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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. Ok maybe I have been reading it wrong, but I always thought that you had to only wear one item from any one set. Yep you're right and I apologise.
  2. I was just looking through some sets on there. But the problem I keep finding is that players equip Nomad and Shaker + others and then put on equips from the same set, Nomad and Shaker and a lot more trophies don't work while wearing 2 or more items from a set. I'd say that it makes 90%+ of published setups false.
  3. So no update about the Enu chest? I'm still hoping they change their mind :(
  4. I just checked and my phone number seems to be ok, if it had been changed the authenticator wouldn't work...would it?
  5. I'll get on to them to see if they will. I have proof of ID that I had to send with the support tickets with the screenshots and chat logs etc.
  6. Ok it looks like I mis-read the kama exchange thing and it looks like it was me converting the ogrines to kamas yesterday but it's presented weird in the email, sorry. As for the password I only had shield, now I have the phone app as well. But regardless of that there's no way they should have been able to get my new password.... Is it possible to change your username name as well?
  7. After changing my password I got up this morning to find I had been logged in through the night somehow. This time all the kamas had gone along with everything over level 100 from my bank. Altogether over 600 items had gone. The worst part is that I had spent £80 on Ogrines to re-equip..all my kamas had been converted back to ogrines :( and somehow transferred out of my account. I'm still waiting for a reply from Ankama.. It'll be a pity to delete the account but if they can't keep it secure then I can't see any other choice than starting from scratch. I wonder how I stand legally considering that they have a duty of care and protection towards the players?
  8. I don't know.. As soon as I was logged out I hit the button saying it wasn't me but that didn't log the other person out until I got the phone code then changed my password. That takes too long though. When I hit that button it should instantly lock the account down until they 100% verify who the owner is via phone code etc.
  9. BTW, I'm presuming this guy has been reported so how come Ankama haven't permabanned him?
  10. Stupidly I just fell for it.... He said he was an alt of the guild leader and asked me to vote on Krosmaster, as I have just returned to the game I went to vote and logged in....2 mins later I got logged out along with the warning but by the time I got the phone code it was too late.. Vulbis and all my other Dofus were gone along with all my lvl 200 equips. Later he was sending me messages basically taking the piss, I did take a sceenshot and sent it to support but I haven't heard anything yet....yes I'm an idiot 😔
  11. Is it possible to exchange Ogrines for Kamas on the mono account servers?
  12. Honk this :-)
  13. Sorry to hear that mate, it was great knowing you all this time. All the very best for the future....Come play EvE, it's awesome .
  14. Dia...your back playing?
  15. I just love all the idea's your giving to EVERY sever :-) Should make it a pretty even tournament ;/