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Everything posted by Dovahkiin

  1. Nothing on Cras Devouring Arrow 😥
  2. I just fought a few bears and they murdered the tree first turn, they just fed off of it... I got all my dolls out, barely MP raping anything and my trees die first turn. Screw making a Sadida, trees are worthless unless made behind you so u can heal your team with them, that's about all I can see for them. Otherwise, stay fighting stuff all day that only hits 100 a turn, wait then I don't even need a Sadi for Mp reduction in the first place >.> I hope I'm missing something, yes I only played the class for a few fights but i don't see anyway of making the tree have 3k+ vitality so it actually lives to see that second turn at all.
  3. I just don't want long drawn out fights because I either have 7 dolls out, or because all the dolls died and now everything is running up on me. i will give them a try and see how it works out.
  4. What the hell am I going to replace my Enu with now, i guess i need another Cra x.x Also anyone also wondering when they will make it so Devouring Word actually does damage? :D
  5. I don't mind the aggro system that we have been dealing with for years. It creates areas where not many people want to go and thus creating higher priced resources. i like that there are lower level, easy to farm areas that are just difficult to get to. But this new system is annoying, I logged in one several accounts and just so happen to be in the Agony Valley area and was immediately aggroed on each character. I don't like the fact that even if you aren't moving, you will be aggrod. I shouldn't be 200 and being aggrod by level 60 monsters unless i run right into them or near them. They should be frightened of me, not willing to fight. Edit: What the hell do i replace my Enu with? Sram? Another Cra? x.x
  6. What the hell is that x.x?
  7. Well its nice to see someone give everything back, it doesn't happen too often. Some people want a full loaded character and when they have it, they don't want to play much anymore. At least you still get to carry on with the learning experience.
  8. Eliotrope spells hopefully will give agility builds more ways to push and pull, Iops low AP spell variants are hopefully decent. i can't even imagine a wrath variant x,x
  9. I can't wait to see what different options we have. Pandas, Cras and Elios variants for me especially.
  10. That sucks, i hope it works out for you. I've never used the shield and have only ever been hacked once and that was before the shield even existed. I refuse to use it after seeing everyone else have problems with it. It's not like Ankama present enough problems with this addicting game as it is.
  11. That isn't CB set, this change reminds me of the times when everyone went full CB set. This set has 4600hp, 11/6/6, +80 critical damage and 50 damage to every element and also uses Catseye axe. The only thing it lacks is critical hits. The set looks great on a Cra when looking at the test damage. I just threw it together quickly so it has flaws of course. So you come up against several monsters that have 10-40% res to every element except for a varied weak resistance. I think I would rather have all characters of a team hitting 2000 on an enemy a turn than one character hitting 4000 on an enemy a turn. If all characters on a team are able to hit 2000 a turn with any element they want, doesn't that make the team so much more versatile and be able to take on pretty much anything? It definitely will make the team blitzkrieg crazy.
  12. Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but does this mean that since I won't have to level spells anymore and that they will all be "level 6" at level 200, so I should just put my nubs into this set? This feels like we are all drifting slowly to the point where we all use full CB sets again. This is a 90 dodge set with 25% to all res. So of course characters like Enis will have to have some minor changes to the set because of the healing and intel aspect. But all other characters hitting whatever they want with whatever spell they choose is crazy x.x I never did this because of the cost of the spell points, but now that all spells will be maxed at 200 anyway, the game just feels boring for some reason.
  13. About damn time!
  14. It's a shame that the recipes for new players is just too insane now for anyone to really enjoy making most of the decent stuff at low level. back in 1.29 when people did actually play together you didn't have that problem. the recipes were fairly easy to achieve with a decent amount of concentration on what you needed. Most of the things needed for a level 50 are from things are WAY too strong for level the current level monster. Then you have equipment peices like scara set. Green Scara cape for example, You need to gather 10 golden scara wings for that cape alone and they are a 15% chance drop? C'mon Dofus, I know this is simple antibot measures and I know this has been this way for a long time now. But yeah...the people that are looking at this server like "omg it'll be so much fun" That attitude is going to die quickly. Granted I am going to make a character and give it a shot, but this is not going to be ANYTHING like it used to be.
  15. Looks like Krosmaster, Dofus and Wakfu had a Ankamachild. Those first images are insane x.x I love change in this game, even if the change is bad at first, it's change and that's what keeps me interested. But damn, those images >.< Ew.
  16. Alright because I run 4-6 accounts and have tried having that option activated and having it un-activated and didn't see a change when i used to play. Ill just have to log them all in and check and see if its fixed. Thank you.
  17. Did they by any chance fix the potato server problem yet as tenderly shows above??
  18. Awesome, thank you
  19. How do you get brak/bont Seemyool harnesses? Can I get them by doing the alignment quest lines?
  20. Getting a character finally geared into what I've wanted them in takes a little bit for me but after building up the kamas needed and farming what I could. She's done! :D I don't want a bunch of Cras having my set because then who would I kill? So I'll just put this here, I'm so happy i finally got her shit in order. She's 1/2 all and running 11/6 with 1100 intelligence. I'll probably get bored with it and get her into an omni set and try to keep heals up around 700 with puzzling. But for now she is just my teams support Eni =)
  21. And to which harness would you be speaking young lady?
  22. I love when they go through a portal and then just get locked by an enemy at the end of the portal chain, that's my favorite "oops" bunny moment 😁
  23. Finish a fight and the "pass your turn" button and player turn order stays on the screen.
  24. This is 11/5/6 and it only has 3300 vit, you could give it more vit by lowering the range build and dropping an AP if you wanted. I tried a 1200 Intelligence build with 200 heals and it still only healed 650. This one is better at healing, but not as good at staying alive. http://dofusfashionista.com/s/Heals eni/MzA3ODc1OVa9db4_/