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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. Wallauuuuw shiiiit son.... Congratz <3
  2. feels good to be back on my original main Trey, and here is a little picture of what we did today. Huppers is such an amazing class thinking about what it can do! 13ish tries.
  3. Thanks guys, I think I know why its slacking on me now. however could you post some models? for an example: Mac book pro .. .. . . .. or ASUS Amd kasofjasfj1 231123 so I can check it out.
  4. So, I've bought this really amazing LAP some time ago, and I dont like it's performance when it comes to Dofus. ( I have to say I do not want, or play any other games then dofus) So: I want to ask you guys for some advice, (price dosen't really matter for me) I want a PC that has an amazing dofus performance. (I do not want a gamer Laptop, let me mark that right away) I want a PC that can carry 8+ characters without a single sign of lag. The PC I have now has 2.3ghz, and 8 rams, obviously not enough, because I have to relog every hour, and driving 8, nonono... So, if you guys have some model names / advice, I'd be glad to read them all. - Bulgari
  5. Marko, you're smart af XD I dig the point! cuz 10 HP anyways due to idols
  6. 531 runes, so I was asking Goast to hit range due to my shit luck, low ini, but I can survive with the damn 49 overmage in vitality. iop with 76 MP reduction I only did it for the cut spell which I only had succes with! #Goals Credits to #Goast for landing it for me <3
  7. XDDD ikr... he basically landed 2 AP in a row, absolutely unbelieveable!
  8. ladies and gents, he did it.. again and again, by far the best fucking exo ever. 1 billion + worth. He made the dreggon hat wearable! #Creds2Dee
  9. The perfect pvm team to complete every single achievements in this game is: #1 Panda ( Int or Cha) has some really cool set posibilities, just make sure to have good res and stackable lock, easy task with new shields I think. #2 Iop The iop is best in its 12/5 way with omni/str/int set, but a 11/6 Full str iop would work aswell. #3 Eni, Eni can be anything as long as it can heal good #4 Enu, I use my enu as a damage class, but at the same time it can steal a good amount of MP from any mob. I typically use my enu with 150 MP red (if needed) else im 1.4k cha and full damage with a base of 113 MP red. #5 Elio, I've been int/str/cha/agi, the one I find best is agility, a spell like bullying is a spell you're gonna use alot, so its positive if it damages at the same time, also Elio can be used to lock mobs due to high lock. All those can do everything in the game, from A-Z. All this eca/sram hype, is unneccesary. 5 is enough. Only place where 1 of those can be relevant is in Vortex dungeon with the elio strategy, but that is the only place but, I guess we all have a friendlist? xd
  10. your chances of getting those when merge is trippeled three times, good luck though :)
  11. Agreed, I also think that most of the people that could afford to buy/craft the shield has 1 or 2 exos? exoing a shield with AP forces you to use it every fight, not so cool with the penalty on Captain America shield, I mean 15%- Distance res, some things are gonna get harder I think? Count Harebourg? Koutoulou that 3.5k air dmg hit gonna k.o you instead. I personally do not recomend exoing shields with AP/MP neither buying them because, trust me you wanna change to stalak or any other shield according to the dungeon/kolo/pvp map. How ever other exos like summon/range, that could be worth it if you lack those.
  12. Why do you guys recomend servers to a new guy, when merger is about to happen? xd
  13. Im thinking the ones in the screens? Or the Dirty backstabbing you did since day one? And that is correct, and understandable? Nobody wants to talk to you again after what we have seen what you have done. And seriously how in the damn hell can you allow yourself to tell somebody who is helping you AND FOR FREE that he was " wasting your bread, and bloody half-assing your achievements" Are you kidding me? Do them your self or wait?.... I think its time for you to pay somebody to complete your work. Good luck with your game and 'Achievements' that other people do for you, you tottally deserve them & credits.
  14. Youb Big ups for what you've done to solve the 'age old part', however there is more in it than what you've read above, if you really want the story that made us kick him right away you can pm me in game and ill tell you everything. We liked gary a-lot until we discovered what he was doing to all of us behind our backs. And sadly, I wouldn't be suprised if he did it in blank too (in the past). /w bulgari ig if you want to know.
  15. I can tell you from since he joined plat he was 12.900 and we kicked him with 15.500. We really did all the dungeons and muscle part for him, until we noticed we've got enough.