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  1. You can always start with the lower level hunts and though the rewards are incredibly small you can still progress slowly.
  2. Idol limitation to groups of more than n of the same class?
  3. Hi, please don't make my class be the next nerf target. How about we don't do teams of 8 of the same class and play this game without abusing it and thus ruining it for everyone else? Thanks.
  4. Bye

    Rosalt never was a joke. You need to exist to be a joke.
  5. I'd like it if the in-game character design would be closer to the mature drawings. That I'd play no questions asked. I'm not a fan of chibi. (I actually want the whole chibi design to die in a big fire with all their fans - not just for Dofus but for everything)
  6. Don't you know that saying "Ankama doesn't plan to make Dofus a p2w game and are prone to mistakes" is against their meta of Ankama being an evil corporation that wants to turn the whole game into a p2w nightmare?
  7. http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/325955-dofus-available-steam?poid=1323171
  8. I had 6998 init and managed to kill Lex Linger just fine. That was on Tuesday. Maybe they changed it in 2.38?
  9. Source: http://forum.dofus.com/en/1-log-book/325717-update-2-38
  10. The next devblog about the new update is probably happening in the next couple days/weeks and I feel like some/most people will be confused about its version number being 2.39. The last big update with the Ohwymi content was 2.37 after all, right? What happened to 2.38. Well, we're at 2.38 right now. Basic translation: "maintenance ended. houses and paddocks for sale after 2:30pm, or something like that. version upped to 2.38 (tech modifications, no new ingame content)" If you type in /version you'll get this message: It's not a big announcement or anything really worth mentioning in and of itself, and I think it has something to do with the Steam release, but I figured I'd mention it anyway to explain the (probably) upcoming confusion.
  11. Here's a guide on making Dofus 1.29 work on a Mac! https://gist.github.com/paddykontschak/b216bc1270fccdf66cc500c18754e954
  12. Would it be possible to use one of those orbs to get the new default stats on the old Dofusteuse? Then at least you'd have a use for it. Maybe try it on the beta server first.
  13. A playable Mac version would be great, too. Or a link to one that works.
  14. Almost. Bolgrot stored the 6 primordial Dofus inside his stomach, which were later found after Rykke had killed him. The 6 primordial Dofus were laid by: Terrakourial the Earth Dragon (Ochre) Ignemikahl the Fire Dragon (Crimson) Aerafal the Air Dragon (Ochre) Aguabrial the Water Dragon (Turquoise) Dardondakal the White Dragon (Ivory) Grougalorasalar the Black Dragon (Ebony) And the main reason why it's Ochre (though you were spot on why it can't be Ice) is that this reward is for the elemental Dofus, meaning the first 4, and thus can't be the Ivory. Sorry, I'll go back into my lore-nerd-basement and stop bothering you guys. Ankama, make this game popular, ffs. I wanna talk Dofus lore with people the same way these WoW nubs do with their WoW lore in my school and workplace. >>