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  1. gg, modifier is perfect aswell :-)
  2. ezz w8 new emerald :^>
  3. Not really, I've done it 3 ways w/ or without MP rape, different start positions aswell :^> all you really do is get viring close and walk left/right until bash/viring dies and action begins. But I do agree the 2nd is super fkn ez. especially if you have the dodge w/o AP/MP loss, its like auto vuln each turn, also a fkn quick duo overall, they usually take what, 30 turns?
  4. Pls R, 3 day(s) ago: SOCIALIST has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Panda 3 day(s) ago: Illusionist has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni today: SENIRAX has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni today: MYFATASZ-PONY has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Panda today: HINDRANCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo) Panda today: IRIDESCENCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Eni idiot proff xdd
  5. Panda) or Other class - Eni Autowin 3 day(s) ago: SOCIALIST has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). 3 day(s) ago: Illusionist has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). today: SENIRAX has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). today: MYFATASZ-PONY has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). today: HINDRANCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo) today: IRIDESCENCE has unlocked the achievement Protoz'orror (Duo). Tested before shared ;-) Another autowin strategy in Protoz'orror I wanted to share with you guys, as you see in the video It was pretty easy and only took 17 turns. The panda could literally be anything replaced with sacrier or masq(zobal) or eca or second eni. The only requirement for the replacement is agility build.The panda in the video has 167 lock/dodge so in order to dodge Protoz 100% without loss AP and MP, you need 150 dodge ATLEAST. The Eni must be there, or a character that can heal itself and ally. Also there is an important tip, IF you do the duo with other classes then mentioned above, (Panda, Eni) for an example that they cannot unbewitchment itself like Panda/Eni can, then remember to stack AP resistance!Also, make sure the tanking character has atleast 5.000 HP and 40% fire and Air res. Good luck!
  6. Ever struggeled with Protozzo duo? Heres a pretty auto-win mech, its doable with any character that can hit itself: Eni: Whirling word? - Panda Explo flask? Enu - Coins, Iop - Celestial and cra Explo/slowdown, what ever man you name it. Im also uploading another version that is autowin aswell.
  7. pls no :^>
  8. Qued u fkn pig xdddddddddddddddddddddddd... G3T G00D.
  9. revampd sacrier

    7k vitality with shitty damage and stacked erosion yea, defo agree )))))
  10. revampd sacrier

    +/- I agree on some of the things you say especially CD on each of the main spells which is why I mentioned above in pvm I wouldn't chose a mono sacrier, however in pvp performance as it is right now in beta, its great, far better than the one the majority is sad about losing. Any class can tank, and sacriers can aswell even now without dying. Everyone does. using tanking as an excuse of it being shit is not a propper statement. I had 4.9k vitality it makes it 5.8 with vitality buff enough for the job I needed. I think the 120% sustain is fucked up, I also think that the 20% less final damage is fucked up, and in some cases the voyagers - HP. all those are crap and shouldn't even exist but I managed fine with them existing and all I am trying to say is the class isnt as bullshit as majority claims :p, im looking forward to see further improvements, but as it is now its fine, intelligence needs a change for sure, you're litterally dead turn 2 being intel with low fire res lol... but all in all +/- lol sven xddd im talking about my beta experience por favor...
  11. revampd sacrier

    xd " buff " spell making u take +%dmg taken is great idea :^) i honestly feel bad for sac mains " Wrong, only 1 does, pretty fair aswell, and umm you can switch back to the tanky vitality one when ever you want. Also im not sure if you read but we're getting LOS back on coop xdd, sacrifice? that may be 1 bad thing but all the other benefits are way better, also even if sacrifice is 3 range, you can stil sacrifice? xddddddddddddddd Also its about how you play it, flayed state is a state you go when you want to hit someone, not to run around with in the field, and for the record, also written above, you can change state as much as you want in a fight.
