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Everything posted by Dovahkiin

  1. New dimensions incoming within the next year? 🤔
  2. Ah alright, got it, thank you! I just swore I did all of those achieves already as my Enu's normally paired with my Cra and he had it already. I did the duo and got the acheve.
  3. So i am working on my Enutrof/Cras achievements and getting them caught up to the rest of my teams achievement count. Now I have a level 200 osa on my Enutrofs account that I played for a long time. I am wondering if I am going to be stuck with this missing achieve or if there is anything I can do to complete the achievement without deleting my Osa. Ah and I don't care about the materials, I just want the completion xD
  4. Yeah statue gets me all the time, (Kimbo) wondering if I've failed it already. The option to see if you have failed achievements would be an awesome thing to see implemented!
  5. Accumulation: Max effect accumulation is reduced: 2 -> 1 Lame, I was actually excited for Iop changes >.> It wasn't REALLY that overpowered either. not when you have Ecas hitting the same damage with lapping up from 12 range away and it reduces MP >.>
  6. Damn, and to see a long time player fall for such a dumb ass trick too. That's crazy x.x Normally it's just some nobody I've never heard of or some random account with like 20 posts on it. But for it to be somebody I actually see around in game quite often, sucks to hear that bee
  7. The only time I even have disconnection problems in KOLO is when I click that little red X and throw my mouse at the wall. I would clear my cache, then try again. If it continues, maybe reset your router.
  8. I think Enu/Cra makes any team able to do pretty much anything. i ran Iop, Eni, Panda, Elio for a few years and after adding Cra?Enu to the team my dungeon runs have been made a LOT easier. making Enu full Int with 200MP reduction and making Cra omni/crit for pushback and BIG damage has made a huge difference.
  9. AAAAAnd the runner up issss! lol
  10. Welcome back! It's always fun to get back into the game and see what has changed, it almost feels like a completely new game sometimes, have fun! o/
  11. Yeah voldelor prices are expensive x.x
  12. Add milk powder to your milk and give it to Santa with those cookies
  13. I finally got my team that i am sticking with so i figured i would pick a random area and do all/most quests in the area. Got slayhounds on all 6 and did Kwismas spirit also. Had my buddy Shones with me for most of the quests =)
  14. If your really unable to find good people to fight stuff with on Echo, then sure give a mono account server a try. I havent tried one yet, I had restarted on Rushu a few years ago for fun, leaving my 200s on Rosal and that was a horrid experience because of all the crazy recipes. I can't see a single account server actually being much better than Echo. Sometimes having a friend that runs 2-6 accounts is a good thing. As compared to 3-7 individual people that are running a dungeon with you. the way I see it, it increases the chances that one of them are going to be going AFK randomly, be lagging, are not know whats going on or just be plain ignorant about the mechanics of the dungeon/mob itself. I run a team of 6 and quite often I drop 1-5 of my characters to make room for guildies and friends that need to farm something and want some help or just someone to fight stuff with. Starting out on a single account sounds like you'll be spending more time looking for people to run a dungeon since you need to find several individual people as opposed to finding one or two that just happen to have an alt each.
  15. Got the shields for the first time, changed a color or two. I keep coming back to a slate blue look and grayish colors.
  16. Sure, maybe they should just increase the required amount sparkling pebbles needed in recipes by three to five times the normal amount, and there you go haha xD
  17. Happy Holidays! Enjoy your milk Santa =D
  18. I just noticed the inky one, ew.
  19. Hopefully they are camo livis too, or we are going to even more red/black colored characters running around.
  20. I don't have a set of 300 idol score that I use consistently. i just 508 everything. it didn't seem like a good idea in Masto while doing clean hands. My Enu who I made at the same time as my Cra already has 300 score in Masto, so I assumed my Cra did as well. Maybe I will start posting asinine shit that isn't helpful so I can get my post count up to x.x
  21. I made a Cra from scratch a few months back and got it to Frigost 3 shortly after. I completed Nileza and also Klime on that cra. Earlier today I ran Masto dungeon with a friend and am just now geting "Achievement unlocked: [Royal Mastogob's Greenhouse]" on that same Cra. I thought i had already ran this dungeon when i made the Cra... Do you not need to run masto and then Ping in order to get to Pirates? or can you just run Ping and then go to Pirates x.x
  22. Me, Cas and Gamble farming some Trools. I was cleaning out photobucket shit and found this one again. I had it posted once before somewhere else, I forget where. Probably on one of the other old Dofus picture topics. It's sad I don't have much else, to think of the some of all the old screenshots i would have if it weren't for my old 300mhz Compaq Presario dying on me loool. Ah and I checked, i def have some old strokens laying around on a few characters :P
  23. Dagoroth is my nickname. Around the time I was started playing Dofus I had also been playing a lot of Morrowind which was an earlier Elder scrolls game. In Morrowind, the main boss in that game was Dagoth ur. Dagoroth just popped into my head so that's what I started with, I don't know it was so long ago xD.