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  1. I hope all the items in that set are mimis
  2. You're looking at price of an inky minus price of an orb on that one. Cheers!
  3. Even though its counter intuitive AP rape is more important on an int feca(pretty much for all feca builds actually) than MP rape so I prefer x2 vortex piece setups than x2 nidas, range is also a necessity for int feca since its a support build and you want to be able to cast bastion/barricade far since in any form of pvp its desirable to keep a feca far from his team. The range will also help you cast blindness from far away to ap rape at will, which is necessary since natural attack has non modifiable range. This was my old setup with a seemyool mount that I used before abyssal gear came out: http://dofp.la/2Cibp/ You could add 100 points of wis instead of 100 int and put a couple of res mages and it should work well. You'll also be very flexible trophy wise. Shylock rings can be fun to throw around too and a brutatax wand is usable instead of the arch bow but I preferred using a bow personally.
  4. what 3 pillars??? nvm didn't see lord persona who is so op he counts as 2 pillars and i guess feca is strong enough to be considered pillar. u were right. my b.
  5. Ridiculous to blame steam-alb when he probably put the most work in goult fights out of anyone, team comps were not bad- no one played even close to perfectly so how can people say team comps lost us this?
  6. ^^ Also even if i'm present and emil wants to play its something our team (Rushu C) will always consider since he is one of the best players on the server and always has had good input to bring in even when he is not playing. Personal gain or not this is a pvp tournament and excluding Emil would do a lot of harm to our chances.
  7. As title says, selling both of these looking for 1bk for both. Leave a message here or pm Elseria.
  8. get good noob

    1. Phexi


      go kill yourself

  9. Out of feca, sram, sadi, sac which are you calling the weak pvp classes? Only one I can sort of understand would be sram but even then its one of the best if not the best counter to xelor, its just a class that is more limited in team comps than eca/iop.
  10. @Kissmy-Astrub This wasn't some elaborate scam like the ones ogivol pulled off(who mind you is still playing right now, with many friends and in one of the largest guild). There was so many signs pointing to this happening or making lending Timeless gear pointless that no one should have fallen for it. Here are some: 1. Vulbis incident 2. Antarctican = Timeless, yeah a fully geared/exoed xelor with top tier xelor skills, almost identical way of playing, similar colors, same build, same way of talking, related name; yet, Timeless has no gear for goult? 3. Whisky has literally told everyone on -1 0 and in the goult lineup that he would rather forfeit than play with Timeless. 4. As you pointed out, he has a queen hat on while someone is giving him a queen hat??? He also managed to get like 3-4 cloudies I believe, and though its rare for him to use one on his xelor, you would think one of his friends who lent him items would have seen him in dojo or kolo with one already on? Timeless was in my guild even and i refused to lent him a single item just because I thought the whole scenario was shady. Also I don't get how people don't realize this but most the community doesn't give a shit about scammers anymore, I already gave the example of Ogivol, people were applauding Timeless after he fucked over Stockton and hell, that Zobnoxious kid who just got scammed? He scammed someone in the dojo gambling before and there is even a screen of it yet everyone forgot about it in a week. No one actually cares.
  11. there is nothing that anyone can do about it but emil himself, and nothing should be done, people who lent him gear have only themselves to blame
  12. slt tankounet