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  1. Heya Beast, I saw your PM a tad too late, you had logged off. I am still using the Cra team when I ACTUALLY log on, but that by itself is rare now since that last shitty update to the UI. I can't stand the change. The update from 1.29 to 2.0 was less annoying than this last update. It's mainly just small stuff that i don't like. The faces are gone showing which character's screen that I am on at that moment, the turn timer thing is annoying, the "ready up/pass turn" button is way over on the left and a few other things that changed like the bestiary/associated recipe stuff. I don't know, It just feels like a new game all of a sudden and not a very good one. So I'm just sitting back and waiting for a change to themes and see if that lessens my horrors of playing. I did try and login tonight and get some stuff done since I p2ped a few days ago, just hunting some meats for kamas and slowly getting used to the UI before i go and farm some serious mobs. Sorry for the novel I wrote, later bud o/ have fun.

  2. Lol someone uploaded brakmar music onto a phone ringtone/notification app.
  3. Waw too expensive, Philly papi stores ftw.
  4. I don't normally mind change, but Dofus just really seems to be one of those things where change is always REALLY fucking bad. I don't mind the way Dofus looks until I open the tabs up, I hate the new contrasted colors, the black really needs to be toned down a bit and not so dark compared to everything else. Maybe the whole frenchie Ankama staff likes to use this style on all of their computers so they are just used to it: Who knows what the hell they are thinking. I would think they have employees among the staff that don't like the way everything looks. Whatever, I'll just wait it out, they will give us more options sooner or later. Otherwise the JoL ppl will find some other option for us :P
  5. Mopys spawn quite often, You will even see two in a mob sometimes. There can also be several spawned at one time on the islands. Pandora's unfortunately are hard to spawn. You used to be able to tell if one was spawned by turning your Pandala music volume up and listening for drums that sounded like they were being played in the distance.(not trolling, it's true) For a Dora, like sunbathe said, kill a bunch of mobs. Those holy bamboo mats are worth kamas anyway or you can make still sandals to crush while your farming mobs for the spawn to occur xD
  6. Cyan as we are getting technical, In color theory a shade is the mixture of a color with black, which reduces lightness. Cyan is made by mixing equal amounts of green and blue. So it isn't really a shade of blue, is it?
  7. 1 lot sold. Total amount: 6,399,999 kamas, I figured you got em, sorry.
  8. Your rich af with your artificer level horxy sshhh I dont need to sell my daggers, Ill make more and mage another hunter rune on them though so mine are in merchant at [-1, 1]
  9. I've got some on my iop Dovahkiin. I'll be home in 5 hours.
  10. This should be interesting, I will definitely give this a try and see how it is, I just recently got a new phone too. Anyway This is off topic but if you ever wanted to feed your pets or do mount stuffs on your ACTUAL Dofus account on your PC - all you need is Google Remote Desktop. I do that a bunch when I need to switch mounts around in paddocks and it isn't that bad actually. It's a bit small but I got a stylus for my nub ZTE phone and it works pretty well on a 6 inch screen. It allows me to pinch the screen and zoom in also. Of course you most likely will not want to go and try to run 8 accounts and do QoT or anything but getting mounts switched around or even putting stuff in the sell rooms or whatever is no problem. Just leave your desktop on when you leave the house, you can even turn the screen off when you leave. You can also creep people out in the house by playing creepy music or seeing what others are looking at when you aren't home (Damn midget porn!)
  11. Reptilians. Who knows they are def crazy looking though. Good to see they are giving us this option on our phones now though, most people were going to get Dofus Touch onto their phones one way or another anyway =)
  12. I got all 4 now :D Je ne suis pas allé aussi loin que pour les MIMI parce que je ne suis pas français et je n'aime pas comment il enlève de la personnalité des personnages , mais ils sont bien d'avoir. I haven't gone as far as to mimi them because I am not french and I don't like how it takes away from the characters personality but the hats are nice to have.
  13. Something is in high demand on rosal? WHAT? Nice mage though :D