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  1. bump, dropped prices again, new prices and merch can be found above -1 0
  2. bump, prices lowered, new prices and merch can be found at -1 0, i'll be dropping prices every week or two
  3. If sashucker is still aids to mage than i think multiplying your price for it by like 2-3 is appropriate.
  4. Selling the above items and a few others that I'll add when I have time. Prices are as follows: AP exo Inky 140MK MP 3 crit res exo Inky 140MK Dark court boots 5% earth 110MK Treadfast Amulet 1 crit res near perfect 70MK Belteen 4% earth res 30MK Dark court belt 2% water res 15MK Cloak of a thousand excuses 3% earth res 15MK Nidas ring MP 5 crit res exo 30MK Daguanos 2% water 15MK Atcham Sabres 3% fire 30MK Flinty Daggers 3% earth 15MK Potsan Pants 4% earth 12MK Ringaling crit res maged 9MK Pawl Ouatnos ring 3% neutral res 8MK Prices might be inaccurate due to me not playing anymore, feel free to point that out if you're sure of it. I am open to all offers just message me here or on Kamino IG, otherwise you can expect to see prices drop by 10% every week or so.
  5. For the TF belt i'd say 150mk at least if not more for those stats 10 damage all around is hard to get especially with 0 crit resis, I think its more realistic and effective to ask for 58% power and be more lenient elsewhere, hairsh bracelet you're overpaying for sure, I would say 70mk at most. Inky I've only seen one for sale 3% with 10 damage and it went for more than 300mk though it did have 70/70/37 stats, don't think a 4% one has ever been made on real servers. Good luck with finding the items though
  6. There wasn't even 300mk sadly, though there was even supposed to be ~700M at one point Kikn, Brutt-os, Herosdumaroc, Real, Rob and a few others ended up bailing out/swindling Alb, as a consequence there was only Alb's 100M + 60M from me + tournament fees which Alb took after winning the tourn. Collecting beforehand should prevent this scamming but lets see how much people will actually donate now.
  7. ^^, the 1st % range/melee res is already hard enough to land and the 2nd one requires a crit most of the time. The only decent way to mage it on gear is to do it as an exo like a % over+ range/summon, so like 3% earth and 1 % melee res.
  8. [20:44] It's the last weekend before our servers unite to become the Echo server! To commemorate this moment, we're serving big L's in Amakna to make it a memorable farewell party for Platinum. Have fun! P L A T I N U M PA R T Y B O I S counting down to merge... 5 4 3 and last but not least handed by none other than Anjulica and Int: Cheers to the merge!
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy % fire res overmaged unnamable boots, minimum stats are the following: Base price: 35mk 490/500 vitality+ (400kk for each extra point) 95/100 intelligence+ (1mk+ for each extra point) 54/60 wisdom+ (1mk+for each extra point) 0/15 prospecting+ 18/18 fire damage 7/7% neutral resistance 7/7% air resistance 13/15 heals+ (5mk+ for each extra heal) 4% fire resistance(40mk+ for 5% fire resistance) I will not accept lower stats(unless other stats compensate) but you can try to put on a summon rune on any item that falls short of the stats above and then we might be able to talk about a price. IGN: Elseria
  10. [12:45] (Alliance) Putin: aight bois[12:45] (Alliance) Putin: here is game plan[12:45] (Alliance) Putin: i need like 15-20 of u opening dofus support[12:46] (Alliance) Putin: and we gonna mass spam them images of thesus multing[12:56] (Alliance) Putin: aight Game plan go [https://support.ankama.com/hc/en-us/requests/new] sumbit random ticket says multilogging explain situation put 2 images in we need to mass spam it pvp alliance rallying their members to spam support to ban pvpers instead of rallying to defend against them also apparently the noob guilds think leaving will save them nope im afraid u are mistaken sorry no multi accounting happening here as u can see amakna has not banned me no rules have been broken just a bunch of crying loser noobs
  11. I hope all the items in that set are mimis
  12. You're looking at price of an inky minus price of an orb on that one. Cheers!
  13. Even though its counter intuitive AP rape is more important on an int feca(pretty much for all feca builds actually) than MP rape so I prefer x2 vortex piece setups than x2 nidas, range is also a necessity for int feca since its a support build and you want to be able to cast bastion/barricade far since in any form of pvp its desirable to keep a feca far from his team. The range will also help you cast blindness from far away to ap rape at will, which is necessary since natural attack has non modifiable range. This was my old setup with a seemyool mount that I used before abyssal gear came out: http://dofp.la/2Cibp/ You could add 100 points of wis instead of 100 int and put a couple of res mages and it should work well. You'll also be very flexible trophy wise. Shylock rings can be fun to throw around too and a brutatax wand is usable instead of the arch bow but I preferred using a bow personally.
  14. what 3 pillars??? nvm didn't see lord persona who is so op he counts as 2 pillars and i guess feca is strong enough to be considered pillar. u were right. my b.