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  1. double xp weekend must've already started. Even though that would make it 0.332%. Must be An unspecified set of mathematics specific to a certain nationality, which is not inferior to the mathematics of any other nationality, as defined by Ankama® Games then!
  2. Bug with vertigo? I was talking about the missing duo achievement. However, apparently people need to redo the duo achievement. Seems to be so broken that they can't retroactively fix it.
  3. A fellow pirate! Ahoy!
  4. That's a known bug and will be fixed in a future patch.
  5. No mention of Discord or me. Rude. Good bye, sweet prince!
  6. I was really hoping they'd add Grougalorasalar, the Ebony Dofus Dragon, as an option.
  7. The names being in French and not everyone probably aware of where these names belong to, here's a list to explain: Pandore - Pandora, the Pandawa Dungeon boss Tengu - Tengu Snowfoux, the Snowfoux Dungeon boss Ush - Ush, demigod, son of Ecaflip, the Ush Dungeon boss Nidas - King Nidas, lvl 200 Enurado Dungeon boss Furye - An opponent in the Crimson Dofus questline, that fight is pretty fun, I don't know the storyline as the quest was in French back when I did it Tyranne - one of the 7 bounties that were added 1-2 years ago Jahash - Huppermage and deceased leader of Bontas army, important person from the Dofus movie Naganita - see Tyranne Brumen - Brumen Tinctoria, dungeon boss and evil eni Tynril - Tynril Dungeon boss Écho - important figure in the Wakfu anime and a Srambad questline, she's evil Crocabulia - "Vulbis dungeon" boss Ilyzaelle - no idea Algathe - no idea Julith - important figure of the Dofus movie, not gonna spoiler anything Ayuto - no idea, but I confuse him with that old guy in Bonta who recruites Bontarians Rubilax - One of Rushu's Shushus, seen as a sword in the Wakfu anime, wielded by Percedal Sylargh - F3 dungeon boss Nevark - Vulkania NPC, makes you collect couls for a 10pp Dofus and an OP potion Mériana - the Dofus quest witch in the swamps Fallanster - no idea Atcham -Ush's brother, not a dungeon boss though, a bounty however Klime - F3 dungeon boss Droupik - Ohwymi NPC, looks like Peki but with a cactus on his head, is on every map in ohwymi Meno - Abyss dungeon boss Kidibom - whale spirit from the Whale dungeon Dramak - Dramak dungeon pre-boss Razad - no idea Lacrima - one of God Sadida's 10 dolls Fraktale - Xelorium dungeon boss Viktorie - Sufokia NPC Merkator - Sufokia dungeon boss
  8. I dreamed I was having finals. Then I woke up and remembered it’s time for the Grand Finals in DofusCup! Join me! https://www.twitch.tv/capngoat Once again, there are prizes to be won!
  9. I’m so excited about Dofus Cup I got a Semi - Semi Finals that is! Join me live on day 11! Out Of Control vs No Game No Life https://www.twitch.tv/capngoat Did I mention one random viewer is going to get an in-game prize during one of the fights tonight? :)
  10. This should help make questing more appealing/easier for more people. Lovely.
  11. As long as the F2P characters don't have to enter buildings or actively click on things to activate them, just standing on a tile should be possible for the quest update to be triggered.
  12. Amos, that's only if his Sadi was never subbed.