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  1. Amos, that's only if his Sadi was never subbed.
  2. FInally the shield revamp! Sounds great! There were planning this? :O sweet!
  3. First of all, you're using that meme wrong. Second of all, I'm not feeling superior to others for being unbalanced. I'm merely very happy that Sadidas don't suck as much as they used to for way too long. I said "don't suck as much" because have you seen other classes lately? I'm not gonna trash talk a specific class because I don't feel like expanding this conversation for you to hate on more classes, just gonna tell you that if you dislike Sadidas you don't wanna see other classes in 1v1 PvP. Third of all, I've been playing Sadidas for 10+ years and seen other classes become PvP gods and fall way below any interest. Sadida's already been down there. We're unlikely gonna fall down for a long time. So, stop your whining and work on a strategy to defend yourself. Become a Sadi-killing Feca if you wanna hate this class so much. Ankama doesn't know how to balance classes, I give you that much. But that's nothing new to anyone. They even acknowledged it several times themselves for a long time, too. Literally in this announcement even: Last comment here: If Ankama would finally work on pvp and pvm separation for spells all this balancing crying would stop.
  4. I'm well aware that Sadidas have the upper hand on a number of classes, especially if they're unfamiliar with the way to defeat them. I'm also all in favor of some slight nerfs here and there - that being said we've already gotten a couple of nerfs, for example ruining our awesome synergy with Feca and making poisoned wind in 99% of all fights useless - but utterly broken or unbalanced? They were utterly broken pre-revamp. Remember that time? Where they were basically useless for anything? Ratters were killed, PvP Sadidas were killed, PvM Sadidas were killed a long time ago. The revamp made us useful again. We don't have to invest 4x as much as a Iop to compete anymore. And unbalanced? Sadidas gain their power the longer they fight and can output trees. It's basically Dofus' version of that song they play at the Oscars when actors keep rambling on and on and on. So, if you're taking your sweet time and don't wanna wrap this fight up quickly, that's your fault for losing to Sadis then. Don't hate Sadidas, embrace them. And learn to understand them. @Rob stop dragging me into ramblings like that.
  5. I added a couple more frames to my animation to make it smoother.
  6. [obligatory artist break apology] Ahoy guys, sorry for being gone for so long. I had quite a bit to do and wasn't able to do the last 2 shitty drawings either. I'll try to get to them tomorrow. [obligatory artist distraction excuse] However I wasn't doing anything at work in over a week and decided to teach myself to do animations. So I drew a couple frames, stuck them together in Photoshop and I'm quite happy with the result. I know it needs more inbetween frames and all but it's supposed to be a rough animation. Tell me what you think.
  7. Who let you into Rosalt? Get out.
  8. Kralove is open!
  9. I'm currently recruiting people for another opening.
  10. From the official announcement's page:
  11. That's not so Masive.
  12. Ok, the next one who says any of those are good gets a drawing so bad your mother's gonna start swearing.
  13. Ahoy Knights
  14. I have time between 00:01 AM and 03:00 PM Dofus Time on Saturday and between 10:00 AM and 04:00 PM Dofus Time on Sunday.