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Everything posted by Auron

  1. 4 chars 100 alignment last order quest was a pain.
  2. nvm worked it out.
  3. I had the same problem as OP removed but the fix suggested does work. Just curious however what exactly is the difference between the 3 secuirty types exactly?
  4. I'm just glad you got something back tbh. I had my account hacked years ago and it was ankamas fault and my compensation was 1 week free p2p lol (didn't even account share either lol) they asked for id and gave them screens of all my stuff from beta server pre hack.
  5. Damn you are super lucky they duped your items and you got them back. Wonder if he was worried he would get banned so gave you the items back.
  6. Given my personal experience and from actually being hacked from what I have seen support don't really care, I was hacked at the time of that intrusion and I was told b/c my items are now in the economy I can't have them back I think they gave me 1 week of p2p or 3 days or something but that was it. Ended up quitting at that point until I friend helped me regear provided everything I was asked to provide ID. screens from beta server with stats of all my stuff and no luck. Then if it was account sharing related support will most likely check the logs and go from there but help would be unlikely given my previous statement. I know some people have had luck getting things back but this is my personal experience (the top part) never given out details to my account since I figured if I had stuff taken due to account sharing I wouldn't get help I hope the problem gets resolved soon for yoursake.
  7. Ah ok that will make things alot easier then. Thanks for letting me know and explaining this.
  8. So boxing him in works but I thought if a player is in that state where you have to be lined up you will die? or is it just within a certain aoe of your allies and the whole be in line deal was just a suggestion/way to do it?
  9. Curious on the Erzal fight if teams are beating this easy enough w/o the use of elio? also how does this fight work exactly? I know something about two states 1 where ur team mate has to be in line with everyone then another gets a blue icon over head and has to be within 4 of Erzal to make him weak? Correct me if I am wrong keen to get this finished asap.
  10. Awesome thanks for letting me know.
  11. Hi, A friend told me that Echo server was down just curious if this is still the case or its up and working again ? (Not able to get the details myself since im at work). Cheers, Auron.
  12. Is that one from a set I take it?
  13. Hi all, Just wanting to query with the community if any Incarnation weapons have any use in PVM or PVP if so which have use and for what? Cheers, Auron
  14. Ok I think I saw that one being used in a duo of some sort (think its a staff thats the wep). I'm just interested since I have various ones and if any of them do have use I can spend abit of time leveling them up.
  15. Awesome thanks for the reply managed to clear Focus/300score/mob achieve/both challenges in one go. Just got the other two I need to pass now then I can move onto the Ivory quests.
  16. Hi guys, Just wanting to know if someone can confirm if Ilyzaelle's glyph will fail the focus achieve? also wanting to know if anyone is able to confirm what happens with a player on the tile boss needs to teleport to when casting glyph is it instakill/telefrag or something else that happens? Cheers, Auron.
  17. Oh sweet means there is hope I will complete it soon. Putting in alot of time on the weekends and few hrs on weekdays after work when I can.
  18. Hi everyone, I am wanting to try and kill two birds with one stone here looking to clear Queen and Vortex for my Cloudy quests wanting to clear some achieves on the way if possible; - Vortex - Either via Trio (chars I need to pass Eni, Panda and Iop) or doing Focus team subscribed is Eni, enu, panda, iop and Cra will prob have a friend tag along to make it a 6 loot - Queen - w/e achieves would be doable with Eni, enu, panda, iop and Cra (no idea how this dungeon works) - Bird of time - No idea how this works either have just seen the Bulgaris vid about having 50% res across the board and be vit build my only real query here is will this be needed if I have an ivory on my 4 characters Eni, Enu, Panda & Iop. Just wanting to know for Vortex which of the two above would be easiest to complete and suggestions on Queen which achieve would be easy to clear while clearing the dungeon (may end up crafting/maging items if I can get enough materials for alts). Cheers, Auron.
  19. Just curious how long it would take to clear these quests (not counting all of the alignment ones and the orginal enurado quests since I have pretty much cleared all of those).
  20. Would be a nice idea for just the 200 wave dungeons but don't see it as really required for any other fights.
  21. Cra - str/cha/int or int/agi/cha (I pref the first option just because I get the two big hitting spells). Eca - agi/cha or str/agi
  22. If its 100 align enu quests and turq emmy crimson thats ok by me as long as not orc it would be real overkill since its a pain in the ass to get arches I don't have the patience for that.
  23. If thats the case then np.
  24. Curious what dofus quests need to be completed to start the quest for ivory? If someone can let me know when beta is out that would be awesome. Trying to work out the next dofus I want to chase after.
  25. Thanks could not have done it w/o yours and bobs help/advice.