  12. Welcome Fehd xd
  13. revampd sacrier

    I almost wrote a book xdddddddddddddddd, if I had to write about the current sacrier I'd be done in less than this sentence, SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hey, as I've seen tousands of negative comments on the sacrier, I wanted to share my rather positive thoughts and why I believe its so much better than it is now. Sacrier was my first class, my first level 200 character, and my favorite class aswell, I quited my sacrier loooong time ago due to the weapon nerf, which I stil consider the worst nerfs of all time. I finally built my 12/6/6 agi sacrier with the amazing sunshade staff, when it got ruined I changed into the 12/5 flinty dagger setup which I wasnt as happy with, so in the end I decided to go iop, however: my positive thoughts, after spending my last 4 days testing nonstop. PVM: Agi/CHA l CHA/INT/AGI any setup works, make sure you minimum bring 2 elements into it, the pvm experience will be really boring and limited if you only got 1 elemental benefit to hit with. Also I dont recomend Intelligence as a main source of damage outside the PVM world meaning intel is shit in pvp fights. Group PVP: Either full agility, or Cha / Agility - it could also be atcham, but make sure the set isnt too crit reliant, or make sure you got over 50% on the sword atleast. (when I tested I had 48%) PVP (1v1): Definitely Mono, agility <3, or mono chance. in beta, I went from rank 2 to almost 5 by being mono agility, the shit rocks big time <3 I loved it! (Fuck INT in any cases but PVM) Okay now to the benefits: Swap(the new assault) has 2 range, instead of 1 and deals damage, I love that! Fury, reduces 80-85% damage inflicted by enemy, thats a really great spell to use on Iops, or ecas for an example. Attraction / Trans/coop, both deals damage, I really like that aswell, as 3 AP is alot to use to get close to the enemy without inflicting any damage, it does now though big ups to that too! I also heard some rumors about sacriers getting LOS back on trans, if so, eveeeeeeeen better <3 The Buffs, this is probably what I loved the most about the new sacrier! The buffs has an infinite state, and cost 2AP only, meaning they cannot be unbewitched, thats amazing! I feared that they'd make one buff spell stil could be unbewitched, but it cant! Cheers to that! Now a little bit about my PvP experiences how I found waaay more buffs beneficial! During most of my PvPs I chose to be MONO agility, and I chose that because I believe dodge and lock is really important in order to do some lock moves, example dodging enemy in order to lock and etc. Also I used mantax which is a really solid weapon to use, it also brings the "drain" back in the agility build! First turn: the first turn in all my PvP matches, I found out using nimble (survivor state) + spawning the flying sword had a great combo with eachother, normally the sword has 660 HP, but if you're in nimble state while summoning it, it gains 55 lock +/- and 1050 ish HP, and the sword is amazing, as it can lock enemies, easily, or atleast make then lose 2-3 AP by attempting to dodge it (again all this information are based on my experiences in the beta server pvping a bunch of different classes). Survivors punishment state raises your HP by 20%, as I had 4.9k HP and 1.3k agility it made my vit go up with 961 ish, once again (infinite) until I change state again, I typically used this in the end of my turn to remove the 120% Sustained damage from the "punishment of the flayed" (Forced Punishment in beta), but also to increase my chances of having 50% or 70<% HP in the beginning of my turn to deal a great punishment/ damage! - Also if your HP looks critical, you can now coop/trans an object far away and use the brand new sexy heal spell called (flying sword in the beta server(bugged I bet) Anyways, the spell heals you 10% of your health, costs 3 AP/2per turn max), but decreases ur damage inflicted by 20% for 2 turns, stackable twice. I used this move alot, sometimes when the fight looked like a defeat I always ran as far as I could to regain my health by using this amazing spell, to explain the decrease its like having 2 cloudies with negative %dmg inflicted instead of the regular cloudy as we know it, so yeah.. your damage will be shit! Also to increase your posibilities, of "Running" you can use the voyager's punishment, as it gains 2 MP, and in the end of the turn, just go back to nimble and heal twice. (the heals with my HP In survivor state was, 550-570 HP, so litterally 1k heals pr. turn, amazing