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  1. Wow thanks so much I completely forgot about coral beach. Is that otomai island?
  2. Agi cra. Toady set mad tofu aerdala pieces and mp gelano with almond ebony mount
  3. Just got back into my lvl 58 alt iops account. I'm ready to get back into dofus when i get a laptop in 2 weeks. I want to solo level from 60 - 124 then change classes to an agi sac. Any guidance?
  4. So I want to help him drop a gobball set but how many players or prospecting do we need to drop the whole set in the gobball dung with my lvl 114 int cra 10 ap 6mp 4range. Ive never tried running black rat as a cra but ive been leeched through it b4 on my old agi sacrier noob times. Ive seen everywhere that i should be able to solonthe black rat dung. Is this true. If so ill have a new laptop in 2 weeks and ig my rushu char willl be on echo. Does any lower lvl players wanna teamup with me? Can solo kanigers am i useful with any drophunts
  5. No more rags kritter and chafeerce belt?? Why make these items so underpowered
  6. Is there any difference in crit dag sacriers ?? I loved playing 1 from using blessdags i already got a set thought up Hat: krutch, solomonk Cape: mad tofu cloak-/legendary crackler Weapon: black rat daggers Amulet: dreggon amulet, black rat necklace Belt: chafeerce belt, black rat Boots: harry boots, Aerdala geta Ring: mp/ap gelano, dp ring Pet: almond ebony mount Is this build still good how about this on agi cra?
  7. Compared to the +damage build from headhunter days what sac build is the best and how should i go about raising spells in this day and age around level 110ish I'll be doing a class change can scroll.stats but i think all my points r in wisdom atm but yeah i miss playing game when shika was f2p lol
  8. High chance I'll stick with cra but I'm thinking of just ogrines to change class but keep my level and stats. Whats a good 1v1 pvp class? Many years ago when headhunter quest was on shika i had a level 76 intel eca that was rank 10 and an agi xelor same level and rank are they still viable ??6
  9. Hi I have an intel cra thats around level 112 on rushu named Keerahh tho it got hacked and robbed for everything I wanna start over fresh but cra is not an option since the level 90 spell nerf What class and spells do I raise, i realized weapons have also been nerfed and that crit dag sacrier or something arent as formidable to previous updates but also where do i train. Ive had an intel iop as well but the grind was terrible
  10. So randoms has my free password to the dofus account that only has/had 1 character an iop named Keerahh in rushu and I quit dofus so bye
  11. I can't screen to save my life hopefully you can see the part that made me laugh.