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    Hmmm... Lemme think about that.

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  1. Haha it's always nice to see OG quest items, the good ol' days!
  2. I know it's been a while but I thought this was amusing. Strokens were removed from obtaining a while ago but some still lingered in quest items on various alts. Anyone still have these collectables?
  3. Hmm would this count? A while back when I was a bow meow ghost.
  4. What makes you think I am proud? lmao..
  5. Sure you can defend it, but it requires coming to the dark side.... For you though no cookies.
  6. It was started by Skyblu on the map 1 right of the heart. After seeing him aggroe Turtle I returned the favor.
  7. Aww Enz D: we shall miss you
  8. Lol pwned
  9. I wonder what drugs Ankama was smoking during this brainstorm...
  10. It's always going to be "Bontarian" and I will just keep turning it back to brak :P (Brak forever)