option to have in both pvp and pvm. (Especially because they changed madness that many people were upset about). (Only negative site, 20% less dmg inflicted by being in survivor state, dosent count on spells like Punishment because its based on your actual health!) Oh and btw! Punishment is 25% crit instead of 15! <3 in nimble state at 50% I stil did a great punishment doing 1.7-1.8k , so cut the fkn softcap excuses. its amazing. Now, to the punishment of the flayed. (forced punishment in beta server) max love to this shit This buf is pure insanity, and raaaaather amazing in pvm, even PVP. How/why/etc.... this shit, gives you some sort of fixed cloudy effect, just like you having a cloudy that buffs your damage by 20% everyturn turn instead of every 2nd.. Shit cannot be unbewitched (I freaking love that), I always used flayed state when I wanted to inflict as much damage as posible! when your health is below 50%< it gives you another 30% on top of the 20% meaning you're basically wearing 2 clouds and a half, and infinite, unless you get healed, and have over 50% HP. I tested my sacrier with a cloudy dofus mono agility, and below 50% vitality, my axe could deal UP TO 3.500 damage on a crit, a solid 2.7-3k without crit. The new Assault dealed between 700-800 (note only costs fkn 2 AP) the brand new agility spell that gives you 1 MP when ever you hit someone (called: Light body) could deal 1.2k to 1.5k < crit. In the majority of my pvp matches I always ended up ending their lives because had low agility resistance, or they wasnt aware the new sacrier can deal this kind of crazy damage! like I said above, I tested a cha/agi setup aswell, the amazing foggernaut hammer could easily do 3.6k damage!!!!! and all other spells between 700-1.5k Highest hitting is the brand new fury, WHICH also reduces damage inflicted by 80-85% (also AOE) Amazing spells to use on an eni, iop, eca, or any high hitting cunt class. And again again like said above, I tested an atcham setup aswell. the swords highest damage posible was 3.9k!!! whilst all other spells hitting from 800-1.8K < Like the devlog said, intelligence is the strongest element, and the 5 AP fire spell with a base up to 68 or 66 if I am not wrong) I see the sacrier as the one of the strongest characters along with iops ecas, huppers, I also believe the sacrier can replace an iop in pvm due to these insane hits I experienced in beta!! Favorite move: As mono agility, I always prepared my weapon skill for the "nuke turn" which usually was turn 3. however: I always stayed rather close, and prayed the enemy would get my HP below 50% and they usually did because you get 120% sustained damage in flayed state, however: then I'd use the brand new sexy agility spell that only costs 3AP, called: Fulgurance (replacement of blood thirsty madness madness) The spell vuls the target(s) (the spell hits in a straight line, so you can vuln 4-5 people with the spell) Imagine vulning 2, and hammering them after with foggernaut hammer, also a rather fantastic move.) with 120% sustained damage which couldn't be better when this turn, is the turn you gonna reck the target. Anyways, the spell adds 120% sustained along with 50% Final damage + another 20 from my cloud, which makes it 3 clouds and a ½,= 70%!!!! even if the target had 50% air resistance, my axe stil did 1.5-1.7 ish, and 600-700 from fulgurance, 600-700 from light body. if this is PvP performance, imagine PVP then? if the target is vulned by a panda and you're ekstra buffed by team, AP from eni and etc etc etc, man............ anyways this is the "insanity" punishment flayed. Negatives about flayed: 120% sustained damage on yourself, not a problem if the resistances are right. you can also swap from survivors to flayed as much as u want, and it only costs 2 AP.... <3 Voyagers punishment: Lowers your vitality by 20%, adds an auditional 2MP buff, until you change state, amazing option to have if you miss 2 MP from locking or attracting something, hiding, running etc. Also when you go below 50% hp you're unlockable, you cannot be locked by shit, its like stab/ardour, apart from the fact you can stil get moved, attracted etc. this spell also makes the class way better than it is now! Negatives about voyagers punisment: of course the 20% less HP, but to be honest I have no negatives about it, I only use this punishment when I wanna attract someone, run, hide etc, I always change back to survivors or flayed before the end of my turn. Auditional positive things about the revamped sacrier: No fucking erosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xdddd now u can be 3 elemented without having 15% 5 turned erosion on you! MUCH MUCH MUCH better damage! k.o pottential turn 1 if your HP is low enough????? (posible in pvm/group PVP) if you get hitted alot before your turn starts for an example. Inb4 K.O quad on turn 1 xddd again, I cannot say this enough, they added damage to map manipulation spells : Trans/Attract - Fucked up in pvm if you want to do challenges, but what ever. and like mentioned above, I heard rumours about us getting LOS back on trans, if so GG <3. 