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  1. Can confirm I have had this happen to me before but not just in WL Dungeon have had it happen elsewhere aswell though my connection is sometimes abit crap then other times its working fine and the game just does it. I click a 2ap spell dont actually use it then click the higher ap spell im after (even if its blacked out) and it seems to go back to normal.
  2. Hi ladies and gents, Just curious if its possible to clear merk 300 mystique and merk last in one go with eni enu panda iop team if anyone has done it how hard is this and idol suggestions? Need to also ask what the go is to get access to the dungeon I managed to complete killing those two mini bosses about a month or two before they changed it. Cheers, Auron.
  3. Ecaflip [-2 -42] Cania Lake 31uses.
  4. Srambad -55 21 Dark Jungle 75 uses
  5. Yeah I don't understand why its doing it everytime I log I expect it if I change my computers hardware but normally once its added to my account thats it until I change something etc
  6. Hi guys, Just wanting to know if anyone else has had to constantly readd their PC to their dofus account recently mine seems to be freaking asking me everytime I log to do this. I am not sure what has caused this all I have done is change my CPU in my machine but for some reason its asking me every single time and its starting to piss me off know. Cheers, Auron.
  7. Will have to go back but all good. Achievement unlocked: [Wurmlord's Passage] Achievement unlocked: [Wurmlord (Score 200)] Achievement unlocked: [Wurmlord (Score 300)
  8. Thanks Quad, what about vuln for Wurm Lord??
  9. Hey Guys, Just curious what is the go with information on the latest Ohwymi dungeons? unless there is already a post about these bosses can someone shed some light on this please. Cheers, Auron.
  10. Its been a good couple weeks for achieves minus crap screen. Tengu/Fuji Statue - Very easy, Iop died near start (probs wanted free leech) so other chars had to do the work. NIleza - 300 never want to do that crap again ever, accidentally killed Panda but that was after boss was gone so no problemo. Nileza - Last everything was dead par boss as of T6 just playing retardo not setting up my wrath correctly would have got Limpwrist aswell in the same fight but Eni has voyager and got locked ffs. Nileza - Limpwrist Placement error so Iop got killed but that was when there was like 1 monster left so it was easy from there.
  11. Setup to go down in flames I guess. Oh well I hope everyone effected gets their stuff back but I don't like your chances.
  12. Just curious is it standard practice to take screens when you give people items for Goult or did everyone not really trust him from the start?
  13. Yeah thats what I ment can't count guess thats why I can't kill him on 300 score. Ok thats how I thought it worked just wanted to confirm now I have to consider it as an option perhaps. Gettin jelly seeing all the screens of people who have obtained them!!
  14. So with this new dofus you can go over and above 12/6 since this dofus activates during a fight? putting you to 13/6 ?