unfortunately you can't have both emotes so I'm only counting one version.
  7. After a long break I'm back, both to the game and to drawing. Been doing mostly Inktober stuff the past couple days and Seyif reminded me of this little project I started. So here are some of the requested drawings: @Uthman @Ununpentium From now on I'll refuse to do drawings of characters wearing this ohwymi costume. It's terribly detailed. Too details for a shitty drawing. @Spartial
  8. It's been quite a while since I last counted my emotes. Yesterday we had a discussion about that on the Zaap and I was slightly off by around 10. I counted today; and including equipment and pet/petsmount emotes I have a total of 129 emotes. I'm missing: Rainbow puke emote (1 Razof dungeon run away from it) lvl 100 alignment emote (at Brak quest #99 at the moment) [Alignment] Flames (petsmount emote from Gobballux) GvG guild standard [regrets of leaving Winland right before GvG intensifies] Magnolia (Ankama, please re-release it!) Joy (2 more years) Kamarena (6 more years) Champion
  9. I'm interested to hear about the storyline what happened to the World of Twelve after Ogrest's defeat. Seems like our characters in Dofus 2.x are living in the most complete version of the universe with everything getting worse in the future. Dofus Wakfu Dofus Cube Next step: Starfu, since the World of Twelve's basically beyond Water World at that point.
  10. #10 Achievement Sadida on Echo.
  11. Thanks to Mystic-Water and Dimi for doing some annoying mobs with me. 508 is insane. This ends an almost 5 year long journey into Frigost since my initial comeback to Dofus in early 2013. Working on Alignment quests until 100, Ohwymi (dropping the last items as I write this), Nimaltopia, the Dofus ornament questline and Sidimote and hopefully get to do Ivory before March. Gonna have to get back on the #1 achievement Sadida place. With Echo I dropped down to 12.
  12. Nerf Veldin. Grats man! This is awesome, and thanks for the guide!
  13. yes, it is doable without any cash. just takes more time. so far I only bought 1 booster pack because I had leftover money on my iTunes account.
  14. you can gain the gems through minigames or the roulette (the tokens are from daily login rewards or every 5 levels in a mini game)