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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

      The old server sections will still be viewable at the bottom of the forum list under Legacy Servers, but read only. If you wish for any thread to be moved to the new sections, please report your own thread to bring it to our attention and tell us where you need it to go.


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  1. btw bob.... I totally sold that inky before I quit. I thought I still had it but it's gone. LOL.
  2. Let's revive twisted empire! Shield already said he's in.
  3. Hey dude! Yeah was thinking of playing a bit after the merge. See you soon maybe :)
  4. Shield! How are you!? You still log? Hope you are doing well! :)
  5. Get real. You ain't getting that boi.
  6. Hey! Thought that maybe with the server merge, i might be able to see more familiar faces.
  7. This may drag me back if I see a lot of recognizable names playing x.x
  8. Haven't logged in ages, but was curious if anyone I know still plays. Stopping by to say hello :)
  9. I stopped playing, that's why.
  10. Was contemplating trying to qualify but looks like we already got some sadidas! Good luck all!
  11. :ph34r:
  12. You forgot to mention that we were using class rings haha
  13. Hello! Some of you may know me and some of you may not. My name is Slow-death or now as Slowness, and I've been playing this game on and off for way too long. I'm currently on rosal but have been considering a server change for a while now seeing as my core group of friends has stopped playing and/or server changed sometime during my breaks. I have a couple questions that I'd love some insight on! How is the economy? Does stuff actually sell? How is kolo? and how is 1 v 1 pvp? Any old rosalians on Rushu I might recognize? Thanks!
  14. There are worse ones going for more in s/r sorry