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  1. That would make for a fun dungeon. All summons and opponents are giant. Kinda like the Cockroach dungeon, but better.
  2. I'd like to do roleplaying, but most of the time the proper roleplayer have some annoying rules like "don't acknowledge that this is a game, always talk as your character, never mention anything that isn't explicitly mentioned in-game. That's too limiting, can ruin /g and can be very annoying when talking about updates. How are you gonna discuss those? "Rumors have it the Gods are teaching us new spells in the next season, your arrows will deal more damage and your dolls will come to life without the need for trees, fellow Twelvian. Visit the Realm of the Unreleased Changes to see the Gods' plans in detail as our rules forbid me from talking about this realm from an outsider's perspective!"? Or having alternative characters? Most people with teams talk with one main character, the others only rarely have their own personalities.
  3. They sometimes have Ogrine purchase promotions with a free Armored Dragoturkey. Basically it means you gotta wait.
  4. Thanks to: Auke for Danti and Koutoulou Martin for Meno and various questfights
  5. Someone Nerf Latakia! Oh, right... they are.
  6. Mark, I'm so sorry to hear this. This sucks! You've always been fun to play with and you'll be missed! Rosal for life!
  7. Sadida on Rosal, back in 2006/2007, was called Goatee, because I had a little goatee mustache at the time (and for the next 6 years iirc). Then Ankama released Zatoishwan as the first 2.0 server, and with 2.0 came the Novice Set. Its hat kinda looks like a sailor/captain hat so my guildies called me Captain Goat. I quit Dofus for 2-3 years and developed the backstory of "Cap'n Goat" on IRC, Reddit, and various other online communities before I returned to Dofus and renamed my Sadida on Rosal "Capngoat". I haven't been able to tell the whole extended backstory in 5 years, especially not on Dofus, as it doesn't quite fit with the game's universe. I adapted as best as I could though.
  8. Source: https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/331647-changes-monster-attack-system?page=2#entry1345917 You've misunderstood the new aggro system. > All 2.44 aggressive monsters are highly aggressive monsters in 2.45 > All monsters (ALL!) are aggressive to players with at least 50 lvls below them > lvl 200 characters are immune to aggression to most non-highly-aggressive monsters that are lvl 150 or below > 60-second aggression immunity works by not moving at all (logging in, just arriving on a map, leaving your house/havenbag) > highly aggressive monsters don't care about your lvl. they'll aggro you anyway (given that you moved or 60 seconds have passed since you entered their map)
  9. All monster groups that are aggressive in 2.44 are highly aggressive in 2.45, which includes Frigost 3 monsters and rats. I'll assume that the 60 seconds immunity either doesn't count for them or it is indeed a bug.
  10. You do realize that levelling is forbidden for you now, right?
  11. @Topmaster @Sommanker @ElMatematico @SamTheKing I asked about the "Certain monsters will always be aggressive" part and that was the reply: > Are all current areas with aggressive monsters gonna be high-aggressive areas? Frigost 2+3, Eltneg Wood, cemeteries, etc? > In a nutshell: yes. There may be a few adjustments here and there, but all of the areas you mentioned will be high-aggressive areas. They need to remove the highly aggressive version and make them all behave the same. And for endgame, where the 50 level gap doesn't exist, give us some achievement/kill count that makes them stop attacking us. The old system was disliked by many but at least it was easy to avoid getting attacked with some patience. If @--VU--'s story is repeating itself (and someone on the OF mentioned that they were attacked during their login wait) then this needs to be changed ASAP. I'm glad they decided to change the aggression system (although I didn't really mind the old one, I like Wabbits and Koalaks) but in literally all other parts of the game, with the exception of wing/koth attacks, the user usually has a chance to avoid something by doing nothing. You do nothing and you won't accidentally start a quest fight. you do nothing and you don't accidentally sell all your stuff. you do nothing and aggressive monsters just ignore you. I understand that they wanna keep low-level characters from exploring beyond their level (which is actually a cool idea) but the highly aggressive version punishes players for lagging, for logging into the game (or logging out on the wrong map, which might be caused by a maintenance/server issue, mind you!), for stepping out of our house!
  12. w000t! A married strawberry! Congrats!
  13. The -100 MP is for just 1 turn. It's basically the old Sylvan Power. But instead of becoming invulnerable you can become nearly invulnerable depending on the amount of summons (not just dolls) you have put into the match. And you're only losing MP, not AP, too. So you can cast Harmony, and prepare the next turn, possibly placing yourself strategically. Then next turn you can use your AP from there. The next turn you can use your MP again and still have damage sharing active.
  14. I didn't understand a single thing any of my new spells did and I can't read French. So I took some time to make a spreadsheet and use Google Translator to help me. If anyone else wants to understand the new variants and what the trade-offs are for each: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14EpjZN8Cy7RUlDQzwSMEWAsRsL-iSGTJFDRytYSD_es/edit?usp=sharing I hope this is helping other Sadidas.