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  1. If its 100 align enu quests and turq emmy crimson thats ok by me as long as not orc it would be real overkill since its a pain in the ass to get arches I don't have the patience for that.
  2. If thats the case then np.
  3. Curious what dofus quests need to be completed to start the quest for ivory? If someone can let me know when beta is out that would be awesome. Trying to work out the next dofus I want to chase after.
  4. Thanks could not have done it w/o yours and bobs help/advice.
  5. Took me a long time was kind of annoyed with Count getting nerfed so figured I would get my Ice Dofus in style and do it with 300 score and get the ornament while I was at it all F3 dungeons completed pre nerf minus Count for my 300 scores. Essentially all F3 dungeons with a score of 300 were my first time completing these dungeons alone par Nileza when the 300 score didn't unlock (I did pm chedarface for first time as always suggested on this forum) so pretty happy with my personal achievement. Shoutout to Bobeur for answering my Count questions and hweh for my questions about Nileza.
  6. Doesn't work like the old days when you could just turn it off.
  7. Hi all, Just curious if there is a working add on for chrome or way to disable the last seen/active information when I am on facebook messenger just need it for PC. Last active/online now/message not seen would be nice to have the privacy back if anyone can assist. Cheers, Auron
  8. Thanks again @Gravestorm http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/148311-dofus-play-on-browser/
  9. Hi there, Running a shitty outdated Kodi stick 4.4.2 can't update to 17.0+ since it won't run on my older box just wanting to know if there is anyone out there using any of the alternative forks of Kodi and if they are any good? Essentially I want something a fork as good as Kodi and hopefully so I can use backup wizard to reload my setup into the new fork (if that will work) Hopefully there is someone geeky enough to answer this question. Cheers, Auron.
  10. Welcome to the club !
  11. Can confirm bobs set since I totally stalked him.
  12. Update should have just been to make it abit clearer on what status a monster/boss is under not nerfs, I am all for removing all materials from just beating the boss and actually having to kill the boss successive times to drop materials if its getting nerfed. Only thing that should be dropped is having to piss around with getting exploration gears for the underwater areas why b/c I'm lazy af but not lazy enough to go die a few times and learn a dungeon. Its pretty fair people commenting to read the status on monsters/boss wiki or asking here shit I thought F3 was unbeatable so I generally learned the hardway essentially just doing each dungeon on 300 score now I can nail them with ease (F3 ofc) Count still left. As for proto don't think it needs any nerfing since the hp on the summon scales to number of allies in the fight I made a post sometime ago when I couldn't beat it/was to sucky to do so but its another simplistic dungeon providing you are willing to suffer abit to win. Have beaten the dungeon with a shitty sac and a +1 summons osa and since both have been changed I can't say I am that great at playing them. For the F3 stuff heres how I went time wise; Nileza 300 prob 2 months of on and off deaths whenever I could log (why just bad tactics letting me down) had a break and played Arkham knight to get away from the game abit then went back to it and beat it on the second day of having a clear mind space and paying attention. Freez 300 completed within 3hrs or less. Sylargh 300 2ish days started Friday night finished by Sunday night/evening. Klime 300 2-3 weeks again on and off attempts as working later hours at work. Information not relevant? I think it is since the above dungeon successes were my first time actually beating the dungeons on my own with a poorly geared team Nileza was the exception as I had idols on and killed it but the achieve didn't come through as it was a bug (vid on youtube to veirfy was queried with Izmar at the time also) ,same sets used for Proto aswell (just normal dung completion not had a time to look into 300 or the others there yet). How did I get the just beat the bosses achieve when the dungeons first came out pm'd chedarface (I shit you not didn't understand a damn thing just got told where to stand and to hit x monster). Above info on the fact I had shit sets can be verified by Reaper since he did spec me when I was trying to clear proto and Ala (though she is gone also spec my fights on proto). Also my last problem was trying to be omni/multi element once I cut that crap out and just went single element these dungeons became a hell of alot easier I think there is a large fixation about being omni b/c treadfast set. Could agree with Shadow needing a small nerf b/c for its level its a hard dungeon but easy enough to handle once you get how the boss works.
  13. Need two servers; Achievement server - Normal Casual play server - Easy Then no server hopping viola. This will ruin any challenging game play I was looking forward to.
  14. Class: FecaBuild: ap/mp reduction with high resists lock + at least 1 element of damage or two if its even possibleKamas/time available: 80mk (lots of stuff on sale) / all the time in the worldCurrent team: n/aLvl range: 200Extra comments: After ap/mp red build with high resists and lock damage doesn't need to be high but some damage would be nice essentially looking to craft/mage most gear myself. Prefer tophies over exos if possible since I would like to keep this to a budget in the event I do need to buy anything.PvP or PvM oriented: PvP
  15. If current epic content would be downgraded to 18x content so an influx of new epic content could come in that would be good. Epic content getting nerfed and no longer really being "epic" isnt really epic is it. I am not amazing like the pros on Rushu who PVM but I figure if you are better at something than someone else its fair game you should reap some form of benefit from it but from looking at that devblog it does make it seem like they will just do what they did to F2 make it piss poor easy then throw in some new hardcore content that not everyone can complete. Personally I am quite ok with not being able to complete x dungeon if I don't fully understand the mechanics or have good enough damage output/tactics/gear or a mix of all of the above I believe thats the reason it is epic for the best of the best and if you can't beat it you need to practice so you can actually beat it regardless of the demoalising deaths against said boss, some people still saying F3 is all class specific which I I would have to disagree with due to the fact of the newer trophies being added newer better gear and now shields which is making F3 far easier than when it was first out I would imagine the same with 200 Dimension bosses but yet to make my way in that direction due to being lazy af to redo dungeons more than a couple of times especially if quests are involved. End of the day everyone will benefit from the "gitgud nerf update" coming, dungeons get easier for players who have not yet beaten them and it opens the door for newer hardcore content I just hope there is abit of an influx of hardcore content over the coming years to keep me entertained hitting that brickwall at F2 for sometime made the game dull for sometime until F3 did eventually come out.