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  1. Ooh ok. I'd love to play with some old players but I'm already 114 on Eratz :/ o well
  2. Is Henual PvP playable for non-kamabuyers? @Jumpermina
  3. Yeah I'm a 93 Sadida atm, Pm me on "Asleep" if you want any help `.`
  4. Most people decided to break off into a new guild, "Tazed." Others joined Intercontinental.
  5. SERVER DRAMA IN 2017 LUL Just like old times.
  6. It has come to my attention that there's a way to use the Abrak Tactical Mode and Anti-Lag fix on the official servers Eratz and Henual. I'm going to post the eratz.fr thread here in case anyone is interested, I find that it makes the game much less frustrating. 1.29 maps are V COMPLEX. Here's the link Download the collection of flash files from there and drag them into the Dofus 1.29 directory as outlined in the post. Google Translate is your friend!
  7. We active now ;e;
  8. ded pls help
  9. Eratz is COOL
  10. I've been told that Eratz has more English speakers overall but there's a lull in active players at the moment.
  11. Same. Joined Intercontinental for now.
  12. Hi I'm Krindle and I am playing @_@ Are there more english players on Eratz? Or is Henual fine?
  13. w e w l a d d i e

  14. Ok Worlds + Sandbox Mode + Lee Sin being meta has me playing again ^_^ My name's gay lee if anyone wants to play normals sometime pls add