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  1. Hey so, I'm not sure what these mages are worth these days, and I'd like to know. Does anyone know how much these can sell for? Also maybe selling them if it's of interest of anyone.
  2. What's the most efficient way to leech an alt to 200? Or some stuff people do? I remember 508 on big maps, 508 at the arena, EH, but there was something about Treasure Hunts (those monster mobs like Voldelor, Gein, etc) that I don't recall exactly when those things are the best option. Was it at 199? I have some frags lying around.
  3. The monster achievement required Skemage, but it can only be found inside QoT. However there was an event that had special dungeon monsters outside of it, and people souled it. I beat that one in arena with a challenge and got the achiev :^)
  4. Ornament obtained: [Srambad Visitor] Achievement unlocked: [Dark Court] Achievement unlocked: [Queen of Thieves (Tight)] Achievement unlocked: [Queen Me] What I began last year finally came to an end. Weeks of quests on my characters for title and going for First/Trio took me a lot of effort and mental strength. Tight was the last thing I was trying when I quit and I couldn't thank Goji enough for helping me with it. Don't even know what to say, it feels so good to actually have finished this and it definitely took me time and persistence. Special thanks to Joost for telling me that I needed to get a saved spot in dungeon before doing the soul at the arena for achieves (not sure if necessary but you can't be too careful :p) and Мвк that helped me in the arena mob.
  5. @Sunbathe I didn't know that, thanks! @Gravestorm I read the link you posted and the dev about it, they mention a "December update". I assume this didn't go online yet and were they meaning December 2017? Didn't know they had already settled on what to do after 200, seems like a cool concept.
  6. Working on EH and I was thinking: Is there a way to make the XP useful on a lv 200 char somehow? Does it go to mounts/guilds? Kinda sad to see all this xp being wasted.
  7. not that big of a deal but I don't have anyone to pm and I like how I got off my butt and got excited to level my leftover professions :)
  8. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer, definitely made it a lot easier. Cheers!
  9. Hi, I'm looking for help to get back into the game. I haven't played the game since the release of Ecaflipus and the last thing I remember doing were dimension dungeons with Rogue bomb walls, which to my knowledge have been "nerfed" with the change that makes dimension monsters invulnerable for one turn after their wave spawns. I have no knowledge of new equipments after the ones from Ecaflipus, which I also did not understand enough before taking a break, and I'm not rich, but I am dedicated to what I want to do. What I Have 1 - lvl 200 Rogue (http://i.imgur.com/KCuKsTs.png 11/6/6 - Has an int gear as well, similar if not the same as Elio's) 2 - lvl 200 Panda (http://i.imgur.com/SCgcXgP.png) - Hat is CB Headdress and cape is Lethaline, 12/6/4) 3 - lvl 200 Iop (http://i.imgur.com/3Tygw43.png - Hat is Missiz Freezz's and cape is Xa's, 12/5/1) 4 - lvl 200 Eliotrope (http://i.imgur.com/EHrCQTm.png - Hat is Age-Old and cape is Nileza's, 11/6/6) 5 - lvl 200 Sram (Agi/Str but mostly ungeared since I don't like Srams that much, I even forgot why I class changed my enu tbh) I want to know what is the most effective way to run the dungeons/achievements these days. I don't care if it's a cookie cutter comp, if I have to learn or level one or more new characters or ditch one of mine. I simply want to know how to enjoy the game and the endgame content without being limited by builds/classes. Last time I played, I remember my gear being the most cost effective for the classes I played. I'd like to know if or what I gotta change about their gear or if they can do the job for now (I pasted imgur urls of their current sets). I mostly craft/mage my own stuff, so I don't have a budget unless it's absolutely necessary to run a specific setup for the dungeon I'm about to do. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM only. I have no interest in PvP whatsoever. In PvM I mean every dungeon available in the game. Since it's a mix between teams/gear, I'm not sure which post to choose, if I asked these things in the wrong thread I apologize.
  10. free bump cus i love brock
  11. Amazing plays, great Rogue player, big fan :)
  12. Sorry but I agree with Quadro. People don't usually buy the whole set because there might be an item they already have, maybe that's an exo or a normal piece of gear that they wouldn't need to buy from you. Your best shot is advertising them individually so you can sell both a little more expensive and quicker, which I think is in your plans as a seller.
  13. just noticed the redundancy on my question lol