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  1. xdddddddddddddd ikr bro
  2. Hi, I am looking for a Giger's nightmare blade exo with 1+ range, and rather good stats, atleast 11 in all damages including 4 MP red minimum. got it? show moi /w bulgari
  3. Yep, its really simple tbh, 3rd try today
  4. Achievement unlocked: [Vortex (Focus)] Achievement unlocked: [Eye of Vortex] Xerathos has unlocked the achievement [Vortex (Focus)]. Xerathos has unlocked the achievement [Vortexicoman]. Xerathos has unlocked the achievement [Xelorium]. 03/24/2017 :-) GG to Sam technique: rush af
  5. Tried to improve my 11 damage one that stil was pretty hot, however the result: That being said, I maged 11 bearbaric rings, all with 12 dmg/5lock 35-38wis each. The second best out of 11 landed :-)
  6. I love how meaningless your complaints are sorry, how do they affect you again Mr...??? xddd ikr, I wonder where all the items comes from in the first place, perc hunts? but then again who fills the perces in the first place?
  7. To be honest with you that is 100% bullshit, dofus is not only goult and doing 5vs1 all day aka perc hunt or "pvp", and also keep in mind there is PVM'ers and people that generally likes to kolo or what ever the F*ck else, that actually likes quality items aswell? you're kinda pointing at a wrong direction with this post. And ummmm.. No nothing is going to change. I think that less people is going to get scammed of all positive things in this sense, we've all witnessed a timeless, right?
  8. I've read a-lot of comments regarding the gear(some of them might have been answered), however I am sure it will be like the C-O-G server was (clash of guilds, the guild event that was running in december) You'll receive some blessing that covers what ever exos, 1 Range, 1 AP, 1MP, to be fair I (think) they're gonna add a summon in this PVP based one. They also mentioned you will have a bank full of 180+ stuff, so stuff like class items will not be in the bank, and you wont be able to level proffesions what so ever to make them. All you'll have is a bank full of ALL trophies, ALL dofuses Vulbis, Ohcre, Abyssal etc etc. And what ever item in the category 180+, and ALL items will be maxed. I also read a question about weapons, with neutral damage - lets put the gilbert Rapier as the example, you'll get 5 gilbert rapiers, 1 with neutral damage, and 1 with fire damage, water, air, earth - you will receive all elements on the weapons that normally has neutral damage. Regarding pets: There wont be no mixed croums like (13 fire / earth) you'll receive croums with 26% in all elements, and have a paddock full of every single seemy, including all drago-turkeys & armoured. you will also receive 1 pet with 90 cha agi int str, 1 with 55% power, 44 PB dmg, so all pets you can think of are covered. And I agree! I dont think you can do ANYTHING to make it more fair than this is, this is as equal as it gets, and litterally EVERYONE can join instead of 2 of each class from each server. Also, this prize you get for winning this event, is much more motivating! :) Im really exited to see the winning combo, im sure its gonne be like Xel, Rogue, Masq or some tottally unexpected combo haha, good luck to all who is going to participate! :-)
  9. I actually thought of sadida trio aswell when I saw that video of QC-Danathor in klime (where it blitzed everything), fucking genious! Also, the Pandas turn 7 bloody spotless!!!! gg Volc :-)
  10. Am I weird for saying that I went through page 1-18 just to read all of you guys names? I wasnt that much of a chatty homie back then but I do remember all of you guys names from the old'n gold Rosal we all were active in back then, and some stil today! :-))
  11. gg, modifier is perfect aswell :-)
  12. ezz w8 new emerald :^>
  13. Not really, I've done it 3 ways w/ or without MP rape, different start positions aswell :^> all you really do is get viring close and walk left/right until bash/viring dies and action begins. But I do agree the 2nd is super fkn ez. especially if you have the dodge w/o AP/MP loss, its like auto vuln each turn, also a fkn quick duo overall, they usually take what, 30 turns?
  14. Pls R, 3 day(s) ago: SOCIALIST has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Panda 3 day(s) ago: Illusionist has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni today: SENIRAX has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni today: MYFATASZ-PONY has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Panda today: HINDRANCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo) Panda today: IRIDESCENCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni idiot proff xdd