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  1. pls do that
  2. Think it would be the time to come back to Dofus again? No idea how it's gonna affect the economy. Is it gonna be something like populated french servers (mean with market prices)?
  3. I see that exoing brought you a fortune.
  4. Sac with 4.2k hp makes me cry
  5. This program could allow all your other chars to instantly follow your main char. So when you move around the map, you only need to control one account instead of using tab.
  6. sup with nomarow rings?
  7. Anyone got into Dofus Touch to the point where they consider themselves pro af? Been some time and wanted to know what could be best to do etc....just a lot of questions in general. Playing Enu btw.
  8. get scammed pls
  9. wow look at me driving Mercedes and shit and I'm over here thinking if spending 10$ on 2 WaWa sandwiches aint a bit too risky
  10. +1 summon no ballz
  11. it triggers me how uneven it is
  12. I'd love to have this hat in neon green
  13. This should end the topic.
  14. This is your pet's eyes color This is your hair color pls match it