100x better increased posibilities to lock someone? Swap has 2 range, Fulgurance, teleports you, (bold punishment beta name) gets you closer to enemy just like the masqaiders bling! The sacrier lost the earth build, but what ever? we got 3 int spells, 4 agi + moon hammer <3, 3 chance thats waaay better than before, our longest posible range is the new intelligence spell that has the "X" AOE like old fury. 5 non modifiable range, along with AOE it means 6 range, spell is also really fucking strong, and in atcham setup it hitted 800-900, and below 50% in flayed state it could hit 1.3k....... it also buffs 210-225% power for 2 turns? amazing if you plan a K.O! (stacks once) on my mono agility sacrier, I wouldnt mind losing 20-40 HP for 225% power before my nuke turn xdd Our locks, due to our new softcaps are much more solid, and again non unb-able like it is now in real server. All states can be used in the same turn, love that aswell <3. Punishment has 25% crit bonus instead of 15, all our spell's damage is masive as fuck, some even cost 3-2 AP. If you really want to lock someone you can cast sacfoot once which reduces 35 Dodge, 3 AP, stackable once! if you use the strongest intelligence spell (disposition beta name, it makes you enter "Bain de sang" state which heals allies close combat to the target you're hitting, the higher you hit, the more you heal. the new flying sword heals you once it hits, in flayed mode, 1 hit heals 300 vitality, whilst other states are between 200-220, also it can lock really well. In PVP sense, imagine a sram summons a double, and you spawn 2 swords close to the double, it'll heal you 600-440 per turn which is rather amazing imo. No matter where you are on the map! imagine ecaflip AP roulette xd <3 I wrote this topic because I saw to many negative comments on the sacriers revamp, yes the fkn punishment buffs looks terrible but, as long as you dont look like that without being under certain HP or when you're not fighting fuck it? Masq's are ugly with or without its psycho, cowardly masks. Also the tank role of sacrier is not gone, and it has never really been there??? xd lol I saw dosins of defends / perc attacks where some sac coops someone and gets fucked right after, or srry maybe 2k HP left after ero? fuck that, never really been a tank machine, and in PVM? if I go close with any of my characters they wont just die, and the sacrier will stil be able to do its old jobs? The famous Tank move in PVP is usually the sacrier up against the wall whilst target is right infront, bruuuuuuuuuuuh I see ecas, masqs, fecas do that the fuuuck then??????? The sacrier was famous for its damage, it is shit now because people can litterally just unbewitch you just like that, fuck that mate, now they're infinite, and if they dare to get you below 50% HP they're dead as fuck. I pvped in beta, and I am almost rank 5, I rekt all classes, foggers, srams, sadidas, you litterally have no weakness, but what I died mostly too was Int osas, with 7 dragons on the map healing/hitting me constantly, or a faglord trap chain sram xddd but who dosent die to those if they're good. However: This is my personal opinion about the new sacrier class, I do recomend it, and after idk how many years, I am going back to my first class ever, sacrier, lord hail #TreyRosal I hope some finds this information usefull, and for those who dosent, I am ready to discuss how better this sacrier is than the shitty one people are whinning about right now. Of course losing str build sucks, but seing the sacriers posibilities, movement spells, and etc, I guess its fukn allright, also majority of the strength setups dosent have 6 range, nor the weps, hammerture, stilted, etc, only flinties was a propper weapon or srambad dags xdd quad u noob <---. but overall I do prefer how it is now and I look forward to get back to mine, I allready class changed my iop to a sacrier to prepare my sets and shit :> ... you can contact me in game if you have any questions or here idc. enjoy bois :)