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  1. Ok thanks guys. I will pm chedarface.
  2. Curious on information about qu'tan and exactly what makes him so hard to beat? from what im hearing its really hard?? only have 2 chars iop/enu I imagine its not possible to bring along characters who are not part of this actual quest to help ??
  3. Baleenaboots and Pathogastrics both SOLD thanks to the buyers of these items, just the belt and ammy left!
  4. Curious on what colours to obtain emerald and what to obtain plum? Cheers Auron.
  5. I guess this makes abit of sense why he was messaging me yesterday about count 300 (not that I have done it yet, nor am I even that good) though he told me a few weeks ago only one person was logging him (will leave that players name out) otherwise it was always him (as I had a feeling others were logging him for achieves as I saw his points shoot up pretty quick had him on friends and didn't message since I was never sure exactly who was on his account). Interesting read I know in the past I had given Gary an item and he maged it for nothing and have not had any real problems doesn't seem like something I could imagine him doing now. Oh well glad to see the Age old hat was given back.
  6. Last Kideebonnet SOLD at 15.5mil!
  7. Enu portal -2 -4 50 uses
  8. Hi all, Just curious for this quest if it is possible that f2p players can stand on the tiles? I can see the level requirements and I know I have f2p alts with the levels required or greater was wonder if this would work just like the old days where f2p players could go help with getting emotes etc (if that hasn't changed) or impossible due to the level being auto dropped as f2p? Cheers, Auron.
  9. Protozash SOLD thank you to the buyers of my item so far!!
  10. Finally 10k achieves (slightly less crap an ornament now) moving on up in the Dofus world (slowly..)
  11. Nothing too impressive based on what people are doing now days but for me this is good considering my gear is very outdated never done the dungeon before either.
  12. 1 x Kideebonnet sold 16.5mil 1 x Pawl_Ouatnos'_Amulet sold 7.6mil 2% exo res
  13. Hi guys, Looking for someone who can assist with passing catseye dung on eni enu panda iop with freedom and limpwrist challs at same time paying 20dice per char after completion. Pm me if you are able to assist. Edit - Might do more characters if you are good at the dung Cheers, Auron.
  14. All good just happy you cleared that up. Our office are abit old fashion for still using IE anyways.