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  1. Any intentions to open again today?
  2. New Zealand is my time zone. I personally don't care what time the gates are open as I can help as long as its during my weekend and not cutting into the few hrs of sleep I get before work lol.
  3. Any set time when this will happen? I am happy to assist with opening asap unless there is a set time this intends to be done only got 4-6 char sub atm tho. eni enu panda yop osa feca
  4. Would be nice the same idea above + additional rooms in the haven bag adjoining to create on larger battle map (not sure of positioning since I am to cheap to get extra rooms) but it would be interesting.
  5. Ah ok cheers for the reply. Was wondering didn't think I was going to buy into it but a couple of them look pretty damn sweet.
  6. Hi guys, Just curious if there is any way to obtain these ? (last I saw them with subbing or shop perhaps but I don't see anything around are they for sale as scrolls or just credited directly to a char so its not possible to sell them on? Cheers, Auron.
  7. Class: EniBuild: PvP/PvM / Multi elementKamas/time available: 50-60mil k Unlimited timeCurrent team: - panda iop enuLvl range: 200, needs minimum 5 range high res either 12/5 or 11/6 is fine. Would be nice to use flinty dags (fire mage) since I already have those or multielement hammer. Can only look at cheapish exos like bearband etc
  8. If they were to rollbk any idea how far back they would go? (b/c I don't fancy doing protoz with a sacri again) Also I had serious problems the day prior to weekly reboot I would connect on my 5 chars for a certain period of time then get lag followed by d/c yet nothing was running on my connection to cause the lag just wondering if anyone else was having problems at this time?
  9. Exo mage resistance onto item eg any item with ap/mp do I drop the ap/mp first then exo and then put the ap/mp back on ? or ap/mp on first then do the exo res? If a certain way why just so I can use this knowledge in next mage sesh
  10. Ahhh ok now I understand it, awesome thanks for the replies everyone!
  11. Ok so any cc damage regardless of it being clockwise rotation or anti clockwise it will move 90 deg anti clockwise correct. Just trying to get this down so I can complete it a few times then 300 score it (hopefully)
  12. Wait so if its anti clock you hit with say leek pie 1:1 the rotation will then go 90 clockwise once from original position? then same thing on clockwise 1:1 leek pie then its 90 anti clock from original pos? (if I didn't read that wrong)
  13. Hi all, Just wanting to know when hitting monsters 1:1 is it 90 degrees clockwise the rotation changes always or is it 90 clockwise when clockwise then 90 anti when anti clock. Already understand the rest. Cheers, Auron.
  14. All of the 300's were Cyclics at the time of each completion.
  15. Doesn't seem to work on IE anymore (at work can't install another browser). Would be nice if bomb wall damage could be added in.