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  1. like the fact that it's a dumb idea. oh, no? they don't see the issue with it. oh well, let the era of Ankama-encouraged scamming commence...
  2. Ok, but that's not possible. There's no other set that has more pods than the provided one. without any over/exomages or the aforementioned methods to improve it.
  3. You're providing the single set that, with perfect stats, no bonuses, no candy buffs, no etheral weapons, no over/exomages, no improvements, no mount inventory is the best pods set available. There's nothing else available as of right now if you don't want to include any of these things. Crustic Ring is the only ring that gives 80 strength and since it's not part of any set can be used twice. Count hat/boots give an additional 50 strength with the set bonus, no other set bonus/items can give you more than 230 strength. There are only 2 amulets and 2 weapons that give 100 and 80 strength respectively. There's no other belt than the Royal Gobball's Belt which gives 800 pods or strength that would get even close to 800 pods. Dunno what else you wanna see or wanna prove here? If it's just to show the current state of max pod set sans any modifications but perfect stats, yeah, that's about it then. But if you're asking for an improvement without allowing any in-game allowed ways to improve sets, then there's nothing to be done here...
  4. That set you want people to surpass is the max one can get with perfect stats and without overmaging. There are however 3 things you can improve: add a Pippin Shigekax for an additional 250 pods for a total of 13040 pods use a Boarhog and gain an additional 1100 pods on Pandala Island for a total of 13890 pods use a 10th gen Dragoturkey (I'm assuming Muldos work, too) with Loadbearer ability for 11690 pods on your character and 6100 on your mount, giving you a total of 17790 pods. Also, seeing as the backpack requires at least 1 lvl 200 gathering profession you already have at least an additional 2388 pods. And with all professions at lvl 200 you have 16517 pods just from professions that you can add to your set or any of the 3 options mentioned earlier. So, to sum it up, a lvl 200 character, with all stats in Strength without any overmages, perfect stats, all lvl 200 professions, a Pippin Shigekax and a 10th gen mount with Loadbearer ability you'll have a total of 34557 pods. Or about 3455 Kwismas Pastry Monsters.
  5. I'll gladly sacrifice your childhood mistake for the inability for scammers to change their nicknames. This is bullshit. Ankama shouldn't be offering this service.
  6. FTFY
  7. F
  8. double xp weekend must've already started. Even though that would make it 0.332%. Must be An unspecified set of mathematics specific to a certain nationality, which is not inferior to the mathematics of any other nationality, as defined by Ankama® Games then!
  9. Bug with vertigo? I was talking about the missing duo achievement. However, apparently people need to redo the duo achievement. Seems to be so broken that they can't retroactively fix it.
  10. A fellow pirate! Ahoy!
  11. That's a known bug and will be fixed in a future patch.
  12. No mention of Discord or me. Rude. Good bye, sweet prince!