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  1. Protozash SOLD thank you to the buyers of my item so far!!
  2. Finally 10k achieves (slightly less crap an ornament now) moving on up in the Dofus world (slowly..)
  3. Nothing too impressive based on what people are doing now days but for me this is good considering my gear is very outdated never done the dungeon before either.
  4. 1 x Kideebonnet sold 16.5mil 1 x Pawl_Ouatnos'_Amulet sold 7.6mil 2% exo res
  5. Hi guys, Looking for someone who can assist with passing catseye dung on eni enu panda iop with freedom and limpwrist challs at same time paying 20dice per char after completion. Pm me if you are able to assist. Edit - Might do more characters if you are good at the dung Cheers, Auron.
  6. All good just happy you cleared that up. Our office are abit old fashion for still using IE anyways.
  7. Nevermind completed it with disease idols.
  8. Thats what I get here on Iexplorer @ work website loads but as soon as you click to add items it goes white like its trying to load the items and does nothing I know it was working previously on IE w/o problems but now can't use it.
  9. Hi all, Just after some suggestions on idol setups for Shadow 300 eni enu panda yop cra sram Cheers, Auron.
  10. Hi everyone, Selling some items to fund regearing, what I have up for sale is the following (all in the sellrooms); Kideebonnet 15.5mil k x 1 left 403/400 Vitality 48/50 Chance 14/15% Power 3/15 Prospecting 14/15 Lock 14/15 Water Damage 7%/7% Neutral Resistance 7%/7% Fire Resistance 9/10 MP Loss Resistance 4/4 Critical Hits 1/1 AP 37/40 Wisdom Pawl_Ouatnos'_Amulet 7.2mil k Effects : 345/350 Vitality 38/40 Wisdom 67/70% Power 3/3 Critical Hits 1/1 AP 1/1 MP 9/15 Prospecting 24/25 Critical Resistance 7%/7% Earth Resistance 7%/7% Water Resistance Belteen 18mil k 386/350 Vitality 37/40 Wisdom 48/50% Power 4/4 Critical Hits 1/1 AP 11/15 Prospecting -10/-10 Dodge 6/7 MP Loss Resistance 18/20 Critical Damage 15/20 Pushback Resistance 10%/10% Neutral Resistance 10%/10% Water Resistance Pathogastrics 14.5mil k 375/350 Vitality 57/60 Intelligence 59/60 Chance 36/40 Wisdom 1/1 AP 1/1 MP 12/12 Fire Damage 11/12 Water Damage 14/15 Lock 4/5 AP Reduction 14/15 Critical Damage -20/-20 Pushback Resistance 10%/10% Air Resistance Baleenaboots 13.5mil k 378/350 Vitality 58/60 Strength 58/60 Agility 38/40 Wisdom 1/1 AP 1/1 MP 11/12 Neutral Damage 12/12 Earth Damage 12/12 Air Damage -5/-5 AP Dodge 13/15 Critical Resistance 6/7 Dodge 12/15 Prospecting 10/10% Water Resistance Protozash 12mil k SOLD 443/400 Vitality 45/50Wisdom 1/1 Summons 1/1 MP 10%/10% Earth Resistance 10%/10% Fire Resistance -15/-15 Lock 24/25 Critical Resistance 9/10 MP Loss Resistance 9/10 AP Loss Resistance Happy buying!! Cheers, Auron.
  11. Thanks just wanting to confirm have not tried in the area either but I figured it wouldn't be that easy.
  12. Hey all, Just curious if spouse teleport works at Kralove if you have a player standing behind the gates? Cheers, Auron.
  13. Any intentions to open again today?
  14. New Zealand is my time zone. I personally don't care what time the gates are open as I can help as long as its during my weekend and not cutting into the few hrs of sleep I get before work lol.
  15. Any set time when this will happen? I am happy to assist with opening asap unless there is a set time this intends to be done only got 4-6 char sub atm tho. eni enu panda yop osa feca