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  1. Goodbye
  2. This topic should just be closed. Guy keeps staying vague and going around questions.
  3. Yes I'd like to know too
  4. Who is CYNGUS? Anyone who actually takes PvP seriously knows they barely got real PvPers. Percs for example. And we all know the amount of people an alliance has, has absolutely nothing to do with howmuch interest there is for a tournament. Pff timing? Seems fine to me, everyone back from holiday, no one even participates in Dofus World Series anyway. And who cares about the damn name, just sign up already instead of tingoing everyone at -1,0.
  5. weak
  6. I am selling a nicely maged Treadfast Amulet and MP Tash Ring, see below: Treadfast Amulet - 18.5mk MP Tash Ring -16.5mk Message here or PM in game IGN Gojiski
  7. My name is Goji Brewberrious Pandelicious , commander of the Armies of the North, General of Semper Fidelis and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Jewst Defuse . Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my leadership, in this life or the next. Hi vote kthx
  8. Hoi, I am looking for a KIng Playa ring with AP exo. Price around 35mk, maybe more if stats are very good. Leave message here or PM in game. IGN: Brewberry
  9. Close please
  10. I have this ring for sale Looking for 40mk. Price is negotiable Leave your best offer here or PM in game IGN: Brewberry
  11. The amount of people who are on Imps compared to whole population of Rushu is so small and the people who are actually on Imps often probably already know who to vote for. Not sure if all these interviews and showing off howmuch IQ you have, contribute to anything at all. Seems like a little over the top to me.