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  1. Pro tips, thanks Dofus Gods. Now I have an idea how I am tracking when I get into those quests just working on finishing Ice which I started many years ago and got put off when its value dropped as I was going to sell a heap of spares.
  2. Issue 1 is my constant issue and number 3 has been happening since merge in mycase.
  3. Hi all, Just wanting to query the length of time it would take to complete the below quests to obtain the reward/dofus I know it will differ from person to person just wanting to get an idea on time frames number of game play hours would be good and if there are any particular parts for each of these that were really timely/took a number of attempts all I know is Cloudy needs each dimension boss dung completed once. Cloudy Dofus - Are there multiple quests that require killing dimension bosses more than once if so which ones ? and can I do them at the same time so I only need to kill the bosses one time? Abyss Dofus - same as cloudy query above Quest to get the silk for that multi elemental cape Cheers, Auron.
  4. offered as an option if I had the money id personally go intel. 8350 suggested if hes after something abit cheaper and its a proven performer. Not sure how much motherboard prices running ryzen would cost but I would imagine more money to be spent there aswell.
  5. 16gb of ram and an amd 8350 is ok imo easily overclockable aswell on air cooling if you are into that and feel for any reason you don't have enough power (though 4ghz will be plently). Otherwise one of the intel suggestions above are good aswell.
  6. Ok thanks guys. I will pm chedarface.
  7. Curious on information about qu'tan and exactly what makes him so hard to beat? from what im hearing its really hard?? only have 2 chars iop/enu I imagine its not possible to bring along characters who are not part of this actual quest to help ??
  8. Baleenaboots and Pathogastrics both SOLD thanks to the buyers of these items, just the belt and ammy left!
  9. Curious on what colours to obtain emerald and what to obtain plum? Cheers Auron.
  10. I guess this makes abit of sense why he was messaging me yesterday about count 300 (not that I have done it yet, nor am I even that good) though he told me a few weeks ago only one person was logging him (will leave that players name out) otherwise it was always him (as I had a feeling others were logging him for achieves as I saw his points shoot up pretty quick had him on friends and didn't message since I was never sure exactly who was on his account). Interesting read I know in the past I had given Gary an item and he maged it for nothing and have not had any real problems doesn't seem like something I could imagine him doing now. Oh well glad to see the Age old hat was given back.
  11. Last Kideebonnet SOLD at 15.5mil!
  12. Enu portal -2 -4 50 uses
  13. Hi all, Just curious for this quest if it is possible that f2p players can stand on the tiles? I can see the level requirements and I know I have f2p alts with the levels required or greater was wonder if this would work just like the old days where f2p players could go help with getting emotes etc (if that hasn't changed) or impossible due to the level being auto dropped as f2p? Cheers, Auron.
  14. Protozash SOLD thank you to the buyers of my item so far!!