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  1. I didnt know where else to put this but this is awesome. I was playing Dofus on my laptop and had some random video on youtube playing. I like history/science stuff so i just pick something and play while watching it. This isn't music related but is a sound and I had thought that it was coming from my laptop, which i was playing Dofus on, but it wasn't, it was from the TV. It sounds JUST like a piwi used to sound like when it dies.. I was in the middle of blacksmiths dungeon when I heard it, it was so wierd lol. Go to 1:04:30 of this video. and there is a parrot that makes the noise.
  2. Yeah that def sucks. Sorry to hear and from now on I guess I will sub randomly during my little breaks I take >.<
  3. ^ Takes me back :p
  4. I see Srams solo/duoing the endgame dungeons on YouTube all the time, an Enu would be nice, but you can invisbility your alts and use traps to keep stuff away easily while blitzing whatever comes close. Watch a few solo Sram videos and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you choose to try out an enu I think your going to regret it. fear, repelling and the MP rape trap are awesome. I miss my sram now...
  5. @Satsuki I use this currently, can swap to dark court boots for more earth res. There isn't much Intel but its decent enough for me. https://www.dofusplanner.com/9Fg6U/ I also ended up exomaging a bunch of earth res on everything so he sits at like 45% earth so I can kill those other pesky Iops and Ecas.
  6. Trophy, Shield and Idol mats are always a good place to start. Especially when waiting on an update to go live.
  7. We are actively recruiting and still maintain an awesome guild atmosphere for the new players who just started exploring the game or the older players who are currently active/may have taken a break. We are always welcoming older players who want to be able to help guide some newer players along their way throughout the game that Dofus has to offer!
  8. The grouping of idols to create a shortcut button has never worked for me. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what. Just a great option that would be great to have. Also yes, the Gilbert sword along with every piece of the Hell Munster set has the same problem. I started a topic on the official forums asking why these simple glitches/bugs still aren't fixed after hel Munster had been out for 5 years. The topic was respectfull and in the correct section but was still flamed by a MOD and quickly muted/invisible to the public. Point one problem out and they get pissed.
  9. Right as I post all this, literally 30 seconds later someone offers me one for 35mk. I am looking to buy an Ochre for a character of mine. I've never owned one so can't wait to get my nubs up to par. I am offering 30mk or whatever you price you seem fit. You can reach me in game on Dovahkiin, or Arleigh Thanks !
  10. Wtf numbers in names now o.o
  11. Hopefully they address it with this update. This is getting more and more frustrating, it was a little better the closer we go to the maintenance. I guess that's because there was a lot less traffic going on in the server. I was still running at about 80-120ms the whole night but yet the minute I enter a fight, lag everywhere. I had to type something or use an emote just to get the client to run properly and wait while the characters screen showed everyone running around casting their spells in fast forward before being able to play my turn. I leave my emotes window running constantly now just so i can click one and pinpoint which client it is out of the four that I run. I've never had any problems with internet speed, neither down/or load rates. My Xfinity box sits right next to the computer and it fucking flies. So why Ankama am I lagging. I wonder if the french get these problems also.
  12. 1. Look at portal orders and realize that the "1" portal will be replaced when you currently have four portals out already and want to lay another. 2. The portals connect to the nearest portal and so and so on. Go play by yourself for a while and mess around with the portals. 3. Watch countless Eliotrope tutorial videos. 4. If this fails and you still don't know what your doing ,class change to Rogue.
  13. Dofusfashionista has made me some awesome sets that I didn't think possible. There is a great option of using the "minimum characteristics" tab that will let you set the minimum stats that are acceptable to you. Then get to farming the gear. That is how I start off when rebuilding a character.
  14. Heya Beast, I saw your PM a tad too late, you had logged off. I am still using the Cra team when I ACTUALLY log on, but that by itself is rare now since that last shitty update to the UI. I can't stand the change. The update from 1.29 to 2.0 was less annoying than this last update. It's mainly just small stuff that i don't like. The faces are gone showing which character's screen that I am on at that moment, the turn timer thing is annoying, the "ready up/pass turn" button is way over on the left and a few other things that changed like the bestiary/associated recipe stuff. I don't know, It just feels like a new game all of a sudden and not a very good one. So I'm just sitting back and waiting for a change to themes and see if that lessens my horrors of playing. I did try and login tonight and get some stuff done since I p2ped a few days ago, just hunting some meats for kamas and slowly getting used to the UI before i go and farm some serious mobs. Sorry for the novel I wrote, later bud o/ have fun.

  15. Lol someone uploaded brakmar music onto a phone ringtone/notification app.