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  1. Well, this has completely turned away from my original post. Thanks again to those who answered my question. To any moderator viewing this - you can close the topic.
  2. Oh thats really interesting. That does make it easier to get to the end game with a lower amount of accounts. I actually was considering going with a 4 man team - Sadida Eca Eni Enu. Sadida and Eca were my two favorites and eni enu for heals and drops (assuming those rolls have not changed). But I do agree with you, it was slightly easier to be able to control all accounts yourself and not have to wait/coordinate with others, even though playing with others did make the game more enjoyable in a different sense. I'll definitely have to take a more serious look at making a possible come back now. Thanks to all who replied!
  3. So to begin, I am not new to Dofus, I played a "long" time ago (2007-2012) and really enjoyed the game. But one of the main problems I had with the game was the "requirement" to have a team (usually 8) to be able to do the high end dungeons and what not. I played a bit on Rushu and then switched over to Shika (because it was free for those first few months) and used to run 4 accounts with a small group of friends of mine. While having 4 accounts was nice and serviceable, it was really difficult to actually move much further in the game if nobody else was online and could assist us. I was curious how the game has changed since 2012 and what some of you current players say about it. I am not looking for information regarding new races, dungeons, pvm vs pvp. I am more so looking for advice or information about how the game works for someone who would only play 1 account, vs someone who would run 8. Can you farm, level up and get good items reasonably without a team? Or is it a struggle playing by yourself? And if 1 account is too little, but 8 is overkill, can you get away with X number of accounts? Any little bit of information would be great. Thanks!