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  1. Looks like Krosmaster, Dofus and Wakfu had a Ankamachild. Those first images are insane x.x I love change in this game, even if the change is bad at first, it's change and that's what keeps me interested. But damn, those images >.< Ew.
  2. Alright because I run 4-6 accounts and have tried having that option activated and having it un-activated and didn't see a change when i used to play. Ill just have to log them all in and check and see if its fixed. Thank you.
  3. Did they by any chance fix the potato server problem yet as tenderly shows above??
  4. Awesome, thank you
  5. How do you get brak/bont Seemyool harnesses? Can I get them by doing the alignment quest lines?
  6. Getting a character finally geared into what I've wanted them in takes a little bit for me but after building up the kamas needed and farming what I could. She's done! :D I don't want a bunch of Cras having my set because then who would I kill? So I'll just put this here, I'm so happy i finally got her shit in order. She's 1/2 all and running 11/6 with 1100 intelligence. I'll probably get bored with it and get her into an omni set and try to keep heals up around 700 with puzzling. But for now she is just my teams support Eni =)
  7. And to which harness would you be speaking young lady?
  8. I love when they go through a portal and then just get locked by an enemy at the end of the portal chain, that's my favorite "oops" bunny moment 😁
  9. Finish a fight and the "pass your turn" button and player turn order stays on the screen.
  10. This is 11/5/6 and it only has 3300 vit, you could give it more vit by lowering the range build and dropping an AP if you wanted. I tried a 1200 Intelligence build with 200 heals and it still only healed 650. This one is better at healing, but not as good at staying alive. http://dofusfashionista.com/s/Heals eni/MzA3ODc1OVa9db4_/
  11. So I started an Enutrof and after not playing around with one for years and I am starting to realize that all this time I would have had a much easier experience in dungeons with MP reduction. i want a sixth character, so should I make another big damage character and make an Ecaflip or something? Or go with a Cra for more MP reduction and damage? I have a: 200 St/Int Iop 200 int Eniripsa 200 Cha Panda 200 Agi Eliotrope & 190 MP leech Enutrof with 150 MP reduction. She has a 200 MP reduction set waiting for when she hits 199. Thank you for any advice.
  12. This isn't bad http://dofp.la/1JzHN/ It's a bit PvP as well lol, but would definitely work in PvM. You might be able to swing that set with 30mk if u make a piece of it or two.
  13. I figured the hardware would be maxing out if that were the case. I have used a core II duo before running 4 accounts and it was about as slow as this I7 laptop lol. There should be some sort of reasoning to that besides the "The hardware isn't good enough" reason. I googled it and was stunned to see they were using other peoples CPU power to mine coin. That's insane o.o I removed it, thank you. Also I will just consider my problem to be a heat issue since the bottom of the laptop does heat up a bit after prolonged usage. I'll try to pick up one of those laptop coolers that the laptop can sit on and have a fan blow up through it i guess.
  14. I bought a used laptop off a buddy of mine. it is a dell studio with a quad core I-7 Q720 and the computer has 6 gigs of ram, and it has a Radeon Mobility HD 4650 video card installed. Yet it is still slow when running 5 accounts. To change maps easily I have to put all accounts on creature mode. I don't get it. I oped task manager and viewed the performance stats and neither the CPU, Memory, Disk or Wifi's percentages go over 50%. This laptop does get a little warm, but nothing major, it's sitting on my desk when I am playing and I can switch it to my lap when I am in shorts and it wont burn me or anything. I know the external temperature wont match what heat is actually on the CPU cores but I figured I would notice some major heat on the bottom of the laptop itself if the innards of the CPU were overheating. I have checked all the drivers and made sure they were up to date, the laptop is also malware/virus free at this moment and is actually on a fairly new install with nothing but CCleaner, Malwarebytes, Dofus, BitTorrent, Taskbar Tweaker and a few other small things installed. Any ideas imps? Thanks for any help =)