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  1. I think Ankama is screwed up in more than one way. I was told the person and his alts who hacked me was banned for life . I was told in writing and I was told on the phone. I guess it's time I take it further . I tried to give him a chance and Ankama is just incompetent . I would hope when a company says something it would have stuck by it.
  2. Being lazy does not mean its not legal , My son is going to do it for me.. Thanks for reminding me
  3. I just returned a few days ago as well. As much as I thought I would never play again I find myself back after about 5 or 6 years. So here I am trying to learn the game and spells.. So much has changed since 1.29 for a Feca.. I'm on Rushu just in case any other old noobs want to get together.
  4. I really got into fishing this summer. No, we did not keep the poor little fish. Hope everyone is doing well, it’s been a long time since I have posted anything or logged on to Dofus. I miss most of you :P . I was busy with summer classes, It's even worse with fall classes. Hopefully once fishing season is over and I get a break from my classes I can log on and play a bit. I still check in to see what’s going on but I’m sure I missed a ton of stuff. Take care and hope to see you guys in game real soon.
  5. Happy birthday Imps!! * buys a cake for you, puts the candles, sneaks over to blow them out.. then steals the first piece* Woot we got cake!! some pretty balloons for you! mmm, good cake * Hands you a bouquet of flowers*
  6. Thanks... Swiftzor and Serryl Thank you,Gabriel does look so much like his mom.
  7. The other day My sons were passing my window while taking a walk around the house. each carrying son in arm .. Yes, My Grandsons! oh, btw November my daughter gives me a granddaughter.. On the right, the Original Golmor , Husband of DecapiitedAngel (not shown in this pic), son, Gabriel (Little Golmor!)...short time lived character, my son ,Thepebble and his son Ethan Done through my bedroom screen Last night grandma baby-sits Playing in grandmas room.. Ethan 14 months , Gabriel 8 months.. I can hardly believe it but Gabriel is up to taking 7 steps alone at 8 months old. My grandsons decided to fight over who gets the cordless keyboard from my extra computer I have hooked to the T.V. Edit: adding picture of Sheree (DecaptitedAngel) my Australian daughter in-law ..
  8. I really need to find more time to socialize… I miss all the good stuff :o
  9. "Guys, it's antidisestablishmentarianism." is it really? I think the hint confused me more, I mean I tried everything on the mods <_<
  10. one sec
  11. Bikushou DarkStorm Dungo London Georgasm Connecticut Grimme The Interweb Inoku Massachusetts Jiri Middle England mortis_moderator msimmons Houston, TX Robbeh Sandunes Singapur Sariya Scotland Splat Northern Ireland staal Inter Tweak Netherlands wakamehime Virginia Winlow Newcastle, UK, Or Near enough Zehzim
  12. You don't need to read this... its just my way of entertaining myself.. I can tell I'm bored of this. I am getting tired of just listing words.. A long time ago a sexy Feca decided to walk in the Treechnid garden , she came across some dark trees.. They where scary looking but she pushed on. Without fear she walked right up to one of them.. It attacked!! Omg she is all alone, no sac no eni, damn, no enu for drops!! She put on her armor, moved closer to the enemy,, dun dun dun da! She pull out her mighty staff. Plunges toward this beast and beats the tree senseless. Yep she kicked ass on that dark piece of wood… So now with some confidence she heads to a ghostly place. Somewhere in the deep part of pandala.. Oh, spooky.. She is so careful not to be seen, then it happens , she is attacked.!! A ghost some large Tan san something of sort attacks.... All alone and ready to cry, her night in shining armor appears. It’s a sac.. “Oh thank you sir for joining the fight” she said .. He said "No problem Miss" .. After the long battle they were successful in beating this ugly ghostly monster.. The Feca, sweaty , worn and tired took a seat to rest.. The sac walks over and kneels beside her. He said “ Oh Miss Feca I would be honored if you would where a ring on your finger” hmm, she looks at him confused..."But, Mr. Sac I already have a gelano and soft oak ring" . Ha ha . ( thinking she was joking and not realizing she was blond) No little lady, I would like to meet you at the church , this way if you ever have anymore problems I can Join you with this mighty transporter .. She uses her recall, runs to the zapp. Runs up a few maps. To left a few maps, no to the right I mean, runs into the church…. The sac just thought she ran off.. Disconnected from the game with sadness … she waits and waits.. She forgot to befriend this sac. Umm, Moral of the story .. Hmmm.. Make sure you use your friends list and add add add! Those important people anyway. Ok that ended it for me i think, this is quite stressful.. is a key worth it? you bet your darn behind! Do we get anything for persistence ? I'm taking a nap , dosing at the keyboard while typing.. I'll try later if no one finds the word
  13. Jail Jump Jog experience illegal legal programmed French modified cross arms point PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS ok, so maybe you wont use the longest word in the dictionary , so shoot me! feca class alignment Happy Happy Joy Joy Enable replies voice microphone msn Microsoft skype phonetics annoying pop up register faster xchat trillion yahoo aim united kingdom icebergs retarded My rough babelfished translation Question environment battles. interact damage surroundings partially regards origins Ogrest titan Osamodas international community wonder what it could be.
  14. "If someone gets this last one without a hint, I think they deserve, like, GM status in Wakfu. Or something. Because damn." I want a private hint!!! Game Master. Moderator .. General maintenance got milk groomsmen monitoring growth member programs software firefox release final contest entry create quality announce forums emails announce updates requesting local moderators projects codes conduct hmm, appropriate, inappropriate behavior good night boobs bacon fun games reply quote keywords enter we don't want to see your underwear! Naked pics .. sure do you use a cam? I think I’m going in the wrong direction with this.. I really can’t think of anything else. I think I blew out cells in my brain on this one..